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Crossword Clues for METOO

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Clue Source Date
'I totally agree!' New York Times 12 May 2021
"Same here!" Eugene Sheffer 01 May 2021
Movement started by Tarana Burke New York Times 22 Apr 2021
''Same here'' Newsday 16 Mar 2021
Joiner's cry Canadiana 01 Mar 2021
Movement founded by Tarana Burke Universal 19 Feb 2021
'Same here!' The Washington Post 20 Jan 2021
'I'm like you' USA Today 12 Jan 2021
Single by Meghan Trainor The Telegraph General Knowledge 04 Jan 2021
Trending hashtag beginning in 2017 New York Times 09 Nov 2020
#___ movement The Washington Post Sunday 08 Nov 2020
'Same' New York Times 28 Oct 2020
"Same!" Universal 19 Jul 2020
Empowerment hashtag The Washington Post 19 Jun 2020
Anti-harassment movement The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Silence breakers' movement Universal 22 May 2020
Joiner's cry? Canadiana 18 May 2020
“Ditto!” (and a hint to what’s in the grid-spanning answers) Wall Street Journal 05 May 2020
Social media movement since 2017 The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
''Ditto!'' Newsday 08 Apr 2020
'I'm with you' New York Times 04 Apr 2020
Movement spearheaded by Time’s 2017 People of the Year “Silence Breakers” Wall Street Journal 15 Feb 2020
Hashtag that took off in 2017 Universal 08 Dec 2019
Copycat's cry Thomas Joseph 22 Oct 2019
'I feel the same way!' New York Times 22 Sep 2019
Time's Up movement kin Universal 22 Jul 2019
Social justice hashtag Universal 21 Jul 2019
'I agree!' Thomas Joseph 08 Jul 2019
'Ditto' The Washington Post 23 Jun 2019
"Ditto" LA Times Daily 23 Jun 2019
'Same here' The Washington Post 07 Jun 2019
"Same here" LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2019
''I agree'' Newsday 16 May 2019
'I'm with you!' Eugene Sheffer 08 Mar 2019
Silence breakers' hashtag, or this puzzle's theme Universal 04 Mar 2019
"I feel the same way!"
"I'm with you" LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2018
'Two magic words that galvanized the world,' per Tarana Burke in 2018 The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Hashtag often paired with #TimesUp The Washington Post Sunday 04 Nov 2018
''Ditto'' Newsday 11 Sep 2018
Movement opposing sexual harassment and assault Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2018
"Ditto!" (2 words) Family Time 10 Jun 2018
''I agree!'' Newsday 28 May 2018
''Same here!'' Newsday 29 Apr 2018
"Likewise!" Universal 07 Feb 2018
''I feel the same way'' Newsday 16 Jan 2018
'So am I' Premier Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Hashtag inspired by the Harvey Weinstein allegations Jonesin 21 Nov 2017
Copycat's words Universal 16 Nov 2017
"Ditto" (2 words) Family Time 13 Nov 2017
"I'm with you!" USA Today 18 Oct 2017
Tagalong's cry Wall Street Journal 09 May 2017
"Ditto!" Universal 23 Feb 2017
"I want some also" (2 words) Family Time 30 Jan 2017
'Likewise' The Washington Post 05 Nov 2016
'Join the club' New York Times 22 Jul 2016
'I agree' New York Times 16 May 2016
Copycat's comment ... or, phonetically, a hint to this puzzle's theme New York Times 02 May 2016
"Join the club"
"Likewise" LA Times Daily 22 Jun 2015
Common cry from a younger sibling New York Times 09 May 2015
'So do I' Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2015
"I second that"
"What a coincidence!"
Copycat's comment
Copycat comment
"I'm the exact same way!"
Little brother's shout
Copycat's phrase
"I feel the same"
"I concur!"
"I agree!"
Little brother's cry, perhaps
Kind of attitude
Little brother's plea
"I'll have some as well!"
What 31-Across says a lot
"I want in!"
"I want some also"
"I agree"
Tagalong's shout
"I'm on board!"
"I second that!"
Including yours truly
Younger sibling's shout, often
Statement from the bandwagon
"I'm in!"
Words of agreement
Tagalong's words
Copycat's shout
Seconder's response
Cousin of "I agree"
I agree!
Cousin of "same here"
"I feel the same way"
Greedy cry
Little siblings say it
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.