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Word "NEEDY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
poor enough to need help from others
destitute, impoverished, indigent, necessitous, poverty-stricken

Part of Speech:
demanding or needing attention, affection, or reassurance to an excessive degree

Part of Speech:
needy people collectively
they try to help the needy

Crossword Clues for NEEDY

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Clue Source Date
English editor in New York in dire straits The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2021
Destitute The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2021
Poor The Telegraph Quick 19 Mar 2021
Desiring constant attention Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2021
Like a partner who constantly texts you Universal 15 Jan 2021
High-maintenance Thomas Joseph 08 Jan 2021
In want Newsday 15 Dec 2020
Disadvantaged, English journalist in New York The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Oct 2020
Seen in matinee Dylan's poor The Sun Two Speed 18 Oct 2020
Impoverished The Sun Two Speed 18 Oct 2020
Clingy, say The Washington Post 17 Oct 2020
Emotionally demanding New York Times 16 Sep 2020
Very poor The Times Concise 11 Sep 2020
Poor English editor in New York The Sun Two Speed 10 Aug 2020
Requiring a lot of attention Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2020
Starved for attention, perhaps Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2020
Wanting constant emotional support Wall Street Journal 11 May 2020
Like a cat that follows you everywhere USA Today 21 Mar 2020
Requiring lots of reassurance Universal 22 Feb 2020
Wanting others' attention and approval New York Times 25 Nov 2019
With insufficient resources Newsday 21 Nov 2019
Down-and-out Universal 11 Aug 2019
Disadvantaged born with case of deficiency The Telegraph Toughie 25 Jul 2019
Desperate for cash USA Today 26 Jun 2019
Indigent The Guardian Speedy 26 May 2019
Hardly independent Universal 10 Apr 2019
Dirt-poor USA Today 09 Apr 2019
23 with a U-turn? Poor! The Telegraph Toughie 15 Jan 2019
Strapped for money Universal 12 Dec 2018
Poverty-stricken USA Today 03 Dec 2018
Hard-up for cash Universal 24 Sep 2018
Lacking the essentials USA Today 31 Aug 2018
Unable to make ends meet with seed money missing some? Irish Times Crosaire 10 May 2018
Penniless Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2018
Down and out Newsday 15 Apr 2018
Eligible for food stamps, say USA Today 16 Feb 2018
Deprived one fed by skipping starters The Telegraph Toughie 01 Feb 2018
Underprivileged The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Lacking resources Newsday 17 Dec 2017
Hard up The Telegraph Quick 13 Dec 2017
Humanitarian organization's targets The Washington Post Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Far from well-off Universal 24 Nov 2017
River flowing west through 26 wanting attention The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2017
Requiring lots of attention USA Today 31 Oct 2017
Insolvent Premier Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Disadvantaged Newsday 04 Oct 2017
Dependent on charity USA Today 17 Sep 2017
Demanding New York Times 09 Jul 2017
Poor donkey, having the wrong part doubled! The Telegraph Toughie 31 Mar 2017
Clinging, say Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2017
Demanding much attention Wall Street Journal 25 Feb 2017
Far from rich Universal 21 Feb 2017
Far from prosperous Universal 09 Feb 2017
Unable to make ends meet LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2016
Poor; indigent The Telegraph Quick 19 Dec 2016
In dire straits LA Times Daily 09 Dec 2016
Down on one's luck The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Nov 2016
Strapped Premier Sunday 25 Sep 2016
Deprived The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2016
Hardly well-off USA Today 16 Aug 2016
Far from wealthy USA Today 28 Jun 2016
Far from flush LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2015
Clingy, in a way Jonesin 20 Oct 2015
Requiring constant reassurance New York Times 13 Oct 2015
Craving attention, journalist is trapped by mounting desire The Telegraph Toughie 22 Sep 2015
Poor journalist embraced by old marshal The Times Cryptic 17 Sep 2015
Penurious New York Times 25 Jun 2015
Insecure; very poor The Times Concise 16 Jun 2015
Like a have-not New York Times 13 May 2015
Deserving assistance Newsday 25 Mar 2015
In the poorhouse Universal 22 Mar 2015
Wanting attention The Telegraph Quick 18 Mar 2015
Like have-nots USA Today 23 Jan 2015
On welfare, presumably
Far from affluent
In the lowest possible tax bracket
Definitely not loaded
Like charity recipients
In poverty
Attention-seeking, say
Extremely poor
Without means
Stone broke
Far from loaded
Like a soup kitchen habitue
High-maintenance, in a way
Unable to make it on one's own
Like many scholarship recipients
Eligible for a scholarship, maybe
Soup-kitchen patrons
Lacking lucre
Not loaded
Like those on welfare, presumably
Not self-sufficient
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