Word "NORTH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
British statesman under George III whose policies led to rebellion in the American colonies (1732-1792)
frederick north, second earl of guilford

Part of Speech:
in a northern direction
northerly, northward, northwards
they earn more up north
Let's go north!

Part of Speech:
the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees
due north, n, northward

Crossword Clues for NORTH

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Clue Source Date
Pole position or third, thereabouts The Guardian Cryptic 06 Sep 2022
New York Times 26 Aug 2022
Toward the Arctic Circle LA Times Daily 08 Aug 2022
Side that won the American Civil War The Guardian Quick 13 Jul 2022
Needle point? Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2022
Bridge _____ , Ontario Canadiana 07 Mar 2022
Arizona-to-Utah direction Universal 26 Feb 2022
Part of Philly that Jill Scott is from USA Today 25 Feb 2022
Compass point The Times Concise 16 Feb 2022
Point in dissertation or theorem The Times Cryptic 07 Feb 2022
Cardinal compass point Irish Times Simplex 29 Dec 2021
Berton's The Mysterious______ Canadiana 20 Dec 2021
Compass point Thomas Joseph 17 Dec 2021
Compass point The Times Concise 15 Dec 2021
Old PM in Wilson or Thatcher The Times Cryptic 01 Nov 2021
What 'Bei' in 'Beijing' means USA Today 19 Sep 2021
Bearing opposite south The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2021
Start of two U.S. state names The Washington Post 22 Aug 2021
Start of two U.S. state names LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2021
Cardinal compass point Irish Times Simplex 22 Jul 2021
Compass direction The Times Concise 19 Jun 2021
Up, on a compass New York Times 31 May 2021
See 44-Down New York Times 14 May 2021
Up, on maps Family Time 04 Apr 2021
Zero degrees, on a compass USA Today 26 Mar 2021
What the second letter of 10-Down stands for USA Today 01 Mar 2021
Direction from Avon or Thames The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2021
Compass point The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2021
Needle point? Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2021
Santa's way home? The Sun Two Speed 09 Jan 2021
Word with due or true LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2020
Word with due or true The Washington Post 25 Dec 2020
__ Macedonia LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2020
__ Macedonia The Washington Post 24 Oct 2020
Direction from Luton or thereabouts The Sun Two Speed 16 Sep 2020
It might be due Newsday 03 Sep 2020
Homeward, to Santa Eugene Sheffer 29 Aug 2020
Straight up on a compass New York Times 24 Aug 2020
Direction given in Babylon or Thebes The Sun Two Speed 18 Jul 2020
Compass point The Times Concise 06 Jul 2020
Toward the Arctic Newsday 09 Jun 2020
Direction in dissertation or thesis The Sun Two Speed 07 Jun 2020
Cardinal point The Times Concise 06 May 2020
True ______ Canadiana 23 Mar 2020
At heart Eleanor thinks: 'Significant point' The Telegraph Toughie 20 Feb 2020
Direction from London or thereabouts The Sun Two Speed 04 Feb 2020
Direction taken by old PM? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Dec 2019
Compass point Thomas Joseph 10 Dec 2019
Realm of the god Boreas Newsday 02 Nov 2019
True __ The Washington Post 26 Oct 2019
True __ LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2019
Up, on most maps Newsday 08 Oct 2019
Kim's half of Korea USA Today 15 Sep 2019
British prime minister from 1770 to 1782 The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Aug 2019
Santa's course home? The Sun Two Speed 23 Jul 2019
Up, directionally Family Time 13 May 2019
Missouri-to-Iowa direction Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Higher-latitude than here Newsday 14 Feb 2019
Compass needle indication Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2019
Kim's half of Korea
True __
Compass needle indication
Straight up, on maps Family Time 16 Dec 2018
With 105 Down, site of the Norwegian Trench The Washington Post Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Up on a globe Newsday 23 Sep 2018
One way to point Universal 28 Jul 2018
Part of WNW Jonesin 17 Jul 2018
True direction Universal 16 Jul 2018
Up, on a map Newsday 11 Apr 2018
New York Times 05 Apr 2018
Unorthodox covers top of every country chart? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Mar 2018
NATO part Premier Sunday 14 Jan 2018
One way to point
True direction
Needle point? LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2017
Needle point? The Washington Post 24 Dec 2017
''__ to the Future'' (Alaska motto) Newsday 26 Nov 2017
Compass direction Universal 12 Nov 2017
''__ to the Future'' (Alaska's motto) Newsday 03 Sep 2017
Heading up? Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2017
Direction taken by prime minister once The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jul 2017
Civil War side Universal 28 Jun 2017
No Hearts limiting openings for regular team card player The Telegraph Toughie 31 May 2017
Direction The Times Concise 05 May 2017
Needle point Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2017
