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Word "NEWT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia

Crossword Clues for NEWT

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Clue Source Date
Little salamander Universal 09 May 2021
Colorful salamander Wall Street Journal 04 May 2021
Mature eft LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2021
Eye of ___ (witches' ingredient) Universal 04 Apr 2021
___ Scamander, protagonist of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' New York Times 11 Feb 2021
Small salamander LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2021
Small amphibian The Times Concise 26 Dec 2020
Semiaquatic amphibian Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2020
Tailed amphibian The Times Concise 15 Nov 2020
Amphibian that can regenerate its limbs The Washington Post Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Salamander Eugene Sheffer 26 Oct 2020
Semiaquatic salamander Universal 30 May 2020
Pond critter New York Times 26 Apr 2020
Animal in the New Testament? Universal 10 Apr 2020
Adult eft The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Pond amphibian Universal 13 Dec 2019
Garter snake prey The Washington Post 30 Nov 2019
Animal in a creek New York Times 15 Oct 2019
Former House leader Gingrich The Washington Post 24 Sep 2019
Nocturnal amphibian The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Eft The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2019
Prey for a heron New York Times 24 May 2019
Grown-up eft USA Today 21 Apr 2019
Eye of ___ (part of a witch's brew) New York Times 08 Apr 2019
Brightly colored salamander Family Time 31 Mar 2019
Amphibian The Telegraph Quick 19 Jan 2019
Former Speaker Gingrich Universal 19 Jan 2019
Politico Gingrich USA Today 09 Jan 2019
Little amphibian
An eft is a young one The Washington Post Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Creek critter Premier Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Seventh-year exam in Harry Potter New York Times 21 Oct 2018
Pond dweller Premier Sunday 16 Sep 2018
Brightly-colored salamander Family Time 10 Sep 2018
Hellbender's cousin Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2018
Terrarium creature Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2018
Pond creature wife caught in appropriate item The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2018
Terrarium amphibian USA Today 06 Jul 2018
Model of inebriety initially wallowing in gin The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jun 2018
Eye of ___ (witches' brew need) USA Today 07 May 2018
Cold-blooded animal's current temperature The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Feb 2018
Lizardlike creature Family Time 11 Feb 2018
Swamp dweller New York Times 14 Dec 2017
Little lizard Newsday 23 Nov 2017
Certain semiaquatic salamander Universal 17 Sep 2017
Pond denizen New York Times 29 Aug 2017
"Eye of ___ and ..." ("Macbeth") Family Time 28 Aug 2017
Politician Gingrich Universal 06 Jul 2017
Salamander that metamorphoses USA Today 02 Jul 2017
Bright salamander Family Time 11 Jun 2017
Smallish salamander Universal 05 Apr 2017
Frog kin Universal 09 Feb 2017
Semiaquatic lizard The Washington Post 05 Feb 2017
Amphibian once associated with bad spirits New York Times 11 Nov 2016
___ Scamander ('Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' hero) Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2016
Wee salamander Universal 20 Oct 2016
Lizard look-alike Newsday 23 Sep 2016
GOP luminary Gingrich Jonesin 23 Aug 2016
Salamander family member Universal 09 Aug 2016
Eye of __: "Macbeth" witches' ingredient LA Times Daily 24 Jul 2016
Salamandridae family member Universal 06 May 2016
Semiaquatic animal Wall Street Journal 13 Apr 2016
Mr. Gingrich Eugene Sheffer 26 Jan 2016
Pond dweller that can regenerate its eyes New York Times 26 Jan 2016
A witch may need its eye Wall Street Journal 22 Jan 2016
Eye source for a dramatic cauldron LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2015
Former House Speaker Gingrich The Washington Post 03 Dec 2015
Former House speaker Gingrich Jonesin 03 Nov 2015
Witch's brew ingredient Universal 27 Oct 2015
Speaker of the House before Dennis Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2015
Eye of ___ and toe of frog (ingredients in a witches' brew) New York Times 29 Jun 2015
GOP pundit Gingrich Newsday 24 Jun 2015
Spotted aquarium dweller LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2015
Little creature went off The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2015
See 4-Down New York Times 16 Jan 2015
Witches' brew need, perhaps
Lizardlike amphibian
Cauldron concoction contributor
Eye of __ (witch's brew item)
Author Scamander who wrote the fictional book "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
Water-loving salamander
Its eye is used in spooky recipes
One of Mitt's rivals in the 2012 primaries
Creature that can regenerate its limbs
Lizardlike critter
Brew necessity, maybe
Author/politician Gingrich
"Macbeth" eye donor?
Witches' brew ingredient
Political figure Gingrich
Gingrich of politics
Ex-speaker's name
Colorful amphibian
Tadpole's later form, perhaps
First name in the 2012 Republican primary
Cousin of a congo eel
Pond creature
Certain tadpole
"Eye of __ ...": "Macbeth"
Aquatic amphibian
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.