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Word "MODEM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

Crossword Clues for MODEM

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Clue Source Date
Internet connection Thomas Joseph 15 Feb 2021
Internet connection device Jonesin 09 Feb 2021
Surfing tool LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2021
Digital data transmitter Universal 04 Feb 2021
Web surfing tool The Washington Post 25 Nov 2020
Computer connector Canadiana 02 Nov 2020
Device that connects computers by a phone line The Guardian Speedy 16 Aug 2020
Connecting device The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
Connector Canadiana 27 Jul 2020
Broadband device New York Times 03 May 2020
Computer device with blinking lights USA Today 22 Mar 2020
Number of lines in program ultimately repeated in bit of IT kit The Telegraph Toughie 28 Nov 2019
Internet hookup device New York Times 18 Nov 2019
US mother clutches extremely delicate electronic device The Telegraph Toughie 11 Oct 2019
Dial-up access need USA Today 26 Jul 2019
Web access need USA Today 30 May 2019
Internet connection need Jonesin 21 May 2019
DSL device New York Times 23 Feb 2019
Link to the internet USA Today 13 Feb 2019
Internet connector Thomas Joseph 03 Dec 2018
Device that once spewed out staticky sounds Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2018
Dial-up access need, once USA Today 23 Jul 2018
Data transmitter Newsday 08 Jun 2018
Cable company device Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2018
Cable ___ The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Mar 2018
Device which converts digital data to an analogue signal and vice versa The Times Specialist Sunday 25 Feb 2018
Wi-fi device Jonesin 20 Feb 2018
Cable __ Newsday 23 Dec 2017
Fading dial-up device Universal 27 Aug 2017
Old Internet connector Universal 28 Jul 2017
Internet hookup New York Times 28 Apr 2017
Computer's data-transfer device Newsday 28 Feb 2017
Cable company offering The Washington Post 27 Jan 2017
Computer device rejected in some domiciles The Times Cryptic 13 Jan 2017
Surfing equipment Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2016
Frenchmen admit Lyric address might very well be connected to the website Irish Times Crosaire 12 Nov 2016
DSL need Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2016
Computer-phone link Universal 31 Jan 2016
Device needed for Wi-Fi Jonesin 08 Dec 2015
Computer accessory The Washington Post 30 Nov 2015
Link to the Internet Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2015
Electronic communications device The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Oct 2015
Entrée to the Web Newsday 21 Oct 2015
Purchase from an I.S.P New York Times 08 Oct 2015
Computer connection The Telegraph Quick 12 Sep 2015
Data-sending device Newsday 19 Jul 2015
Computer-telephone hook-up Universal 18 Jul 2015
PC peripheral Eugene Sheffer 04 May 2015
Web-surfing need Thomas Joseph 25 Apr 2015
Unit connecting computer to phone line The Times Concise 25 Mar 2015
Purchase from an I.S.P.
Dial-up Internet device
ISP accessory
Computer dialing device
Piece of PC hardware
Computer device
Device that was dial-up in its early days
Data transfer device
Surfer's need
Old computer dial-up device
Computer communicator
Signal converter
Syndicated computer adviser Mr. __
Computer communication device
It may have a blinking light
Phone-to-computer link
Netizen's need
Peripheral with a baud rate
Web surfer's need
Device needed for WiFi access
Digital interpreter
Data-transmitting device
Computer adjunct
Computer-phone hookup
Computer peripheral
Computer dial-up device
Way to the Web
High-tech transmitter
Computer add-on
Dial-up device
Kind of port
User's device
Entrée to the Internet
Baud-y hookup
Surfer's hardware?
Surfer's gadget
Surfer's enabler, perhaps
Link to cyberspace
Pre-wireless need
Data-converting device
Surfing essential?
Surfing essential
Computer/phone line link
26-Down alternative
PC accessory
Computer signal converter
Dial-up ___
Connection need
Standard computer amenity, nowadays
Surfer's enabler
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