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Word "MITT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb
hand, manus, paw
he extended his mitt

Part of Speech:
the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball
baseball glove, baseball mitt, glove

Crossword Clues for MITT

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Clue Source Date
Hand protector USA Today 06 Apr 2021
Softball glove USA Today 05 Apr 2021
Baseball glove New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Catcher's aid Eugene Sheffer 06 Feb 2021
Catcher's need LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2020
Oven glove USA Today 08 Nov 2020
Oven user's wear Universal 06 Nov 2020
Catcher's glove Newsday 04 Nov 2020
Senator Romney Newsday 30 Sep 2020
Baseball catcher New York Times 09 Aug 2020
Paw Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2020
Hockey glove Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Fly catcher New York Times 25 Apr 2020
Fastball catcher Newsday 02 Apr 2020
Hand, slangily The New Yorker 09 Mar 2020
Pol Romney Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Catching need Thomas Joseph 29 Feb 2020
Dugout sight LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2020
Catcher's catcher Universal 03 Dec 2019
Hand, informally New York Times 20 Nov 2019
Slider catcher Family Time 03 Nov 2019
Barack's 2012 rival USA Today 01 Nov 2019
Protection for squatters Newsday 07 Sep 2019
Helpful thing to have on hand? New York Times 06 Jun 2019
Goalie glove Premier Sunday 05 May 2019
2012 loser to Barack USA Today 18 Apr 2019
First baseman's need USA Today 02 Nov 2018
Loser to Barack in 2012 USA Today 17 Oct 2018
Ball catcher New York Times 17 Oct 2018
One might stop a strike Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2018
Bit of baseball gear New York Times 16 Sep 2018
Barack's opponent in 2012 New York Times 13 Aug 2018
Accessory for a chef or catcher USA Today 05 Aug 2018
Leather on a diamond Universal 11 Apr 2018
Catcher's gear Universal 03 Mar 2018
Glove worn at first base Premier Sunday 04 Jun 2017
Hot-pot handler Newsday 02 Jun 2017
Baker's accessory The Washington Post 10 May 2017
Baker's protection The Washington Post 04 May 2017
It may be thrown a curve Universal 30 Mar 2017
Catcher's equipment Universal 24 Mar 2017
Something catching? New York Times 18 Feb 2017
What a screwball hits Universal 13 Feb 2017
Politician Romney LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2016
Rawlings product USA Today 25 Oct 2016
Useful thing to keep on hand? New York Times 04 Mar 2016
2012 election name New York Times 23 Feb 2016
A fly might land in it The Washington Post 21 Jan 2016
Handy cover for motorway race The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2016
Romney of politics USA Today 21 Oct 2015
Pitch catcher USA Today 17 Oct 2015
Kitchen protection LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2015
Diamond need LA Times Daily 31 May 2015
Governor Romney Newsday 26 Apr 2015
Catcher's prop Eugene Sheffer 14 Apr 2015
Kitchen accessory Newsday 18 Jan 2015
He ran against Barack
Potholder alternative
Target for Yu Darvish
Matt Weiters uses one
Knuckleball catcher
Barack's re-election opponent
Specialized glove
Kitchen protector
Kevlar kitchen product
Diamond tool
Chef's protection
It's used on the diamond and in the kitchen
2012 debater against Barack
First name in 2012 politics
2012 political chant
Oven accessory
Item in a dugout
Name on 2012 campaign posters
Bench need
Yogi Berra had a hand in it
Cook's protection
Yogi had a hand in it
Paul's ticket mate
Newt's rival
Politico Romney
Campaign button name
Oven user's accessory
Barack's 2012 opponent
Republican Romney
"Leather," in baseball
George Romney's youngest child
Catching aid
First baseman's glove
Oven user's aid
Necessity when playing hardball
Hand, in slang
A baker might have a hand in it
You might have a hand in it
Pitcher's target
Piazza accessory
Where some flies land
Some loopers land here
Babe's accessory?
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