Word "MEN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the force of workers available
hands, manpower, work force, workforce

Crossword Clues for MEN

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Clue Source Date
Guys Universal 30 Jun 2022
Gents Thomas Joseph 28 Jun 2022
1992’s “A Few Good ___” New York Times 27 Jun 2022
1992's 'A Few Good ___' New York Times 27 Jun 2022
Chess pieces USA Today 26 Jun 2022
Target audience for ''Shave'' magazine Newsday 18 Jun 2022
Some people with he/him pronouns Universal 17 Jun 2022
All vice presidents before Harris New York Times 13 Jun 2022
Fellows LA Times Daily 08 Jun 2022
Fellows The Washington Post 08 Jun 2022
Boyz II ___ USA Today 04 Jun 2022
Chess pieces Thomas Joseph 02 Jun 2022
Guys Newsday 16 May 2022
What boys will be Newsday 15 May 2022
Chess pieces Thomas Joseph 12 May 2022
Chess pieces, e.g Premier Sunday 08 May 2022
Chaps Newsday 14 Apr 2022
Some altos in choirs The Washington Post Sunday 03 Apr 2022
Adult 73 Down Newsday 03 Apr 2022
Tub trio of rhyme Newsday 27 Mar 2022
Chess pieces The Washington Post 01 Mar 2022
Chess pieces LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2022
Chaps Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2022
Fellows Thomas Joseph 18 Feb 2022
Dudes with beards Family Time 06 Feb 2022
Fellows Thomas Joseph 04 Feb 2022
Male humans The Times Concise 25 Jan 2022
Fellows Thomas Joseph 24 Jan 2022
Roughly half of all adults Premier Sunday 23 Jan 2022
Fellows New York Times 11 Jan 2022
'Motownphilly' group Boyz II ___ USA Today 06 Jan 2022
Patriarchy powers Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2022
"___ in Black" (film franchise) Family Time 20 Dec 2021
Fellows Thomas Joseph 15 Dec 2021
Chess pieces Universal 14 Dec 2021
The only characters to appear in 'Glengarry Glen Ross' The Washington Post Sunday 12 Dec 2021
Blokes The Telegraph Quick 26 Nov 2021
All the 33-year-old dudes Family Time 22 Nov 2021
Chess pieces Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2021
All us older guys Family Time 01 Nov 2021
All the players in the NFL Family Time 18 Oct 2021
Fellows Thomas Joseph 12 Oct 2021
R&B/pop vocal group Boyz II ___ New York Times 07 Oct 2021
Boyz II ___ USA Today 04 Oct 2021
'___ in Black' USA Today 02 Oct 2021
Guys Family Time 19 Sep 2021
Guys Universal 09 Sep 2021
Queens on a chessboard, ironically Family Time 30 Aug 2021
Door sign Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2021
Chess pieces The Telegraph Quick 13 Aug 2021
Game pieces Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2021
Knights, e.g., in chess Universal 01 Aug 2021
The M in MiB USA Today 27 Jul 2021
Fellows Thomas Joseph 21 Jul 2021
Gents Eugene Sheffer 17 Jul 2021
"It's Raining ___" (Weather Girls hit) Universal 15 Jul 2021
Gents Eugene Sheffer 08 Jul 2021
They might use a restroom labeled Stags Universal 14 Jun 2021
''All __ are liars'': Psalms Newsday 12 Jun 2021
Fellows Newsday 02 Jun 2021
Most tenors The Washington Post Sunday 30 May 2021
Fellas USA Today 24 May 2021
Full-grown dudes Family Time 17 May 2021
Less than half the global population USA Today 11 May 2021
Fellows Thomas Joseph 03 May 2021
Chaps New York Times 01 May 2021
'To the ___ Catcalling My Girlfriend While I'm Walking Beside Her' (Andrea Gibson poem) USA Today 29 Apr 2021
Chess or checkers pieces Canadiana 19 Apr 2021
Guys Premier Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Dudes Family Time 04 Apr 2021
End of a Steinbeck title Newsday 02 Apr 2021
Males Irish Times Simplex 24 Mar 2021
U.S. Presidents, so far The Washington Post 08 Mar 2021
U.S. Presidents, so far LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2021
Hes Canadiana 22 Feb 2021
Guys Newsday 22 Feb 2021
'___ in Black' USA Today 21 Feb 2021
Guys LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2021
Guys The Washington Post 18 Feb 2021
Gents Thomas Joseph 09 Feb 2021
Chess pieces USA Today 01 Feb 2021
All 57-Across Family Time 31 Jan 2021
Dudes LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2021
Dudes The Washington Post 21 Jan 2021
Grown boys Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2021
Patriarchy rulers Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2021
Fellows Wall Street Journal 14 Dec 2020
Adult males The Times Concise 02 Dec 2020
Gents Eugene Sheffer 01 Dec 2020
Game pieces Thomas Joseph 28 Nov 2020
Restroom sign Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2020
'It's Raining ___' USA Today 15 Nov 2020
Dudes Newsday 12 Nov 2020
Fathers and sons Newsday 08 Nov 2020
No students at Wellesley Universal 08 Nov 2020