Compass point The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2017
Word with Carolina or Dakota The Washington Post 31 Jan 2017
Needle point?
Civil War side
Compass direction
Prince George, AKA Gateway to the _____ Canadiana 28 Nov 2016
Prised from third person in One Direction Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2016
Up __ LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2016
Cardinal compass point Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2016
What may be dummy run, not hard to go round The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2016
Part of NAFTA Newsday 22 Sep 2016
Boreal; South's opposite The Telegraph Quick 04 Jul 2016
And not the old point The Telegraph Toughie 28 Apr 2016
__ Dakota LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2016
Up on a map LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2016
__ Dakota
Up __
Up on a map
Grant's side Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2015
Old PM's right to appear in traditional drama The Times Cryptic 01 Jun 2015
Irangate figure LA Times Daily 31 May 2015
Straight up? Wall Street Journal 22 May 2015
__ Star LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2015
Grant's side
__ Star
Irangate figure
__ Star
Straight up?
Part of two state names
"True" compass point
Tulsa-to-Topeka direction
Robb Stark's realm in "Game of Thrones," with "the"
Word with Sea or Star
With 58-Down, four-time destination for 56-Down
Toward the Arctic
Morissette, BTO, and The Guess Who are from up here
Kanye's son
'88 Gerry Rafferty album "___ and South"
61-Down's opponent, with "the"
What's up?
Civil War victors
Up, on a map
Start of Alaska's motto
Fox's "War Stories With Oliver __"
Fox's "War Stories With Oliver __"
Up on the map
Up, on a map
Toward the pole where Santa works
Up, on maps
Up, on a map
"___ Country" (2005 Charlize Theron film)
Needle point?
Where snowbirds come from
Way up?
Up on a map
Pole position?
Side in the Civil War
Compass point
Straight up?
Up, on maps
"__ to the Future" (Alaska motto)
Civil War side
Toward the Arctic
Bridge-column dummy
Magnetic direction
What's up?
Civil War victors
Bridge bidder, perhaps
With 35-Down, Polaris
Mossy side of a tree
Pole position?
Iran-contra name
Glinda the Good's domain, in film
What's up with Rand McNally?
Part of 41 Across
Up, at times
Bridge seat
Up, on most maps
Needle point?
Part of NAFTA
Toward the Arctic Circle
See 36-Across
Where snowbirds go in spring
Up, on a map
Up, on a map
Cardinal point
__ Sea
Where snowbirds go in spring
Dummy, in bridge columns
Bridge position
Civil War participant
Glinda the Good's domain
Dummy, in bridge columns
Irangate figure
What's up with Rand McNally?
Word with magnetic or true
Mossy side of a tree
Compass point
Up on a map
Up, on a map
Contragate figure
Film flop directed by Reiner
It may be due
Civil War side
Bridge position
Toward Santa's pole
Santa's direction
'-- Dallas Forty ('79 film)'
Bridge position
Iran-Contra figure
It may be due ... but never overdue
Toward Santa's pole
"___ to Alaska": 1960 film
Arctic region
Bridge seat
Word in two state names
Dummy, in bridge columns
Direction to find Santa
Up on the map
Needle point?
Iran-contra colonel
"___ to Alaska": 1960 film
True ___
True ___
Grant's side in the Civil War
Monitor's side
Towards the top of the atlas
With 23-Across, a guiding light
Where a compass needle points
Compass point
"Equal Time" name
Bridge seat
Part of NAFTA
Confederacy foe, with "the"
Civil War side
Compass point
Dummy seat
___ Star: Polaris
Foe of 86 Across
Compass point
Toward cooler weather, say
Colonel involved in Iran-Contra
Needle point?
Document-shredding marine
Nanook's realm
Bridge seat
Bluecoats, with "the"
What's up at Rand McNally?
Direction in a Hitchcock title
___ Pole
Senior Bowl team
Magnetic or true
Union in 1860s
Loser to Robb
Direction suggested by this puzzle's theme
Up, in a way
"___ to Alaska," 1960 Wayne film
Irangate figure
"___ Dallas Forty"
Realm of Boreas
Colonel in 1987 news
Fawn Hall's boss
Colonel in the news: 1986-87
Colonel in the news
John Ringling or Sheree
Sheree from L.A.
Cardinal compass point
British Prime Minister in 1776
British P.M.: 1770–82
Bridge position
Lapp's region
One of the Poles
___ Sea (Mare Germanicum)
Alfred ___ Whitehead: 1861–1947
Prime minister who resigned after Cornwallis's surrender
One of the Americas
___ latitude
Middle name of 60 Across
One of the Dakotas
Confederate's foe
Mystery fiction couple
Mariner's guide, with 56 Down
"___ to the Orient"
Bridge hand.
Bridge player.
Part of the U. S.
Magnetic center.
Part of the U. S. (with "the").
Boreas' realm.
Prime Minister, 1776.
Compass point.
One of a bridge foursome.
"Ten ___ Frederick."
Fictional Mr. and Mrs.
Well-known Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Denning's TV role.
Auckland's island.
Popular Mr. and Mrs.
Zero on a compass.
TV detective.
Santa's HQ.
Part of NATO.
Whodunit Mr. or Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. ___, of mystery fame.
Course of Frankenstein's flight.
England's Prime Minister, 1770–82.
Way up
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