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Crossword Clues for NITS

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Clue Source Date
They may be picked Universal 04 Oct 2020
Small complaints to 'pick' USA Today 11 Jul 2020
Things to pick The Washington Post 04 Jul 2020
Little lice Eugene Sheffer 27 Jun 2020
Minor criticisms USA Today 10 Jun 2020
Minor bones to pick Jonesin 09 Jun 2020
Pedantic objections The Washington Post Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Trivial complaints Newsday 24 Mar 2020
Tiny quibbles USA Today 26 Feb 2020
Petty peeves LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2020
Minor quibbles Eugene Sheffer 09 Dec 2019
Trifling quibbles Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2019
Minor gripes USA Today 11 Nov 2019
Small criticisms New York Times 15 Oct 2019
Insignificant points The Washington Post 04 Oct 2019
Minor annoying issues New York Times 28 Sep 2019
Tiny complaints The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Trivial points Newsday 20 Sep 2019
What a picky person picks Universal 20 Sep 2019
Picky details The Washington Post 09 Sep 2019
Trivial objections New York Times 21 Aug 2019
Petty complaints Newsday 19 Jun 2019
Petty gripes USA Today 08 Apr 2019
Picayune things to pick The Washington Post Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Petty criticisms The Washington Post Sunday 10 Feb 2019
Minor complaints Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2019
They're picked by the picky Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2019
Small peeves Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
Petty things to pick Universal 29 Nov 2018
Head lice The Telegraph Quick 14 Nov 2018
Picky person's quibbles The Washington Post Sunday 11 Nov 2018
One's scratching head due to these, perhaps The Telegraph Toughie 09 Nov 2018
Trifling criticisms Universal 28 Jun 2018
Quibbles The Washington Post 27 Jun 2018
Lousy eggs? Universal 22 May 2018
What fuddy-duddies pick Universal 07 May 2018
Things picked by picky people USA Today 26 Apr 2018
What pedants pick The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Minor points The Washington Post 05 Jan 2018
Trivial details Newsday 03 Dec 2017
What faultfinders pick USA Today 25 Oct 2017
Things faultfinders pick New York Times 04 Oct 2017
Complaint units you pick? Universal 25 Sep 2017
Picked complaints? Universal 21 Aug 2017
Pettifogger's points Newsday 19 Aug 2017
"Picked" complaints USA Today 21 Jul 2017
Trivial criticisms Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2017
Petty quibbles Newsday 07 Jul 2017
Small complaints Wall Street Journal 27 May 2017
Picky, insignificant criticisms Universal 08 Apr 2017
Cavils New York Times 04 Mar 2017
Tiny peeves Premier Sunday 01 Jan 2017
What annoying people pick Universal 16 Dec 2016
Trifles LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2016
Picky criticisms Universal 28 Jul 2016
Lice-to-be Universal 04 Apr 2016
What some unfortunately have in their hair, idiots! The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Mar 2016
Unimportant particulars Newsday 20 Feb 2016
'You're missing a comma' and others New York Times 03 Jan 2016
"You're missing a comma" and others
Eggs; stupid people The Times Concise 12 Nov 2015
Future lice Premier Sunday 20 Sep 2015
Head louse eggs The Guardian Quick 05 Sep 2015
Pesky insects Universal 26 Jul 2015
Small carps Universal 13 May 2015
Parasitic insects
Louse eggs
Immature parasites
Faultfinder's finds
Tiny criticisms
Insect eggs
Little flaws
Causes of a lousy hair day?
Small lice
What the picky pick
Baby bugs
Tiny eggs
Parasitic insect young
Lousy complaints?
What picky people pick
Tiny lice
Tiny carps
Minuscule issues
Unimportant details
Insignificant quibbles
Small complaints that are "picked"
Trivial pursuits
Minor shortcomings
Causes of some head scratching
Baby buggies?
Head infestation
Young versions of 53-Down
Young parasites
Young lice
What the particular pick
Niggling things
Picky person's points
Critic's picks?
Faultfinders pick them
Eggs of a parasitic insect
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.