Males The Telegraph Quick 05 Nov 2020
'It's Raining ___' New York Times 25 Oct 2020
All 40-year-old males Family Time 25 Oct 2020
Playing pieces Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2020
Tub trio of rhyme Newsday 18 Oct 2020
Boys, decades from now Family Time 04 Oct 2020
'Of Mice and __' The Washington Post 02 Oct 2020
"Of Mice and __" LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2020
'Children of ___' USA Today 25 Sep 2020
People in dime novel The Sun Two Speed 24 Sep 2020
Adult males The Sun Two Speed 24 Sep 2020
Chess pieces Thomas Joseph 10 Sep 2020
Chess pieces The Washington Post 09 Sep 2020
Chess pieces LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2020
Grown dudes Family Time 06 Sep 2020
"Of Mice and ___" Universal 17 Aug 2020
Guys USA Today 09 Aug 2020
Fellows, chaps The Times Concise 03 Aug 2020
Rooks, non-PC Family Time 02 Aug 2020
Adult fellows Premier Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Baha ___ ('Who Let the Dogs Out' group) Jonesin 21 Jul 2020
Possessors of Y chromosomes Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2020
No WNBA players The Washington Post 11 Jul 2020
No WNBA players LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2020
R&B's Boyz II __ LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2020
R&B's Boyz II __ The Washington Post 28 Jun 2020
Tom, Dick and Harry, maybe Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Minority of NYU students Newsday 25 Jun 2020
Large part of the population Family Time 15 Jun 2020
Wells' ''The First __ in the Moon'' Newsday 29 May 2020
Chaps Eugene Sheffer 19 May 2020
About 50 percent of all adults Family Time 18 May 2020
Australian rockers __ at Work LA Times Daily 17 May 2020
Australian rockers __ at Work The Washington Post 17 May 2020
Boyz II ___ USA Today 29 Apr 2020
All Supreme Court justices before O'Connor Universal 28 Apr 2020
Of Monsters and ___ USA Today 28 Apr 2020
See 76 Down The Washington Post Sunday 19 Apr 2020
'___ Explain Things to Me' (Rebecca Solnit book) The Washington Post Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Fathers and sons The Washington Post 14 Mar 2020
Fathers and sons LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2020
"__ Explain Things to Me": 2014 Rebecca Solnit essay anthology LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2020
'__ Explain Things to Me': 2014 Rebecca Solnit essay anthology The Washington Post 26 Feb 2020
Fellows LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2020
Fellows The Washington Post 24 Feb 2020
Vassar students beginning in 1969 The Washington Post Sunday 16 Feb 2020
'White ___ Can't Jump' USA Today 27 Jan 2020
Esquire's target demographic The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Boys, in several years Family Time 05 Jan 2020
Fellows Universal 25 Dec 2019
Sign on a bathroom door Family Time 15 Dec 2019
Uncles and dads Newsday 15 Dec 2019
About half of all adults Premier Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Quote continues Canadiana 21 Oct 2019
Grown boys Newsday 03 Sep 2019
People from maritime nation The Sun Two Speed 28 Aug 2019
X-___ ('Dark Phoenix' heroes) Universal 12 Aug 2019
First-sentence word in the Gettysburg Address Newsday 03 Aug 2019
Word on a restroom door New York Times 22 Jul 2019
Most baritones The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Human males The Times Concise 24 Jun 2019
All U.S. presidents, so far Universal 22 Jun 2019
Dudes Premier Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Not women Family Time 03 Jun 2019
Troopers Canadiana 20 May 2019
All chief justices of the United States, so far New York Times 15 May 2019
Bathroom door word Family Time 13 May 2019
Grown boys Premier Sunday 05 May 2019
Some foes of orcs The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Tom, Dick and Harry Universal 16 Apr 2019
Dudes Universal 27 Mar 2019
Kings, e.g LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2019
Kings, e.g The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
Canadiens, Cavaliers and Cowboys Newsday 16 Mar 2019
'All ___ are created equal' New York Times 19 Feb 2019
Adult males Premier Sunday 17 Feb 2019
Guys Universal 11 Feb 2019
Some couples New York Times 09 Feb 2019
'___ make history and not the other way around': Harry Truman New York Times 02 Feb 2019
Wise __ LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2019
Wise __ The Washington Post 01 Feb 2019
Male humans Canadiana 21 Jan 2019
Wise __
All chief justices of the United States, so far
Kings, e.g.
