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Word "METAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal
a metallic compound
metallic luster
the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades

Part of Speech:
a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten

Part of Speech:
any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.
metallic element

Crossword Clues for METAL

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Clue Source Date
Thanksgiving feast, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Gold or silver Eugene Sheffer 27 Jan 2021
Copper or nickel LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2021
A Band Called Pain music genre USA Today 14 Dec 2020
Old master drops rods of iron Irish Times Crosaire 12 Dec 2020
U, V or W, on the periodic table New York Times 03 Sep 2020
Copper, perhaps recently married, retired The Telegraph Toughie 04 Aug 2020
Copper or cobalt Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2020
Satisfied aluminium is this The Telegraph Cryptic 19 May 2020
Copper say seen in gruesome tale The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2020
Aggressive rock genre The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2020
Lead, e.g New York Times 20 Mar 2020
Music genre with 'death' and 'speed' varieties USA Today 12 Mar 2020
Rock genre Eugene Sheffer 25 Feb 2020
Copper maybe seen in bedtime tales The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2020
Maybe copper can place landing point within mile The Telegraph Toughie 19 Dec 2019
Titanium or vibranium USA Today 17 Dec 2019
'__ Health': Quiet Riot album The Washington Post 11 Dec 2019
"__ Health": Quiet Riot album LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2019
Something forged Jonesin 10 Dec 2019
Heavy __ The Washington Post 04 Dec 2019
Satisfied aluminium will suffice for this? The Telegraph Toughie 28 Nov 2019
Ore's yield Universal 30 Sep 2019
Iron, for instance The Telegraph Quick 27 Sep 2019
Gold or platinum New York Times 16 Sep 2019
Judas Priest's genre, for short USA Today 15 Sep 2019
Microwaving no-no Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
Black Sabbath's genre The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Sometimes-heavy music genre Universal 22 Aug 2019
Copper or aluminum Newsday 20 Aug 2019
Copper perhaps left after rancid meat The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2019
Silver or gold Thomas Joseph 09 Jul 2019
Music genre Thomas Joseph 29 May 2019
Gold or copper, say Irish Times Simplex 09 Apr 2019
Bad stuff to microwave The New Yorker 04 Mar 2019
Tin or tungsten Thomas Joseph 18 Feb 2019
Music genre that's the focus of Decibel magazine New York Times 15 Feb 2019
Nickel, for one Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2019
"Heavy" music genre Universal 01 Jan 2019
Nickel or copper Newsday 19 Dec 2018
Nickel or silver, e.g Universal 27 Nov 2018
Like woods on modern golf courses The New Yorker 05 Nov 2018
Like virtually all golf club heads nowadays The Washington Post 25 Oct 2018
Some extreme talent needed in heavy music The Sun Two Speed 18 Oct 2018
Apt genre for Iron Maiden The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Pipe material Family Time 16 Sep 2018
Stones for road, motorway, and so on The Telegraph Toughie 11 Apr 2018
Cobalt, for one Jonesin 03 Apr 2018
Mercury or cobalt USA Today 22 Mar 2018
Nickel or silver, e.g.
Genre for Black Sabbath New York Times 10 Dec 2017
Musically it can be heavy Irish Times Simplex 22 Nov 2017
Electropositive material The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
___ detector (airport device) Family Time 25 Sep 2017
For example, lead guest finally into dinner, say The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2017
Music genre that's sometimes 'heavy' New York Times 29 Aug 2017
Iron, e.g Thomas Joseph 25 Aug 2017
Black Sabbath's music, for short USA Today 15 Aug 2017
Grammy category New York Times 29 Jul 2017
Word with "precious" or "heavy" Universal 08 Jul 2017
Type of detector Universal 25 Jun 2017
Nickel, but not dime USA Today 21 Jun 2017
Ozzy Osbourne's music, for short USA Today 09 Jun 2017
Zinc or zirconium Newsday 28 May 2017
Titanium or tungsten Wall Street Journal 08 May 2017
Microwave no-no New York Times 15 Apr 2017
Calcium, e.g The Washington Post 08 Apr 2017
Music genre word The Washington Post 31 Mar 2017
One of the world's greatest conductors? Universal 31 Mar 2017
Mercury or gallium USA Today 21 Feb 2017
Lead or zinc LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2017
Genre for Mötley Crüe New York Times 03 Jan 2017
Genre for Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath The Washington Post 02 Jan 2017
Music genre that's sometimes "heavy"
Eg Iron Maiden recently sent up The Times Cryptic 16 Dec 2016
Mercury or molybdenum Wall Street Journal 22 Nov 2016
Cobalt or copper USA Today 30 Oct 2016
Alloy component LA Times Daily 21 Jul 2016
Black Sabbath's genre, for short USA Today 05 Jul 2016
___ umlaut Jonesin 05 Jul 2016
Tin or titanium New York Times 16 May 2016
Nickel, e.g USA Today 01 May 2016
Bullion, for instance Newsday 20 Mar 2016
It may be forged USA Today 09 Mar 2016
Gold or copper Eugene Sheffer 27 Jan 2016
Genre for Megadeth
Word in many music genres LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2015
Male, deceased, recalled as good conductor The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2015
It may be found in sheets LA Times Daily 15 Aug 2015
Heavy __: music genre LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2015
Headbanging music New York Times 16 Jun 2015
Conductive material Newsday 12 Jun 2015
Hard material Universal 18 Mar 2015
Quiet Riot "___ Health"
Heavy music
Gallium or thallium
It may be precious
Silver or platinum, e.g.
Gold or silver, e.g.
Detector activator
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