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Word "NAME" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to
be known as, call, know as
They named their son David
The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader

Part of Speech:
give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of

Part of Speech:
give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property
Many senators were named in connection with the scandal

Crossword Clues for NAME

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Clue Source Date
Identify Universal 06 Apr 2021
___ of the game New York Times 05 Apr 2021
First blank on many forms The Washington Post 04 Apr 2021
What every make of auto has New York Times 09 Mar 2021
Newborn's need Thomas Joseph 04 Mar 2021
By which one is known Irish Times Simplex 08 Feb 2021
Moniker The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2021
Call used in Vietnam evacuation The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2021
Point a finger at LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
Miss Scarlet or Dr. Orchid Universal 05 Jan 2021
Word after pen or pet New York Times 28 Dec 2020
Marcus, Emma or Giselle, for example Family Time 27 Dec 2020
Person of note concealed by backward office manager Irish Times Crosaire 19 Dec 2020
__ tag LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2020
Put a handle on LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2020
Christen Eugene Sheffer 10 Nov 2020
'You Don't Know My ___' (Alicia Keys hit) USA Today 10 Nov 2020
One denied love accepts morning call The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2020
Handle The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2020
Old what's-his-___ The Washington Post Sunday 01 Nov 2020
''A rose by any other ... would smell as sweet'' (Romeo and Juliet) Irish Times Simplex 13 Oct 2020
Reputation; identify The Times Concise 07 Oct 2020
New parents' selection Newsday 01 Oct 2020
Partner of rank and serial number New York Times 28 Sep 2020
Specify Newsday 27 Sep 2020
'___ your price!' New York Times 21 Sep 2020
Every newborn gets one Universal 17 Sep 2020
Birth certificate line Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2020
Extremes of Emperor Houshao of Han going all the way back by reputation Irish Times Crosaire 07 Sep 2020
Dog tag datum USA Today 29 Aug 2020
Title The Telegraph Quick 30 Jul 2020
Birth certificate entry Newsday 22 Jul 2020
Accuse Canadiana 20 Jul 2020
Rat on LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
Check-in information Newsday 10 Jul 2020
Celebrity going around in national costume Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2020
Word after user or stage LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2020
You have a first one and a last one Family Time 29 Jun 2020
Group working with an anchor New York Times 18 Jun 2020
Door handle, at times? The Washington Post Sunday 10 May 2020
John or Mary Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
'The ___ of the Rose' USA Today 27 Mar 2020
Anna or Hannah Universal 14 Mar 2020
Top line on a form, often USA Today 10 Mar 2020
Celebrity family The Telegraph Toughie 19 Feb 2020
Appoint to a job Newsday 20 Jan 2020
Reputation New York Times 29 Dec 2019
Jones or Smith Newsday 09 Dec 2019
Hurricane's identifier USA Today 29 Nov 2019
Roster entry The Washington Post 27 Nov 2019
Rumpelstiltskin's secret USA Today 21 Nov 2019
Designate Newsday 27 Oct 2019
Census form line USA Today 22 Oct 2019
Celebrity half of 17 down Irish Times Crosaire 21 Oct 2019
John, Jane, or Jackson Newsday 30 Sep 2019
HELLO MY __ IS (tag phrase) Newsday 24 Sep 2019
Give a title to Newsday 23 Sep 2019
Tom, Dick or Harry Universal 23 Sep 2019
Cite Newsday 19 Sep 2019
One may be first, middle or last Universal 11 Sep 2019
''Who are you?'' Newsday 07 Sep 2019
Word before or after "brand" Universal 06 Sep 2019
'What's in a ___?' (line from Juliet) New York Times 27 Aug 2019
Peter, Paul or Mary USA Today 26 Aug 2019
You won't find one on the back of a New York Yankees jersey The Washington Post Sunday 11 Aug 2019
See 51-Down New York Times 12 Jul 2019
Destiny's Child's "Say My ___" The New Yorker 08 Jul 2019
Newborn's acquisition USA Today 08 Jul 2019
Driver's license datum USA Today 02 Jun 2019
Hugo or Edgar Universal 01 Jun 2019
Finger The Washington Post 19 May 2019
___ recognition (campaigner's plus) USA Today 14 May 2019
ID tag info Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2019
Title not applicable with subject of autobiography? The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Mar 2019
What you go by Newsday 21 Feb 2019
Appellation The Telegraph Quick 15 Feb 2019
Person of distinction Newsday 25 Jan 2019
Appoint Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2019
Word with full or file New York Times 03 Jan 2019
Personal identifier
"What's in a ___?" (line from Juliet)
Directory listing Universal 16 Dec 2018
Handle you can't touch? The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 Oct 2018
Call; reputation The Telegraph Quick 09 Oct 2018
Stage ___ The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Lapel tag datum USA Today 22 Sep 2018
A person's reputation is protected in Latin America The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2018
Driver license datum USA Today 04 Sep 2018
Word before or after brand The Washington Post 28 Aug 2018
Every hurricane gets one USA Today 23 Jul 2018
Celebrity needs unlimited cover for teeth The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jul 2018
Loveless one receives morning call The Sun Two Speed 22 Jun 2018
Reel off Wall Street Journal 19 May 2018
Identifier Universal 16 May 2018
Application form line Wall Street Journal 14 May 2018
Caller ID datum USA Today 24 Apr 2018
First field in an online form, often New York Times 17 Apr 2018
Word with stage or pen USA Today 20 Mar 2018
Everyone has one Universal 19 Mar 2018
Some Latin American Big Cheese Irish Times Crosaire 16 Mar 2018
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.