Crossword Clues for MILES

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Clue Source Date
Odometer units Universal 29 Nov 2022
Road race units USA Today 10 Nov 2022
A very long way The Times Concise 11 Oct 2022
Odometer reading LA Times Daily 19 Sep 2022
Some credit card rewards Wall Street Journal 26 May 2022
Air traveler’s accumulation New York Times 16 Jan 2022
Odometer units LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2021
Odometer units Thomas Joseph 20 Oct 2021
A long way New York Times 30 Jul 2021
Odometer units USA Today 08 May 2021
Spider-Man's first name USA Today 07 Apr 2021
Flier's accumulation New York Times 19 Mar 2021
Highway units Thomas Joseph 13 Mar 2021
Road map distances Newsday 01 Feb 2021
Hiker's coverage Newsday 24 Jan 2021
Marathon measures Newsday 21 Oct 2020
Frequent flier's accumulation Newsday 07 Oct 2020
'And ___ to go before I sleep': Robert Frost New York Times 06 Jul 2020
Odometer measures Newsday 20 Jan 2020
Odometer units Thomas Joseph 02 Dec 2019
"And ___ to go before I sleep ..." Universal 11 Oct 2019
A league is about three of them Universal 02 Oct 2019
Frequent flyer units USA Today 29 Apr 2019
Odometer reading Eugene Sheffer 26 Apr 2019
MPG part USA Today 07 Apr 2019
Rather far Newsday 24 Mar 2019
Marathon marker figures USA Today 22 Feb 2019
Marathon marker figures
"And ___ to go before I sleep ..."
MPG part
A league is about three of them
Frequent flyer units
Quite a ways New York Times 08 Sep 2018
A considerable distance Newsday 30 Aug 2018
Pedometer units USA Today 26 Jul 2018
Odometer units Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2018
Imperial units of length Irish Times Simplex 09 Jun 2018
Some modern "rewards" The New Yorker 28 May 2018
Odometer reading Thomas Joseph 18 May 2018
Reward units The Washington Post 06 May 2018
Reward units LA Times Daily 06 May 2018
Quite a ways
Odometer units
Reward units
Pedometer units
Fitbit calculation USA Today 04 Jul 2017
Odometer reading Newsday 05 Feb 2017
Fitbit calculation
Nova Scotia's Johnny ____('26 & '29 winner) Canadiana 26 Dec 2016
MapMyWalk statistic LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2016
Quite a distance LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2016
MapMyWalk statistic
A long way for Davis, the jazz musician The Telegraph Cryptic 29 May 2015
Marathoners' measures USA Today 05 Apr 2015
GPS display Newsday 03 Jan 2015
Marathoners' measures
GPS display
Marathon markers
Some credit card rewards
Marathon units
Marathon units
Road-map distances
Frequent flier's accumulation
Frequent fliers frequently use them
Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand ___"
What you might buy a flight with
Odometer reading
Long distance units
"I Can See for ___" The Who
How far The Who can see
Road map units
Iconic jazz trumpeter
Things gotten with a credit card, often
A long way
Odometer units
Odometer figures
Odometer units
Frequent fliers collect them
A marathon has about 26 of these
Marathon's 26.2
Indy 500's 500
Trumpet great Davis
Odometer count
Jazz trumpeter Davis
Indy's 500
Quite a distance
Odometer units
Jazz great Davis
"The Amazing Race" stat
Quite a distance
Many yards
Quite a distance
Many yards
Long distance units
Long distance units
Longfellow's Standish
96 ___ (total length of the Berlin Wall)
Trumpeteer Davis
Trumpeter Davis
Mr. Standish
Jazzman Davis
Interstate distances
A long way
Odometer reading
First name in colonial courtship
The "500" in the Indy 500
Jazz trumpeter Davis
Colonist Standish
Some modern "rewards"
Odometer reading
Leigh's "Psycho" sister
Marathoner's distance
126,720 inches, for two
Racing lengths
Indy's "500"
Trumpeteer Davis
A long way
What some people can see for
Jazzman Davis
Odometer reading
Pilgrim Standish
___ Standish
Pilgrim Standish
Distance units
Odometer units
First name in a colonial courtship
League divisions
Road map units
Actress Vera
Jazzman Davis
Jazz legend Davis
Things tied up in knots?
Actress Vera
Measured stretches
Odometer reading
Mr. Standish
"And ___ to go . . . ": Frost
Distances of Ryun's races
"And ___ to go before I sleep": Frost
Trumpeter Davis
What an odometer measures
"How many ___ to Babylon?"
Plymouth name
Kilometers' relatives
"___ to go before I . . . "
Priscilla's proxy suitor
Relatives of knots.
A long way.
Linear measures.
Distances traveled.
Longfellow character.
Capt. Standish.
___ Standish.
Character in a Longfellow poem.
Units of distance, 5,280 ft.
District Attorney McDonald.
General who defeated Geronimo, 1886.
Longfellow's Mr. Standish.
He captured Geronimo, 1886.
He subdued Sitting Bull and Geronimo (1839–1925).
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