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Word "MOPE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
be apathetic, gloomy, or dazed
moon about, moon around

Part of Speech:
someone who wastes time
dallier, dilly-dallier, dillydallier, lounger

Part of Speech:
move around slowly and aimlessly
mope around

Crossword Clues for MOPE

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Clue Source Date
Sulk New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Some system operators look down The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2021
Brood The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2021
Layabout Canadiana 28 Dec 2020
Bank's money for old rope produced by pessimist Irish Times Crosaire 30 Nov 2020
Loaf Canadiana 10 Aug 2020
Pout Universal 04 Jul 2020
Wear a hangdog expression Universal 19 Mar 2020
Wear a long face USA Today 19 Mar 2020
Sulk when poem rewritten The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2020
Be sulky Newsday 27 Jan 2020
Act dejected Universal 31 Dec 2019
Some system operators are down The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2019
Act sullen Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2019
Be a sad sack USA Today 02 Jul 2019
Sulk; mooch The Telegraph Quick 27 Mar 2019
Act down Newsday 14 Mar 2019
Gloomy Gus The Washington Post 10 Mar 2019
Look gloomy as Maureen before gym? The Sun Two Speed 05 Feb 2019
Wear a long puss USA Today 12 Jan 2019
Act gloomy Family Time 31 Dec 2018
Be apathetic or gloomy Irish Times Simplex 04 Dec 2018
''Straight'' details Newsday 30 Sep 2018
Work stopping the setter's sulk The Telegraph Toughie 19 Sep 2018
Be down in the dumps Family Time 08 Jul 2018
Something one might do after an embarrassing loss New York Times 04 Jul 2018
Have a blue face, say The Washington Post Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Feel dejected The Times Concise 06 Apr 2018
Feel dejected and listless The Times Concise 08 Jan 2018
Be down New York Times 26 Oct 2017
Be sad and pouty Family Time 17 Sep 2017
Feel sorry for oneself New York Times 01 Sep 2017
Be listless The Telegraph Quick 16 Mar 2017
Act sulky Thomas Joseph 10 Mar 2017
Sulky sort Wall Street Journal 20 Oct 2016
Wear a pouty face The Washington Post 10 Sep 2016
Wear a puss USA Today 14 Aug 2016
Moon around Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2016
Look down on people initially invading Middle East The Times Cryptic 15 Jun 2016
Fritter away time Canadiana 13 Jun 2016
Wallow in dejection Universal 05 Jun 2016
Be gloomy The Washington Post 26 Mar 2016
Yours truly claims work makes you sad The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2015
Act dejectedly The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2015
Feel apathetic The Times Concise 01 Dec 2015
Moon about The Telegraph Quick 23 Sep 2015
Put on an unhappy face USA Today 06 Sep 2015
Engage in self-pity Universal 04 Jul 2015
Sullen sort Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2015
Have the blues Family Time 18 May 2015
Be a Gloomy Gus USA Today 10 Mar 2015
Be apathetic USA Today 15 Feb 2015
Be miserable The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2015
Act listless
Show gloominess
Turn blue?
Emulate Eeyore
Be a Debbie Downer
Have a case of the blahs
Display dejection
Wallow in sadness
Sulk sadly
Languish dejectedly
Act crestfallen
Betray dejection
Be blue
Act the gloomy Gus
Exhibit self-pity
Wallow in despair
Put on a long face
Behave like Gloomy Gus
Look down
Be in a funk
Act like Eeyore
Look glum
Be glum
Pouty person
Wear a frown
Be a drag
Long-faced one
Be depressed
Act listlessly
Be a downer
Suffer from self-pity
Be a gloomy Gus
Sing the blues
Sulk inconsolably
Dawdle dejectedly
Be visibly dispirited
Have the blahs
Sulk aimlessly
Be downcast
Act moody
Take bad news badly
Brood about
Have a long face
Act sulkily
Brooding type
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