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Word "MOTOR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
conveying information to the muscles from the CNS
motor nerves

Part of Speech:
causing or able to cause motion
motor energy

Part of Speech:
travel or be transported in a vehicle
They motored to London for the theater

Crossword Clues for MOTOR

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Clue Source Date
Engine The Telegraph Quick 27 Feb 2021
Prefix for 'boat' USA Today 22 Feb 2021
Power source LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2021
Power provider Thomas Joseph 23 Jan 2021
Driving force? New York Times 19 Jan 2021
Drive LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2021
Car part Thomas Joseph 04 Nov 2020
Vehicle check on exterior of older car The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2020
Travel by car The Sun Two Speed 09 Sep 2020
Space to reverse round front of traction engine The Sun Two Speed 09 Sep 2020
Mover? Universal 07 May 2020
Pistons' home? The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Relating to muscular movement The Times Specialist Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Driving force Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2019
It's under a hood USA Today 13 Aug 2019
Source of power Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2019
___ skill New York Times 22 Jun 2019
Car The Telegraph Quick 07 May 2019
Word before "bike" or "boat" Universal 21 Mar 2019
Hustle The Washington Post 03 Jan 2019
Bit of Palermo tortellini for the journey Irish Times Crosaire 27 Nov 2018
Part of a power tool Newsday 08 Nov 2018
Speed boat's stern secured by anchor The Telegraph Toughie 02 Nov 2018
Metaphor for the talkative Newsday 29 Sep 2018
Travel by car from Palermo to Rome The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Aug 2018
Tuneup target Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2018
____ City ( AKA Oshawa ) Canadiana 07 May 2018
Machine that converts energy for motion Irish Times Simplex 10 Jan 2018
Electric fan part USA Today 22 Dec 2017
Ted Nugent, the "___ City Madman" USA Today 20 Dec 2017
Go by car USA Today 06 Dec 2017
Car engine Premier Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Machine; car The Times Concise 04 Oct 2017
Car's heart Universal 02 Sep 2017
Propeller spinner on a drone USA Today 14 Apr 2017
Mechanic's focus Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2017
Blender component USA Today 07 Feb 2017
DMV part USA Today 23 Dec 2016
Vacuum cleaner component Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2016
Car beginning to turn into desolate area The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Nov 2016
Zoom (along) New York Times 23 Sep 2016
V-8 you cannot drink Universal 09 Aug 2016
Word with "coach" or "home" Universal 07 Aug 2016
DC connection? Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2016
Go for a spin USA Today 23 Jun 2016
Rototiller part Newsday 27 Mar 2016
Observe missing Northern Ireland vehicle The Times Cryptic 09 Mar 2016
Diesel's invention Universal 08 Feb 2016
Mechanic's concern Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2016
Doctor gets to the hill by car The Sun Two Speed 28 Dec 2015
Around end of Lent, make fast or move fast The Telegraph Toughie 16 Dec 2015
A doctor has to right the vehicle The Times Cryptic 17 Jun 2015
V-8, but not the drink USA Today 13 Jun 2015
Engine temperature in low revs initially The Telegraph Toughie 10 Apr 2015
Kind of lodge Universal 25 Mar 2015
Word with coach or home USA Today 07 Feb 2015
Glider's lack
Servo, e.g.
Travel by automobile
Revved thing
___ Trend
Tool along
Word that can precede mouth or vehicle
Scooter mover, perhaps
Machine mover
Porsche propeller
"Get your ___ running, head out on the highway"
___ oil (garage supply)
Target of a tune-up
Internal-combustion engine
Outboard ___
"___ Inn! What's your price per night?" (misheard "Sister Christian" lyric)
Small engine
Type of lodge or home
Kind of skill or home
Word with mouth or pool
V-8 you can't drink
___ City (Detroit nickname)
With 10-Down, stopover
Auto engine
Part of DMV
Truck driver?
Word with "car" or "mouth"
Word before racing or oil
Power-tool part
___ City (Detroit)
Vibrator part
Kind of skill
Take to the road
Model railroader's buy
Lawnmower part
Vehicle engine
Take the roadster out
Kind of boat
Type of oil
Automobile need
Kind of home
Snowmobile need
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