"All ___ are created equal"
All U.S. presidents, so far
X-___ ("Dark Phoenix" heroes)
Tom, Dick and Harry
Word on a restroom door
Some couples
Patriarchy rulers
"___ make history and not the other way around": Harry Truman
Checkers pieces Universal 26 Dec 2018
Rooks, but not ravens USA Today 18 Dec 2018
Stag party attendees USA Today 09 Dec 2018
Blokes in dime novel The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2018
All chess pieces USA Today 11 Nov 2018
Many adults Family Time 28 Oct 2018
Knights, bishops, rooks, etc New York Times 26 Oct 2018
Door word Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2018
Sherwood's merry group Universal 19 Oct 2018
Chaps LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2018
Chaps The Washington Post 11 Oct 2018
Males Universal 07 Oct 2018
Humanoid males Canadiana 10 Sep 2018
Sherwood Forest's merry denizens Universal 02 Sep 2018
Pops, e.g Newsday 25 Aug 2018
Syracuse athletes, once New York Times 21 Jun 2018
All U.S. presidents Universal 20 Jun 2018
All Major League Baseball players, as of now Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2018
Door sign Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2018
Many adults Universal 01 Jun 2018
Game pieces New York Times 31 May 2018
Restroom sign New York Times 20 May 2018
Males Canadiana 14 May 2018
Opposite of women Family Time 06 May 2018
Grooms, e.g Wall Street Journal 05 May 2018
"Are we not ___?" Universal 05 May 2018
All NBA players The Washington Post 29 Apr 2018
All NBA players LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2018
72-Down attendees Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2018
Washroom door word Family Time 22 Apr 2018
Grown-up boys Newsday 16 Apr 2018
All Citadel cadets until 1995 USA Today 14 Apr 2018
"It's Raining __": The Weather Girls hit LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2018
'It's Raining __': The Weather Girls hit The Washington Post 07 Apr 2018
See 90 Across The Washington Post Sunday 18 Mar 2018
Chess set figurines USA Today 05 Mar 2018
Game pieces Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2018
Lavatory sign New York Times 04 Feb 2018
Warlocks, but not witches USA Today 24 Jan 2018
Baritones, typically Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2018
Sherwood Forest's Merry ___ USA Today 08 Jan 2018
Checkers pieces
All NBA players
"It's Raining __": The Weather Girls hit
Sherwood's merry group
Sherwood Forest's merry denizens
Elks, traditionally
All Citadel cadets until 1995
All chess pieces
Rooks, but not ravens
Sherwood Forest's Merry ___
Stag party attendees
Warlocks, but not witches
72-Down attendees
All Major League Baseball players, as of now
Door sign
Door word
Many adults
Syracuse athletes, once
Restroom sign
Part of MIB
Lavatory sign
Knights, bishops, rooks, etc.
Game pieces
Grooms, e.g.
All U.S. presidents
"Are we not ___?"
