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Crossword Clues for MERGES

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Clue Source Date
Joins the flow of traffic The Washington Post 11 Feb 2020
Mixes with son from Moss Green Irish Times Crosaire 06 Aug 2019
Joins the competition? The Sun Two Speed 15 Dec 2018
Blends The Sun Two Speed 15 Dec 2018
Comes out New York Times 06 Sep 2018
Traffic slowdown spots The Washington Post 14 May 2018
Causes of some traffic slowdowns USA Today 29 May 2017
Causes of some traffic backups USA Today 23 Sep 2016
Integrates Universal 22 Sep 2016
Combines The Telegraph Quick 04 Aug 2016
Unites LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2016
Combines into one company Universal 13 Mar 2016
Goes from two lanes to one New York Times 08 Sep 2015
Joins the competition Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2015
Comes together on borders of Mercia's bridges Irish Times Crosaire 21 Apr 2015
Joins the highway traffic
Where many accidents occur
Combines, as companies
Gets onto the highway, perhaps
Comes together
Becomes one
Tricky highway maneuvers
Causes gridlock, perhaps
Turns two into one
Gets into a single lane, say
Mixes, as companies
Bands together
Enters traffic
Blends together
Gridlock causes, at times
Makes one
Enters a freeway
Causes to coalesce
Absorbs and combines
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.