Word "MOVIE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement
film, flick, motion-picture show, motion picture, moving-picture show, moving picture, pic, picture, picture show
they went to a movie every Saturday night

Crossword Clues for MOVIE

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Clue Source Date
Silver screen showing USA Today 28 Jul 2022
Film The Telegraph Quick 25 May 2022
'Tangerine' or 'The Watermelon Woman' USA Today 20 May 2022
Hit resulting from a pitch, maybe Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2022
American film The Guardian Quick 25 Mar 2022
Trailer follower The Washington Post 27 Feb 2022
Trailer follower LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2022
'Us' or 'Up' USA Today 01 Feb 2022
Flick LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2022
Multiplex offering Wall Street Journal 03 Jan 2022
Studio output Thomas Joseph 01 Jan 2022
Theater feature LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2021
Cinema film The Times Concise 10 May 2021
Studio work Thomas Joseph 04 May 2021
Pitch product, perhaps Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2021
Motion picture Newsday 12 Apr 2021
Studio release Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Something to stream Newsday 18 Feb 2021
The 'M' of IMDb USA Today 05 Feb 2021
“Argo,” “Fargo” or “Key Largo” Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2021
Oddly, trailers may precede one LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2020
Oddly, trailers may precede one The Washington Post 26 Dec 2020
Motion picture LA Times Daily 23 Nov 2020
Motion picture The Washington Post 23 Nov 2020
Any Best Picture winner Universal 16 Sep 2020
Date night staple New York Times 06 Jul 2020
You might stream one Universal 15 May 2020
Film The Telegraph Quick 21 Apr 2020
Subject of a Manohla Dargis review USA Today 08 Apr 2020
Film The Times Concise 31 Dec 2019
"Forrest Gump," e.g Universal 24 Dec 2019
Cruise vehicle Wall Street Journal 14 Dec 2019
Common after-dinner entertainment Newsday 06 Dec 2019
Cineplex attraction USA Today 14 Oct 2019
'Them' or 'Us' Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2019
India cutting travel film? The Telegraph Toughie 14 Jun 2019
Prime production LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2019
Prime production The Washington Post 21 Mar 2019
Trailer follower LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2019
Trailer follower The Washington Post 08 Mar 2019
Oscar winner Jonesin 19 Feb 2019
Second fight in Hollywood production The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2019
Film The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2019
IMDb listing USA Today 13 Feb 2019
Many a Netflix stream USA Today 25 Jan 2019
Many a Netflix stream
IMDb listing
"Them" or "Us"
Prime production
Cineplex attraction
Trailer follower
Multiplex offering USA Today 05 Dec 2018
Common Saturday date destination Newsday 22 Nov 2018
Flick Universal 03 Nov 2018
Date night option Universal 01 Nov 2018
'M' or 'Z' New York Times 15 Sep 2018
Studio output Universal 01 Aug 2018
Reel thing, once Newsday 26 Jul 2018
"Her" or "It" The New Yorker 18 Jun 2018
Studio output Thomas Joseph 13 Jun 2018
Picture instant struggle The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2018
Occasion for a tub of popcorn USA Today 13 Mar 2018
Cinema showing Newsday 07 Feb 2018
Multiplex offering New York Times 05 Feb 2018
"M" or "Z"
Multiplex offering
Multiplex offering
Studio output
Date night option
'Se7en,' 'Nine' or '10' New York Times 23 Nov 2017
Date night option USA Today 10 Sep 2017
Fox product LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2017
Fox product The Washington Post 15 Jul 2017
Film Family Time 04 Jun 2017
Popular date night option USA Today 06 Feb 2017
'Silence' or 'The Conversation,' e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Jan 2017
Hollywood offering Universal 18 Jan 2017
Date night option
"Silence" or "The Conversation," e.g.