Males The Times Concise 28 Dec 2017
Blokes Newsday 14 Dec 2017
Some awesome network for workers Irish Times Crosaire 02 Dec 2017
Blokes Universal 16 Nov 2017
Adult males The Telegraph Quick 08 Nov 2017
Algerians get away from line managers and workers Irish Times Crosaire 04 Nov 2017
'White __ Can't Jump' The Washington Post 27 Oct 2017
"White __ Can't Jump" LA Times Daily 27 Oct 2017
Checkers pieces Canadiana 23 Oct 2017
Generic game pieces Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2017
Sign on some doors The Washington Post Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Bathroom sign New York Times 04 Oct 2017
Boyz II ___ (a cappella trio) USA Today 28 Sep 2017
All official Boston Marathon entrants, once USA Today 16 Sep 2017
''Where soil is, __ grow'': Keats Newsday 16 Sep 2017
Attachment to "he" or "work" Universal 01 Sep 2017
They are not women Family Time 14 Aug 2017
Pawns, e.g Premier Sunday 13 Aug 2017
What boys will become Family Time 06 Aug 2017
Cardinals and popes Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2017
Kings and bishops LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2017
Kings and bishops The Washington Post 30 Jul 2017
Ones 'from Mars' New York Times 23 Jul 2017
Dudes New York Times 21 Jul 2017
Popes and cardinals, but not nuns LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2017
Popes and cardinals, but not nuns The Washington Post 20 Jul 2017
What boys will be Family Time 03 Jul 2017
Maxim's target readership USA Today 30 Jun 2017
Male humans The Times Concise 29 Jun 2017
All McSorley's Old Ale House patrons until 1970 USA Today 21 Jun 2017
Chaps Newsday 17 Jun 2017
Bishops and knights LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2017
Bishops and knights The Washington Post 14 Jun 2017
About half of the adult population Universal 21 May 2017
Bathroom sign Wall Street Journal 16 May 2017
Leaders of patriarchies Newsday 23 Apr 2017
Valets, e.g LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2017
Valets, e.g The Washington Post 22 Apr 2017
Three Wise ___ (Magi) New York Times 17 Apr 2017
Tub trio of rhyme USA Today 07 Apr 2017
Rest room sign Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2017
"Are we not ___? We are Devo!" Universal 07 Mar 2017
"___ in Black" (Smith/Jones movie) Universal 24 Feb 2017
Dukes and earls Newsday 23 Feb 2017
All major party presidential nominees, until 2016 The Washington Post 16 Feb 2017
'-- in Black' Premier Sunday 05 Feb 2017
Most priests Premier Sunday 22 Jan 2017
Plural of 30-Across Family Time 22 Jan 2017
All McSorley's Old Ale House patrons until 1970
Three Wise ___ (Magi)
Ones "from Mars"
Attachment to "he" or "work"
Bathroom sign
Tub trio of rhyme
Maxim's target readership
Boyz II ___ (a cappella trio)
"___ in Black" (Smith/Jones movie)
About half of the adult population
"White __ Can't Jump"
Bishops and knights
All official Boston Marathon entrants, once
Kings and bishops
Popes and cardinals, but not nuns
Valets, e.g.
