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Word "MIRAGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an optical illusion in which atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air distorts or inverts reflections of distant objects

Part of Speech:
something illusory and unattainable

Crossword Clues for MIRAGE

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Clue Source Date
Desert illusion Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2021
Fury following motorway for vision The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Nov 2020
Optical illusion created by the refraction of light The Times Specialist Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Illusion on a hot road Premier Sunday 31 May 2020
Optical illusion The Times Concise 21 May 2020
Sahara sight Thomas Joseph 02 May 2020
Optical illusion, in desert perhaps Irish Times Simplex 28 Apr 2020
Saharan illusion Premier Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions Irish Times Simplex 12 Feb 2020
Illusion in the desert Newsday 26 Jun 2019
A sight to disregard The New Yorker 18 Feb 2019
Oasis, possibly Wall Street Journal 03 Jan 2019
Scene imagined blowing a gasket close to Watford Gap services, possibly? The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Nov 2018
Road anger - the like of which you don't really see in barren space Irish Times Crosaire 12 Oct 2018
Desert sight Thomas Joseph 26 Sep 2018
Illusory oasis, e.g Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2018
Something not what it seems? This person's about to get very cross The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2017
Illusory image -- the setter should preserve one on newspaper The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2017
Illusory image Newsday 06 Aug 2017
Illusion The Telegraph Quick 30 Jul 2017
Bird stripped in publication's English fantasy The Telegraph Toughie 11 May 2017
Illusion of sticky situation surrounding a head of government The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Dec 2016
It's not there Newsday 20 Mar 2016
Hallucination The Telegraph Quick 06 Mar 2016
Sight on a hot road New York Times 11 Dec 2015
Sight that's not sound New York Times 05 Sep 2015
It's not what it appears to be USA Today 04 Feb 2015
Vision of a distant oasis, maybe
Rival of Caesars
Desert shimmer
Vegas hotel, with "the"
Now you see it, now you don't
'82 Fleetwood Mac album
Vegas casino-hotel
Lake in the Sahara, e.g.
Desert phenomenon
Las Vegas attraction, with "The"
It isn't really there
It's not to be believed
Hotel on the Strip
Fata morgana, e.g.
Sight for sore eyes?
Oasis, at times
It's not really there
Water in the desert, perhaps
French fighter
Desert delusion
Refraction consequence, perhaps
Water that isn't wet
Mitsubishi model
Illusion in the Sahara
This is not what it seems
Sahara vision
It's not real
Don't believe it!
Caesars Palace neighbor
Vegas casino
Fata morgana
MGM Grand has offered to buy it
Sleight of land?
Nonreal sight
Disappointing desert "lake"
Fata Morgana
Pool that isn't
French fighter jet
French war plane
Optical phenomenon
Gobi illusion
Something too good to be true
Desert deceiver
Illusory thing
Desert sight.
Atmospheric phenomenon.
Fata morgana.
Atmospheric illusion.
Desert illusion.
The oasis that wasn't there.
Optical illusion.
Illusory hope.
Fata Morgana is one.
Desert phenomenon.
Cool, clear water in the Sahara.
Something unattainable.
Hallucination in Death Valley.
Something visionary.
Ignis fatuus
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.