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Crossword Clues for NIBS

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Clue Source Date
Pen tips Eugene Sheffer 15 Mar 2021
Cacao tidbits USA Today 14 Feb 2021
Pen points Newsday 03 Jan 2021
Pen parts Canadiana 09 Nov 2020
Ballpoint points New York Times 02 Nov 2020
They're put to paper The Washington Post 04 Jun 2020
Penpoints Newsday 01 Dec 2019
Ink spots? The Washington Post 19 Oct 2019
Bits of roasted cocoa beans New York Times 20 Jan 2019
Ends of pens Newsday 30 Nov 2018
Tool points The Washington Post 13 Jul 2018
Crushed cacao beans used to make chocolate New York Times 08 Jun 2018
Calligraphers' pen points USA Today 11 May 2018
Tips of quills Newsday 30 Mar 2018
They may be fine points The Washington Post 21 Feb 2018
Sharpened points of quill pens New York Times 02 Dec 2017
Twizzlers pieces The Washington Post 01 Jul 2017
His ___ (self-important sort) USA Today 10 Jun 2017
Quill pen points USA Today 20 Dec 2016
Ink dispensers LA Times Daily 24 Sep 2016
Writer's tips for upsetting school and for cleaning up society perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jul 2016
Calligrapher's points The Washington Post 01 Jun 2016
Ink deliverers LA Times Daily 21 May 2016
See 9-Down Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2016
Writing tips The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Feb 2015
Quill parts LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2015
Points put on paper
Pen ends
Bird beaks
Quill points
His ___ (the boss)
Calligrapher's supply
Quill tips
Points for writers?
Writing points
His __: big shot
Calligrapher's choices
Old-fashioned pen points
Ballpoint tips
Calligrapher's fine points?
Twizzlers licorice brand
Birds' bills
Tips of pens
His ___ (big shot)
His ___ (mock-formal title)
His ___ (self-important man)
Pointed ends
Writers' points
His ___ (facetious title)
Tips for writers
Writer's points
Self-important sort
His ___: boss
Points for writers
His __ (big wheel)
His ___: big shot
Her ___, Miss Georgia Gibbs
Self-important person
Certain bills
Licorice brand
His __ (big shot)
His ___, the bigwig
His ___, the V.I.P.
His ___, the boss
His ___ (the nabob)
Pens' business ends
His ___ (personage)
V.I.P., with "his"
His ___
Coffee beans
His Royal ___
V.I.P. word, with "his."
His ___.
Sharp prongs.
Parts of pens.
His ___ (self-important one).
His ___, oldtime VIP.
Pen points.
His ___, a VIP.
His ___, a self-important person.
His ___ (a self-important person).
His ___, a personage.
His ___, V. I. P.
Personage: Sl.
"His ___," a personage.
His ___, meaning a personage, humorously.
Personage: Slang.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.