About 80% of members of Congress Wall Street Journal 27 Dec 2016
See 12 Across The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2016
'Peace on earth, good will to ___' Wall Street Journal 20 Dec 2016
Bishops and pawns LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2016
Many adults Premier Sunday 11 Dec 2016
Grandfathers, e.g The Washington Post 06 Dec 2016
About half of the adult population Family Time 21 Nov 2016
Male personnel Canadiana 21 Nov 2016
GQ's target audience USA Today 15 Nov 2016
Adult males Canadiana 14 Nov 2016
"... all ___ are created equal" Universal 13 Nov 2016
Some of the workers undercover? Long time no see! Irish Times Crosaire 08 Oct 2016
Fraternity membership USA Today 06 Oct 2016
Chaps The Telegraph Quick 29 Sep 2016
They're all created equal Universal 20 Sep 2016
Chess kings and queens USA Today 20 Sep 2016
''I Hate __'' (''Kiss Me, Kate'' tune) Newsday 16 Sep 2016
Board game tokens USA Today 01 Sep 2016
All the suspects in 'The Usual Suspects' New York Times 20 Aug 2016
Some grown-ups Universal 15 Aug 2016
NFL players The Washington Post 12 Aug 2016
All chess pieces, inaptly Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2016
Women's counterparts Family Time 01 Aug 2016
Not-so-hairy primates New York Times 07 Jun 2016
Multiple guys Universal 07 Jun 2016
Maxim's target audience The Washington Post 01 Jun 2016
Workers confined in internment camp Irish Times Crosaire 28 May 2016
The Three Stooges or the Three Musketeers The Washington Post 26 May 2016
Esquire's target audience New York Times 20 May 2016
Stag party attendees Wall Street Journal 16 May 2016
All Supreme Court justices until 1981 New York Times 16 May 2016
Good chunk of the population Family Time 09 May 2016
Bishops and rooks Wall Street Journal 04 May 2016
Fellows The Times Concise 15 Apr 2016
All chess pieces (even the queen!) Universal 10 Apr 2016
Bros, e.g LA Times Daily 08 Apr 2016
Maxim magazine's intended audience New York Times 22 Mar 2016
'Robin Hood: ___ in Tights' The Washington Post 13 Mar 2016
Fellows New York Times 07 Mar 2016
Restroom door word Jonesin 01 Mar 2016
"___ in Black" (1997 film) Universal 03 Feb 2016
Grownup boys Newsday 02 Feb 2016
Those working undercover in environmentalism Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jan 2016
Manpower providers? Universal 30 Jan 2016
Not-so-hairy primates
All the suspects in "The Usual Suspects"
They're all created equal
Multiple guys
"___ in Black" (1997 film)
Restroom sign
Chess kings and queens
Board game tokens
Chess pieces
Manpower providers?
Some grown-ups
Checkers pieces Jonesin 22 Dec 2015
Multiple males USA Today 20 Dec 2015
Baritones, typically New York Times 24 Nov 2015
'Luxuries,' not 'necessities,' per Cher New York Times 21 Nov 2015
Most CEOs Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2015
Exasperated comment from a feminist New York Times 18 Nov 2015
Restroom sign USA Today 01 Nov 2015
Lavatory sign Eugene Sheffer 03 Oct 2015
Good bit of the population USA Today 25 Sep 2015
GQ target Premier Sunday 20 Sep 2015
Chaps The Guardian Quick 19 Sep 2015
More than one 17-Across Family Time 07 Sep 2015
Multiple males Universal 04 Sep 2015
Husbands USA Today 01 Sep 2015
Most CEOs Thomas Joseph 19 Aug 2015
Dads and uncles Universal 05 Aug 2015
Portion of the world's population USA Today 28 Jul 2015
Patriarchy rulers LA Times Daily 24 Jun 2015
NFL players, e.g LA Times Daily 18 Jun 2015
Game pieces Jonesin 18 Jun 2015
Common door sign USA Today 04 Jun 2015
About half the population USA Today 28 Apr 2015
What boys become Universal 07 Apr 2015
Sign on a door LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2015
Chess pieces, informally Universal 25 Mar 2015
Pieces or tokens Newsday 14 Mar 2015
Fathers and grandfathers Newsday 09 Mar 2015
Fellows Eugene Sheffer 26 Feb 2015
Good bit of the population
What boys become
Multiple males
Dads and uncles
Chess pieces, informally
Sign on a door
Dudes Jonesin 01 Jan 2015
"Luxuries," not "necessities," per Cher
Baritones, typically
Exasperated comment from a feminist
Chess pieces
Lavatory sign
Most misogynists
NFL players
Rooks, e.g.
NBA players, for example
Pieces or tokens
Fathers and grandfathers
"Where soil is, __ grow": Keats
Possessors of Y chromosomes
Most CEOs
NFL players, e.g.
GQ target
Patriarchy rulers
Portion of the world's population
Multiple males
'00 Nickelback hit "Leader of ___"
One-hitters Baha ___
Common door sign
About half the population
Noh casts
"A Few Good ___"
Trio in a nursery rhyme tub
Esquire's target
Last word of a Steinbeck title
Grown boys
Frat members
Chess set
Abbots, necessarily
36% of Rwanda's current parliament, gender-wise
Camper Van Beethoven "Pictures of Matchstick ___"
"All __ are liars": Psalms
Chess components
"Actresses" in Shakespeare's Globe productions
"All the President's ___"
Majority of the contestants on "The Dating Game"
W.C. sign
80% of U.S. senators, currently
Part of the world's population
Fathers and sons
American voters before 1920
Boys, later
Playing pieces
Most soldiers
Sign on many doors
Manpower providers?
