Word "MILK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a river that rises in the Rockies in northwestern Montana and flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River
milk river

Part of Speech:
add milk to
milk the tea

Part of Speech:
any of several nutritive milklike liquids

Crossword Clues for MILK

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Clue Source Date
Cook meat and chill bananas for bar food? The Guardian Cryptic 26 May 2022
Liquid in coconuts The Times Concise 23 May 2022
Married type's exploit The Guardian Cryptic 29 Apr 2022
Dairy buy Thomas Joseph 28 Apr 2022
Liquid poured on cereal USA Today 21 Apr 2022
Exploit for all it's worth Universal 11 Apr 2022
Majority of a latte USA Today 09 Apr 2022
Wring every possible advantage from Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2022
Draw out minutes and sort The Times Cryptic 23 Feb 2022
Breast ___ (baby-feeding option) Universal 08 Dec 2021
Coconut juice Eugene Sheffer 09 Nov 2021
Oscar-winning title role for Sean Penn Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2021
Coconut juice The Times Concise 19 Oct 2021
Cereal go-with Family Time 04 Oct 2021
Main ingredient in kefir USA Today 02 Oct 2021
Oat ___ USA Today 23 Sep 2021
Harvey who was California's first openly gay elected official Universal 28 Jun 2021
Almond or soy drink USA Today 13 May 2021
Dairy aisle display Newsday 08 Apr 2021
Cereal go-with New York Times 02 Feb 2021
Half-and-half half Universal 04 Dec 2020
Coconut product Universal 28 Nov 2020
Exploit to the fullest Newsday 30 Oct 2020
Do a farm chore LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2020
Do a farm chore The Washington Post 16 Oct 2020
Folk music lacks focus to exploit Irish Times Crosaire 25 Sep 2020
Harvey who was California's first openly gay elected official USA Today 22 Sep 2020
Exploit LA Times Daily 24 Jul 2020
Exploit The Washington Post 24 Jul 2020
Cafeteria beverage Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2020
Exploit to the fullest Universal 30 Jun 2020
Ingredient that turns a Black Russian into a White Russian New York Times 07 Jun 2020
Oreo-dunking beverage The Washington Post Sunday 31 May 2020
Hot cocoa ingredient Newsday 01 Mar 2020
Try to prolong Newsday 14 Sep 2019
Hot cocoa ingredient USA Today 08 Jul 2019
'Mustache' makeup in classic ads USA Today 07 Jul 2019
Moo juice Universal 19 Jun 2019
Cereal bowl filler The Washington Post Sunday 26 May 2019
Dairy product Newsday 11 Apr 2019
Almond __ LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2019
Almond __ The Washington Post 03 Apr 2019
Moo juice
Almond __
"Mustache" makeup in classic ads
Best Picture loser to "Slumdog Millionaire"
Hot cocoa ingredient
Moo juice Eugene Sheffer 28 Dec 2018
Exploit leader in monied class The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2018
Dairy product The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2018
Cereal go-with LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2018
Cereal go-with The Washington Post 12 Nov 2018
See 11 Across The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2018
Good source of calcium New York Times 12 Aug 2018
White liquid The Telegraph Quick 10 Aug 2018
Exploit to the extreme Newsday 05 Aug 2018
2008 movie with a gay rights theme USA Today 03 Aug 2018
Squeeze out Canadiana 19 Feb 2018
Dairy product The Times Concise 05 Feb 2018
2008 movie with a gay rights theme
Cereal go-with
Good source of calcium
Half of half-and-half The Washington Post 14 Dec 2017
Half of half-and-half LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2017
Cereal partner Jonesin 05 Dec 2017
Basis for many a formula Newsday 21 Oct 2017
Coconut juice Eugene Sheffer 18 Aug 2017
Cereal liquid Family Time 19 Feb 2017
Mustache maker? The Washington Post 24 Jan 2017
Half of half-and-half
Skim or 2% New York Times 04 Oct 2016
Use too much Newsday 11 Sep 2016
Cookies go-with USA Today 12 Aug 2016
Cereal go-with Eugene Sheffer 06 Jun 2016
Dairy product Eugene Sheffer 04 Jan 2016
Skim or 2%
Cookies go-with
Calcium source LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2015
Cereal companion USA Today 03 Nov 2015
Cookie's partner? Jonesin 30 Jul 2015
Baby bottle contents USA Today 16 Jul 2015
Calcium source
Cereal companion
Baby bottle contents
Frequent cereal surrounder
White breakfast beverage
Half-and-half half
What some formulas are based on
"Got ___?"
Dairy product
'1%' drink
"Galaxy" derives from the Greek word for this
Moo juice
Best Actor role for Penn
Cereal companion
Moo juice
Cereal partner
Do dairy work
Carton contents
Cookies partner
Something added to Cap'n Crunch
Take advantage of
Total coverage?
'2%' drink
Beverage that's graded
Take advantage of
Wheaties eater's need
"Got __?"
"Got __?"
Breakfast beverage
Standard part of a food pyramid
Get every benefit from
Baby-bottle contents
Half of half-and-half
2008 Best Picture nominee
Extract venom from
Use shamelessly
Get every benefit from
Half of half-and-half
Squeeze out
"Got ___?"
Half of half-and-half
Udder delight?
Exploit, informally
Grocery list item, often
What many drink before noon
Word with man or maid
Drink with vitamin D
Lactose-containing liquid
Word with shake or snake
Do some work on a dairy farm
Total coverage?
Honey partner
Draw out
Vitamin D source
___ run (routine flight)
Vitamin D source
Exploit fully
Cow juice
Exploit to the max
Formula, essentially
Baby bottle contents
Coffee additive
Do a farm chore
Do a farm chore
Total requirement?
Half of half-and-half
Cookies go-with
"Got ___?"
Cookies go-with
Honey's partner?
Moo juice
Dairy bar staple
Infant's intake
Dairy product
Word with man or maid
Blancmange ingredient
Draw out
Some human kindness
Draw out
Biscuit ingredient
"Got _____ ?"
Exploit to the max
Cereal additive
Grocery-list item
Cow's offering
Cat's saucerful
Vitamin D source
Exploit, in a way
"Jersey juice"
Coconut juice
" . . . ___ of human kindness"
Honey's companion
Commonly condensed item
Half-and-half ingredient.
Drain strength from.
Dairy product.
Coconut product.
Diet fundamental.
Diet essential.
Symbol of whiteness.
Coconut fluid.
Companion of honey.
Liquid from coconut.
Type of tooth.
America's favorite beverage.
Juice of the coconut.
Baby's first Vitamin D.
Coconut juice.
Kids' meal drink
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