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Word "MODE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
musical mode

Part of Speech:
the most frequent value of a random variable
modal value

Part of Speech:
a classification of propositions on the basis of whether they claim necessity or possibility or impossibility

Crossword Clues for MODE

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Clue Source Date
Manner of action Newsday 07 Mar 2021
Method Thomas Joseph 01 Mar 2021
Most common value, in statistics Universal 17 Feb 2021
Fashion, style Irish Times Simplex 04 Jan 2021
Style LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2020
Airplane ___ New York Times 27 Dec 2020
Partner of mean and median Universal 05 Nov 2020
System Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2020
Fashion, cut maybe in a striped pattern reportedly The Telegraph Toughie 27 Oct 2020
___ of transportation USA Today 16 Oct 2020
Airplane __ (cellphone setting) Newsday 04 Oct 2020
Way of operating The Times Concise 18 Sep 2020
The latest rage for somebody with no boys? Irish Times Crosaire 19 Aug 2020
À la ___ New York Times 04 Aug 2020
The latest fashion for knocking back what's in Champagne domaine Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jul 2020
Way Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2020
Pie Г la __ LA Times Daily 25 May 2020
Pie à la __ The Washington Post 25 May 2020
Airplane __ Newsday 16 Nov 2019
Fashion Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2019
One of math's three M's New York Times 09 Oct 2019
Borders on moral turpitude in Vogue Irish Times Crosaire 21 Aug 2019
Manner, style The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2019
Game ___ (Windows feature) USA Today 24 Jul 2019
Pie a la ___ Universal 13 Jun 2019
The way it's done USA Today 04 Jun 2019
A la ___ (dessert option) Family Time 28 Apr 2019
Sleep __ The Washington Post 24 Feb 2019
Way of doing something Irish Times Simplex 05 Jan 2019
Beast ___ (raised level of performance)
Manner Newsday 08 Nov 2018
A la ___ (with ice cream) Family Time 21 Oct 2018
Manifestation Newsday 09 Dec 2017
Format Canadiana 20 Nov 2017
Word after "a la" Universal 06 Nov 2017
Statistician's calculation Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2017
Figure in statistics New York Times 19 Mar 2017
Airplane ___ (phone setting) The Washington Post 04 Aug 2016
Math class calculation Family Time 13 Jun 2016
Style (of clothes, etc) The Times Concise 18 May 2016
Statistics calculation Universal 06 May 2016
Operational setting Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2016
Depeche ___ Jonesin 02 Feb 2016
Pie a la __ Newsday 11 Jan 2016
How it's done LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2016
Technique Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2015
A la ___ (pie choice) Universal 12 Aug 2015
A la ___ USA Today 28 Jul 2015
Manner of doing Universal 25 Apr 2015
Pie à la ___ New York Times 20 Apr 2015
6, in the set [3,5,5,6,6,6,7] New York Times 24 Mar 2015
A la follower? USA Today 20 Mar 2015
See 3-Down USA Today 11 Mar 2015
God ___ (video game cheat)
Statistics figure
Way it's done
Pie la __
Airplane __: cellphone setting
Current fashion
Manner of performance
Guitar scale
Prevailing style
Sleep __ (computer setting)
A la ___ (dessert choice)
Manner of expression
Statistical calculation
Measure of central tendency
Magazine "Ugly Betty" worked for
Number in statistics
High point on a bell curve
One measure of central tendency
Companion of mean and median
Diatonic scheme
"Ugly Betty" magazine
Pie la ___
It's how it's done
Depeche ___ (English band)
New Wave band Depeche __
Most frequently occurring value in a data set
Fictional fashion mag in "Ugly Betty"
"Ugly Betty's" magazine
___ of operation
Statistical value
It's the way it's done
See 114-Down
See 7-Down
Amsterdam loc.
Fashion of the times
Ways and means
Calculator button
Rock band Depeche _____
À la ___ (with ice cream)
Latest thing
High frequency number
Frequently occurring number
a la ___
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