Husbands, not wives
Game pieces
Chess pieces
"It's raining ___, hallelujah!"
Of Monsters and ___
Boyz II ___ (pop group)
All husbands
"All the President's ___"
They once acted like boys
What boys will be
Tub trio
All U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents
"___: We Don't Know What We Did!" ("Family Guy")
Non-gender-neutral word in the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence
Board-game tokens
"That's just like a guy!"
The Beatles and the Stones, e.g.
"I Hate ___" (Porter tune)
"Of Mice and ___"
"That's so like a guy!"
All of our presidents
Disks on checkerboards
Equal creations, all
Gentle closing?
What boys will be
"All the President's __"
"That's just like a guy!"
The Beatles and the Stones, e.g.
Yale Law students, until 1918
Chess pieces
Game pieces
Door sign
Fraternity members, e.g.
Target audience of Maxim
Game pieces
"All the President's ___"
About half of all adults
Big boys?
Generic game pieces
Robin Hood's merry crew
Some males
What boys will be
"All ___ are created equal"
Kasparov's sixteen
Rooks or pawns
Stag party invitees
They may be "at work"
Yale Law students, until 1918
"Eight __ Out": 1988 baseball movie
Pieces on chessboards
Tommy Lee Jones film "___ in Black"
The start of the four theme entries, collectively
Comic book mutants
Target audience for "Shave" magazine
They're on boards
Chess pieces
XY chromosome bearers
What boys will be
Sign on a bathroom door
Father, uncle and son
Chess pieces, informally
"It's Raining ___"
"Mad ___" (AMC series)
Grown boys
Black-and-white set pieces?
Grown-up boys
"Little __": Alcott novel
Augusta National members
See 37-Across
Boyz II ___
___ at Work
XY chromosome bearers
Pieces on a board
About half of all adults
Fathers and grandfathers
Board members?
"It's Raining ___" (The Weather Girls hit)
"Mad ___" (AMC series)
All US presidents
Beefcake posers
They're "easy to get but hard to keep": Mae West
What was "Raining" on The Weather Girls
Game pieces
Game pieces
Fathers and grandfathers
Chess pieces
They are found in this puzzle's three longest answers
Pieces on a board
Game pieces
Fathers and grandfathers
Some bishops and kings
"Little __": Alcott novel
Adult fellows
Fathers and sons
They're "easy to get but hard to keep": Mae West
Rooks and pawns
Big boys?
Fathers and uncles
Most "Esquire" readers
R&B's Boyz II ___
Sign in a restaurant
The entire cast of "My Dinner With Andre"
Playing pieces
Checkers, e.g.
Chess pieces
Chesspieces, e.g.
Queens, in chess
Playing pieces
83 of the 100 US Senators
The Musketeers, e.g.
Entire "Reservoir Dogs" cast, e.g.
"So many __, so little time": Mae West
Old boys?
Rooks, for example
The Musketeers, e.g.
Stag party attendees
Roughly half of all adults
Rooks, for example
Old boys?
"So many __, so little time": Mae West
Fathers and uncles
Good chunk of the population
Game pieces
The others besides 18-Down
'80s band: ___ at Work
Tub trio of rhyme
Word on a washroom door
Stag party attendees
Target audience of Details magazine
Portion of the world's population
Horse opera cast, mostly
Stag party invitees
Most Boy Scout leaders
Roughly half of the world's population
". . . three __ in a tub"
Stag party attendees
Word below a stick figure, often
Trio in a nursery rhyme tub
Knights, e.g.
