Word "NOSEBAG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse); covers the muzzle and fastens at the top of the head

Crossword Clues for NOSEBAG

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Clue Source Date
Cooked beans go in food container The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Sep 2021
Horse's fodder holder The Times Concise 10 Aug 2021
Place for oats Newsday 27 Feb 2021
Horse feed holder USA Today 02 Mar 2019
Horse feed holder
You'll get this from good wine and wine in box - the type you could give to an Arabian Irish Times Crosaire 27 Oct 2018
Husk of oats and bits of edible bran carried by horse? The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2017
Horse feeder The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2017
Brush cut up, fed to horse -- in this? The Telegraph Toughie 03 Mar 2017
Begs on a train for something for the horse Irish Times Crosaire 26 Sep 2015
No point going to Spain to secure what satisfies the nag Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jun 2015
Steed feeder
Feeder in a stable
Muzzle-loaded attachment?
Steed feeder
Horse feed supporter
Feeder with fodder
Feeder with fodder
Bay feeder
Source of oats
Oats holder
Oats holder
Portable horse feeder
Muzzle attachment
Fodder holder
Nag feeder
Nag feeder
Oats holder
Mudder's fodder feeder
Feeder on the farm
Oats holder
Dobbin's lunchbox
Oats container
Kelso feeder
Mobile dinner for dobbin
Equine lunchbox
Equipment for Dobbin.
Bay feeder
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