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Word "MOWER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
garden tool for mowing grass on lawns
lawn mower

Crossword Clues for MOWER

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Clue Source Date
Grass cutter The Times Concise 03 May 2021
Lawn trimmer Eugene Sheffer 08 Mar 2021
Links machine LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2020
Fairway trimmer USA Today 07 Nov 2019
Groundskeeper's tool USA Today 29 Dec 2018
Blade cutter Universal 13 Dec 2018
Blade height controller Universal 15 Nov 2018
Groundskeeper's need Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2018
Groundskeeper's machine USA Today 07 Jul 2018
Zero-turn ___ (yard implement) USA Today 10 Jan 2018
Grass shortener The Washington Post 26 Sep 2017
Yard machine Thomas Joseph 01 Sep 2017
Golf course machine Newsday 20 Jul 2017
Lawn-cutting machine Newsday 10 Jul 2017
Diamond cutter? New York Times 24 Jun 2017
Golf course equipment Newsday 25 May 2017
Farm machine Newsday 06 Apr 2017
Grass-cutter The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2016
Marks debtor, one running across the lawn The Times Cryptic 16 May 2016
Rider in a yard Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2016
Patrick _; Rodney Blackstock in Emmerdale The Telegraph Quick 27 Jun 2015
Yard tool Thomas Joseph 30 May 2015
Lawn tool
Lawn cutter
Yard neatener
Golf-course machine
Landscaping machine
It may be pushed or ridden
Landscaper's tool
Greenskeeper's need
Toro on the lawn
Suburbanite's tool
Snapper snipper
Yard care item
Shed machine
Vehicle for the yard
Homeowner's need
Greenskeeper's tool
It gets pushed around a lot
John Deere product
Lawn Boy product
Greenskeeper's machine
Summer hummer?
Hay harvesting machine
Lawn-care need
Lawn machine
Lawn care tool
It may reduce a yard to an inch
Lawn-care machine
Necessity at a golf club
Lawn-care tool
Lawncare need
One who pushes to succeed?
Greens machine
Gardener's tool
Gardener at work
Lawn equipment
Blade shortener?
Tractor attachment
Deere product
Fairway plier
Riding ____
Manicurist in the suburbs?
Lawn item
Timothy shaver
Haying machine
Suburbanite's purchase
Lawn-care device
Yard implement.
Cutter of a kind.
Suburbanite's need.
Lawn ___.
Grass cutter.
Golf links machine.
Gardener's machine.
Cutting machine.
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