"A Few Good ___" (Cruise film)
Oater cast, mostly
Kasparov's 16
Jones film, "___ in Black"
"Real ___ Don't Eat Quiche"
Trio in a nursery rhyme tub
"It's Raining ___"
"Twelve Angry ___"
Kasparov's 16
Robert Penn Warren's "All the King's ___"
"I Hate __" ("Kiss Me, Kate" tune)
"Two and a Half ___"
Old boys
Steinbeck title closer
NBA players
Lavatory sign
"... all ___ are created equal"
"All ___ are created equal ..."
Sign on a door
"All ___ are created equal"
All U.S. senators until 1922
Old boys
Head word
Queens, in chess
"It's Raining ___"
Part of MIB
"A Few Good __"
Levitra takers
What boys will be
Eliot's "The Hollow ___"
All husbands
"Of Mice and ___"
"12 Angry ___"
What androphobes fear
Pops, e.g.
Enemies of Amazons?
Actors in ancient Greek theater, e.g.
All the characters in "Sleuth", e.g.
"A Few Good __"
"Three __ and a Baby"
Augusta National members
Rest room sign
Sign on the privy door
They're from Mars, in a book title
Adult males
Almost half of us
Rest room sign
The theme
What boys will be
Cruiser's targets?
See 38-Down
Loo sign
"___ in Black," Will Smith film
"Three __ and a Baby"
Augusta National members
Rest room sign
Board-game tokens
The "M" of "MIB"
See 45-Across
Cialis takers
Queens, in chess
Game pieces
Parcheesi pieces
What a jilted woman may exclaim
Tub trio
Cinematography nominee Emmanuel Lubezki for "Children of ___"
Word on a restaurant door
Fustanella wearers
Chess pieces
Rest room sign
"___ in Black" (1997)
Chippendales dancers
All major-league umpires, so far
Tub trio of rhyme
All U.S. senators until 1922
Fraternity members
Exclamation with rolled eyes
What boys become
Word on a restaurant door
Tub trio
Most senators
Much of the population
Jilted woman's comment of disgust?
Chess units
Androphobe's fear
John's sign, sometimes
Woman's exasperated comment?
W.C. sign
Augusta National members
"Real ___ Don't Eat Quiche"
Stag participants
"__ in Black"
"12 Angry __"
Tom, Dick, and Harry
All Supreme Court justices, up to 1981
All Speakers of the House, thus far
Stag participants
Boyz II ___
"__ in Black"
"12 Angry __"
Nearly half the world
Tom, Dick and Harry
Jilted gal's disgusted comment
Former boys
Most Marines
Androphobe's aversion
"All the President's ___"
"Of Mice and ___"
Chess pieces
Stag attendees
Sign on a bathroom door
What boys will be
Jilted gal's disgusted comment
Stag attendees
Tom, Dick and Harry
They're moved at a 17-Across
Rooks, e.g.
Pawns, e.g.
Door word
Board members?
Senate majority?
Sign guys look for in a bar?
Grown-up boys
Game pieces
Door sign
What androphobes fear
Augusta National members
Door word
Restaurant sign
Washroom placard
Word with foot or fore
Chess set
Roughly half the world
Chess units
"___ in Black"
About half of all adults
Chess pieces
Stag party attendees
(clue unnecessary)
"Grumpy Old ___"
Stag attendees
Fathers and grandfathers
Tom, Dick and Harry
Knights and bishops
About half of us
Half of us
Rooks or pawns
Work crew
Queens, on boards
Stouthearted ones of song
"A Few Good _____"
Certain door sign
Foot or fore attachment
Roughly half the world
John's sign
Rest room sign
They're from Mars, according to John Gray
"A Few Good __"
Uncles, e.g.
Uncles, e.g.
Stag attendees
Boyz II ___
John's sign
Grooms, but not brides
Playing pieces
Some of 46 Down
Rock's -- at Work
All Chief Justices, thus far
Sign on some doors
They may be "at work"
They may be at work
Chess pieces
See 11 Down
Word on a washroom door
About half the world
About 49% of adult Americans
About 49% of the world's population
Door sign
About half the world's population
All American presidents, so far
Kasparov's sixteen
63 Across, et al.
What none of the senators from Washington, California, and Maine are
Word on a door
Rock's _____ at Work
Sign on the privy door
Smith and Jones, together in film
Rest room sign
Chess group
Word on a door
Word on a restaurant door
"I Hate __" (Kiss Me Kate tune)
Some adults
Jones film "_____ in Black"
Bishop and pawn
Deep Blue's sixteen
"Little ___": Alcott novel
Stag party people
Stag attendees
Kasparov's sixteen
All U.N. secretaries-general, thus far
Fathers and uncles
Some humans
"I Hate _____" (Porter tune)
"I Hate ___" ("Kiss Me Kate" tune)
Father, uncle and son
Seven of nine Justices
"I Hate __" (Porter song)
Most senators
All NBA players
Room sign
Tom, Dick and Harry, e.g.
