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Word "MOLAR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
grinding tooth with a broad crown; located behind the premolars

Part of Speech:
pertaining to large units of behavior
such molar problems of personality as the ego functions

of or pertaining to the grinding teeth in the back of a mammal's mouth
molar teeth

Crossword Clues for MOLAR

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Clue Source Date
Type of tooth The Times Concise 30 Apr 2021
Grinding tooth Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2021
One may be crowned Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2021
Back tooth USA Today 16 Feb 2021
Tooth with cusps USA Today 11 Feb 2021
Terribly moral canine cousin The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2021
Backbiter? The Sun Two Speed 26 Oct 2020
Canine's neighbor Newsday 07 Jun 2020
Incredibly moral canine cousin The Sun Two Speed 01 Jun 2020
Wisdom tooth, for one USA Today 27 May 2020
Tooth in the back of the mouth New York Times 18 Nov 2019
Wisdom tooth, e.g USA Today 07 Oct 2019
Back biter Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2019
Backbiter in moral corruption The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2019
Cheek tooth Premier Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Oral grinder Newsday 21 Jul 2019
Moral problem for canine neighbour The Sun Two Speed 01 Apr 2019
Wisdom tooth, for instance Newsday 24 Mar 2019
Tooth The Telegraph Quick 08 Mar 2019
Dental X-ray image The Washington Post Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Old master knocks out Ted's wisdom tooth Irish Times Crosaire 02 Mar 2019
Bicuspid neighbor USA Today 06 Feb 2019
Backbiter gives moral version Irish Times Crosaire 26 Jan 2019
Wisdom tooth, e.g.
Damage consuming most of old grinder The Telegraph Toughie 27 Nov 2018
Tooth type Jonesin 17 Jul 2018
Canine neighbor The Washington Post 30 May 2018
Certain biter Universal 04 May 2018
One of a mouthy 12 Universal 17 Mar 2018
Any of 12 of our teeth USA Today 19 Jan 2018
Adapted for grinding Newsday 16 Sep 2017
Back biter? The Washington Post 02 Jul 2017
Body part whose name comes from the Latin for 'millstone' Wall Street Journal 10 Jun 2017
Grinding tooth in the back of a mammal's mouth The Guardian Speedy 26 Feb 2017
Grinder in the mouth Universal 20 Dec 2016
Grinder in the back Universal 18 Sep 2016
Canine cousin Family Time 05 Jun 2016
Doctor left with a right tooth The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2016
One might wear a crown Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2016
#2 on a dentist's chart The Washington Post 25 Dec 2015
Meat grinder The Washington Post 19 Nov 2015
Grinder LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2015
One of eight baby teeth New York Times 19 Aug 2015
Food grinder Premier Sunday 19 Jul 2015
Suitable for grinding Newsday 04 Jul 2015
Meat grinder?
Canine kin?
Wisdom tooth e.g.
Wisdom tooth, for example
Setting for a crown, perhaps
One of a dozen in a set of 32
Place for a dental crown
Place for a crown
Large grinder
Bicuspid's neighbor
Wisdom tooth
Cavity site, often
Mammalian grinder
Crown spot
It shouldn't be used as an icebreaker
Canine's kin
Canine companion?
Good for grinding
Jawbreaker breaker
One of twelve grinders
It might be impacted
Kind of tooth
Grinder of a sort
Filling site
Tooth associated with wisdom
It may be drilled before it's filled
One of a human dozen
Large tooth
Jaw protrusion
Meat grinder, at times
Drilling site, maybe
Cavity site
Canine's relative
Canine companion
Big tooth
Canine kin
Filling station?
It may be crowned
It may be filled before it bites
Large 16-Across
Drilling site?
Behind an incisor
One of a human's twelve
Certain grinder
Concern for a 26-Across
One of twelve teeth
Canine relative
One of twelve teeth, in humans
Filling station
Plaque target
Canine's companion
Dental concern
One of 12 grinders
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.