"Se7en," "Nine" or "10"
Hollywood offering
Popular date night option
Fox product
Popcorn go-with Universal 25 Dec 2016
Picture Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2016
Picture 'framing' the answer to 17-Across The Washington Post 01 Jul 2016
It might be an indie Newsday 15 May 2016
Film Thomas Joseph 18 Apr 2016
''Casablanca'' or ''Star Wars'' Newsday 04 Apr 2016
Something streamed Newsday 25 Mar 2016
Picture that is appended to second volume The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2016
Film-studio production Newsday 01 Feb 2016
'Casablanca' or 'Munich' The Washington Post 30 Jan 2016
Tinseltown vehicle LA Times Daily 28 Jan 2016
Popcorn go-with
Tinseltown vehicle
Date-night option Eugene Sheffer 28 Dec 2015
Hollywood production USA Today 10 Dec 2015
Part of many a date LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2015
I shift round picture The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2015
Cinema film The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2015
Theater showing USA Today 22 Nov 2015
Cineplex offering USA Today 04 Sep 2015
Projector projection Universal 16 Apr 2015
Projector projection USA Today 26 Mar 2015
"Philadelphia" or "Chicago," e.g LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2015
Maureen with struggle to provide entertainment The Times Cryptic 24 Feb 2015
Theater offering LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2015
"Philadelphia" or "Chicago," e.g.
Projector projection
Studio release
Studio product
Projector projection
Hollywood production
Cineplex offering
Theater offering
Cineplex offering
Theater showing
Part of many a date
Sundance entrant
Cruise vehicle
Feature, e.g.
Trailer trailer
"Midnight in Paris" or "Match Point"
End of the riddle
Studio specimen
Neil Diamond "The ___ Album: As Time Goes By"
Mel Brooks' was silent
Paramount product
Cinematic offering
Paramount output
Something pushed by a trailer?
Universal work
Sundance entrant
Video rental
One place for a first date
Part of IMDb
"Looper," e.g.
"Casablanca," for one
Video store rental
"Casablanca," for one
Clip source
Studio production
Netflix rental
"Miracle on 34th Street," e.g.
Studio production
Hollywood release
Dinner companion?
Sundance entry
Netflix rental
Trailer follower
"It's a Wonderful Life," e.g.
Dinner companion?
Hollywood production
Dinner companion?
"M," "W." or "Z"
Video-store rental
See 29-Down
Something reviewed
Multiplex offering
"Grease" or "Gladiator"
Popular date night choice
Hollywood release
Typical date activity
With 63-Down, Hollywood workplace
HBO offering
Cineplex viewing
Something pushed by a trailer?
With 63-Down, Hollywood workplace
It may be a matinée
It may be a matinée
62 Down offering
It's projected
Hollywood or Bollywood production
It's the reel thing
Transcontinental flight feature
Theater fare
Universal product
With 13-Down, places for shooting stars
Starz! fare
You can see it in the dark
"Chicago" or "Philadelphia," e.g.
Hollywood production
Dinner companion?
"Philadelphia" or "Chicago"
"10," for one
It's seen in the dark
Studio creation
Date destination
"10," for one
"The Ten Commandments" for one
Oscar candidate
Dinner companion?
Storyboarded feature
Diversion on a long flight
Spaghetti Western, for one
"Philadelphia" or "Chicago," e.g.
Certain projection
"Adaptation" or "Arthur"
Reel thing
Reel thing
Studio output
Oscar nominee, perhaps
"JFK" or "Nixon"
Something pushed by a trailer?
The reel thing
Film version
Steven Spielberg project
Dinner follower, perhaps
Theater fare
Spaghetti Western, for one
Cineplex offering
Capra creation
Thriller, perhaps
Projector projection
Theater showing
Either half of a 1978 George C. Scott film title
Mel Brooks' was silent
Reel thing
Videocassette contents
Celluloid opus
Silver-screen feature
Miramax offering
"Seven" or "10," e.g.
Hollywood release
Three-reeler, e.g.
Rob Reiner offering
It's for reel!
"It's a Wonderful Life," e.g.
Ron Howard offering
"Platoon," e.g.
"The Long Voyage Home," e.g.
Capra opus
Capra creation
"Kiss Me Quick" was one: 1969
"Tender Mercies," e.g.
Altman product
Home entertainment
Capra product
"Annie Hall," for one
Lumet opus
Bergman product
Ingmar Bergman output
"Blue Angel," for one
TV showing
TV rerun
Hitchcock output
TV fare
TV offering
One kind of star.
Form of entertainment.
"To Kill a Mockingbird."
TV late show.
Type of show.
Bergman product.
Type of entertainment.
Television staple.
"Carrie," for instance.
Single feature.
It's a date
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