Queens, to Kasparov
Woman's exasperated comment
Door word
____ in Black : 1997 film
Chess pieces
"I Hate __" ("Kiss Me Kate" tune)
Queens, to Kasparov
Some people
"Robin Hood: ___ in Tights"
Women's counterpart
"I Hate __" (Porter tune)
Pieces for
Half the world
____ in Black ('97 sci-fi film)
Almost 50% of us
Males sometimes
"...leaves is a generation of _":Homer
Stag goers
Word on some doors
Pops, for example
"___ in Black"
"A Few Good ___"
Certain voters
R&B's Boyz II___
Sons of Adam
Ace preceder
Boyz II ____
Fathers and sons
Pop group Boyz II _____
Stag goers
Foot or fore
___ at work
_____ at Work
Father and son
"Tin ___," 1987 film
"A Few Good ___"
Brando film, with "The"
Thematic letters herein
Boys, eventually
Alcott's "Little ___"
"All the King's ___"
Pyle's "___ of Iron"
"___ Without Women": Hemingway
"All the President's ___"
Kingsley's "___ in White"
Boys, later
" . . . to become fishers of ___": Mark 1:17
Checker-game pieces
King, pawn, etc.
Eliot's "The Hollow ___"
Brando film, with "The": 1950
Nursery-tub fillers
"The ___," Brando's first film
All major leaguers
T. S. Eliot's "The Hollow ___"
12 Angry __
Girl-talk topic
" . . . all ___ are created equal"
Pawns and knights, e.g.
They can't join the L.P.G.A.
Tom, Dick and Harry
Tubbed trio
"The ___," Brando film: 1950
Pawns or knights
Some of us
Most West Pointers
What Wafs are not
Board-game pieces
Game-board pieces
Items on a game board
"Of Mice and ___"
Rooks, e.g.
Bishop, rook, etc.
They're all equal
Pieces for Fischer
Bachelor-party attendees
Stag-party participants
Crew members
Ship's crew
Certain people
Some are stout-hearted
Haberdashery customers
Warlocks, e.g.
Some grownups
Brando movie, with "The"
"Calling all ___"
"___ in White"
Human beings
"All the king's ___"
"___ of Harlech"
Word on a bathhouse door
___ at work
Certain voters
With 1, 6, 38 and 42 Across, a seasonal message.
Chess pieces.
"Testimony of Two ___"
Game pieces.
Some voters.
Certain workers.
See 116 Across.
Stouthearted ones.
The rank and file.
Subject of this puzzle.
Tom, Dick and Harry.
Brando film, "The ___."
___ of good will.
The infantry.
"Conservatives after dinner."
"Twelve Angry ___."
Officer's command.
___ of goodwill.
Crew members.
Favorite subject of many coeds.
Players on a team.
Human beings.
Ship's complement.
"The unfair sex."
Members of a team.
Opposite of mice.
G. I.'s.
"___ of Good Will."
Stag goers.
Kings or queens, in chess.
Sons of Adam.
Red ___.
Marlon Brando's movie, "The ___."
"Of mice and ___."
"Stouthearted ___."
"All the King's ___."
"The mountains Britain boasts."—Meredith.
What summer resorts will lack this year.
Units of an army.
"In the air ___ shall be seen."—Martha Shipton (1488–1561).
Soldiers, sailors and Marines.
Adult males.
Chess pieces
Shots in a video game
Details-oriented folk?
Entire "Glengarry Glen Ross" cast, e.g.
Old boys?
One of a pair of door signs
See 5-Across
Sign on a bathroom door
Those who stand to go
Cialis takers
"Two and a Half ___"
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