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Word "METER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration
metre, time

Part of Speech:
(prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
beat, cadence, measure, metre

Part of Speech:
the basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1.094 yards)
m, metre

Crossword Clues for METER

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Clue Source Date
Device that's fed quarters USA Today 07 Jan 2021
Olympic race measure Newsday 03 Jan 2021
Poet's concern LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2020
Taxi calculator LA Times Daily 23 Nov 2020
Taxi ticker Eugene Sheffer 20 Nov 2020
Taxi fare calculator Newsday 10 Nov 2020
Basic unit of length USA Today 18 Sep 2020
Free verse's lack USA Today 28 Aug 2020
'I gotta go feed the ___' Jonesin 04 Aug 2020
Yard plus a bit Thomas Joseph 25 Jul 2020
Fare tracker Universal 08 Jul 2020
One runs in a cab Universal 13 Jun 2020
Measuring device The Times Concise 15 May 2020
Certain coin collector Newsday 09 May 2020
Curbside coin collector Newsday 17 Apr 2020
Taxi device Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2020
Cab-fare calculator Newsday 06 Jan 2020
Taxi part Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2019
Producer of stamps that aren't stamps Newsday 02 Nov 2019
Usage measurer The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
Fixture that's 'fed' USA Today 23 Aug 2019
It's fed at a curb Jonesin 13 Aug 2019
Rhythm Premier Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Utility reading Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Keats concern Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2019
39.37 inches Premier Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Dash measure Newsday 31 May 2019
It's fed on streets The Washington Post 26 May 2019
Gauge The Telegraph Quick 25 Apr 2019
Device that's 'fed' USA Today 23 Apr 2019
Poetic rhythm Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2019
Fixture that's "fed"
Device that's "fed"
Pattern in a poem The Washington Post Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Parking regulator Universal 07 May 2018
Cab component Wall Street Journal 02 May 2018
Cab fare calculator Newsday 25 Apr 2018
Parking __ The Washington Post 23 Apr 2018
Parking monitor Universal 20 Feb 2018
Length that's a bit more than 39 inches Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2018
Olympics unit New York Times 28 Jan 2018
Progress tracker The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Parking space fixture USA Today 11 Nov 2017
Post office machine Newsday 21 Sep 2017
Sprint distance unit Universal 01 Sep 2017
One fed on the street The Washington Post 22 Jul 2017
Fare indicator Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2017
Utility company hookup USA Today 13 Jul 2017
Measure oxygen lost by body in space The Times Cryptic 10 Jul 2017
Poetic measure The Washington Post 25 Jun 2017
Poetry class topic Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2017
What doggerel usually lacks New York Times 11 May 2017
Feature of many taxis USA Today 07 May 2017
Ten billion angstroms Wall Street Journal 04 May 2017
One collecting money on the sidewalk? New York Times 04 May 2017
Monthly reading The Washington Post 29 Apr 2017
It's "fed" by motorists USA Today 21 Mar 2017
About 39 inches Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2017
Taxi fixture Premier Sunday 26 Feb 2017
Curbside unit that's "fed" USA Today 19 Feb 2017
Utility company device
Utility device Newsday 22 Dec 2016
Poem's rhythmic structure USA Today 17 Dec 2016
Process, as some letters Newsday 05 Nov 2016
Recording device LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2016
Coin consumer Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2016
Device for measuring and recording Irish Times Simplex 30 Jun 2016
Curbside fixture The Washington Post 21 Jun 2016
Track race unit Universal 26 May 2016
It measures oxygen expelled by a shooting star The Times Cryptic 26 Apr 2016
Word with parking or postage New York Times 21 Feb 2016
Measure of feet Newsday 23 Jan 2016
Taxi feature The Washington Post 11 Dec 2015
Thing to park in front of Universal 23 Nov 2015
Basic length measure Universal 12 Jun 2015
Taxi's device USA Today 13 May 2015
Olympics length Universal 08 Mar 2015
Olympic track unit
The longer it runs, the more you pay
Olympic race unit
It's fed at curbside
Curbside sight
Rhythmic element
Thing that might have a needle
Taxi-fare calculator
Olympics distance unit
Thing read by a parking enforcement officer
3.28 feet
It might run while you ride
Fare counter
Coin collector?
A million microns
It offers time for change
Parking fee collector
Curbside payment collector
What stress may be good for
Nearly 40 inches
Ticker in a taxi
Cab fixture
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.