Word "MOLE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a protective structure of stone or concrete; extends from shore into the water to prevent a beach from washing away
breakwater, bulwark, groin, groyne, jetty, seawall

Part of Speech:
the molecular weight of a substance expressed in grams; the basic unit of amount of substance adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
gram molecule, mol

Part of Speech:
a spy who works against enemy espionage

Crossword Clues for MOLE

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Clue Source Date
Burrowing pest Universal 15 Jul 2022
“The Wind in the Willows” character Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2022
Marilyn Monroe mark Universal 21 Jun 2022
Double agent Newsday 09 Jun 2022
Lawn tunneler Thomas Joseph 06 Jun 2022
Concern for a dermatologist Premier Sunday 01 May 2022
Embedded spy Eugene Sheffer 11 Apr 2022
Certain undercover agent Newsday 01 Apr 2022
A kind of spy Canadiana 31 Jan 2022
A kind of spy Canadiana 17 Jan 2022
Lawn digger Premier Sunday 09 Jan 2022
Furry, subterranean creature The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jan 2022
Word from the Nahuatl for 'sauce' USA Today 14 Dec 2021
Savory sauce made with chocolate New York Times 13 Nov 2021
Burrowing mammal USA Today 04 Nov 2021
Spy for the other guy LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2021
Small mammal that lives mostly underground New York Times 11 Oct 2021
Embedded spy Thomas Joseph 11 Oct 2021
Animal that’s also a plant? New York Times 06 Oct 2021
Counterspy The Guardian Quick 05 Oct 2021
Sort of spy Newsday 23 Sep 2021
Burrowing lawn invader Newsday 14 Sep 2021
Skin blemish and burrowing animal Irish Times Simplex 25 Aug 2021
Spot second article in French The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2021
Long-term spy USA Today 16 Aug 2021
Espionage figure The Washington Post 03 Aug 2021
Espionage figure LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2021
Mammal that lives underground USA Today 16 Jul 2021
Beauty mark USA Today 02 Jun 2021
Lawn pest Thomas Joseph 25 May 2021
Pest that may uproot a plant Universal 14 May 2021
Tunneling critter LA Times Daily 13 May 2021
Tunneling critter The Washington Post 13 May 2021
Plant, or a garden pest Universal 04 May 2021
Infiltrator The Washington Post 02 May 2021
Infiltrator LA Times Daily 02 May 2021
Garden pest Newsday 29 Apr 2021
Burrowing rodent Newsday 13 Apr 2021
Mexican sauce made from chili peppers and chocolate New York Times 02 Apr 2021
A mark of the beauty pertaining to Carole Lombard, going all the way back Irish Times Crosaire 29 Mar 2021
Undercover operative New York Times 01 Mar 2021
Burrowing critter Eugene Sheffer 11 Feb 2021
Cindy Crawford feature USA Today 10 Feb 2021
Slapstick trio member The Washington Post Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Agent after top secret info Universal 18 Jan 2021
Sleeper agent Universal 14 Jan 2021
Spy, slangily Canadiana 04 Jan 2021
Tunneling animal Universal 24 Nov 2020
Lawn tunneler Thomas Joseph 16 Oct 2020
Type of spy chewed up by Carole Lombard Irish Times Crosaire 28 Sep 2020
Sauce with a poblano variety USA Today 15 Sep 2020
Burrowing mammal Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2020
Sauce that may include chocolate USA Today 14 Jul 2020
Near sighted varmint Canadiana 13 Jul 2020
Sleeper agent LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2020
Sleeper agent The Washington Post 08 Jul 2020
Tunneling insectivore The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Snooping plant Newsday 19 Jun 2020
Industrial infiltrator Newsday 17 May 2020
Secret agent necessarily underground? The Telegraph Toughie 21 Apr 2020
Spy on the inside New York Times 20 Apr 2020
Secret agent necessarily underground? The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2020
Spy The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2020
Burrowing creature Family Time 22 Mar 2020
Noted Marilyn Monroe feature New York Times 13 Mar 2020
Lawn vermin Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Facial beauty mark Family Time 23 Feb 2020
Small tunneling mammal Newsday 20 Jan 2020
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