Crossword Clues for NOTES

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Clue Source Date
Jottings Canadiana 25 Jul 2022
Lecturer's aid Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2022
Memos New York Times 04 Jul 2022
Jottings Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2022
Memos New York Times 06 Jun 2022
E and G, e.g USA Today 03 Jun 2022
What students may take to stay awake? Universal 12 May 2022
Study aids provided by heavyweight backing French art The Times Cryptic 02 May 2022
Written reminders USA Today 19 Apr 2022
They're taken by students USA Today 18 Apr 2022
Short memos Newsday 30 Mar 2022
Eg, minims or crotchets The Times Concise 07 Mar 2022
Chromatic scale's dozen The Washington Post Sunday 20 Feb 2022
Bits of a melody USA Today 04 Feb 2022
Writes down USA Today 03 Feb 2022
Things taken in class New York Times 19 Jan 2022
Scoring symbols Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2021
Wine's aromas and flavors, say Universal 04 Dec 2021
Jottings Thomas Joseph 18 Nov 2021
One form of what time is? Minutes, perhaps The Guardian Cryptic 28 Oct 2021
Lecture jottings USA Today 13 Oct 2021
Brief written records Irish Times Simplex 21 Sep 2021
Musical symbols Eugene Sheffer 15 Sep 2021
Short written messages Newsday 08 Sep 2021
Post-it messages USA Today 01 Sep 2021
Speaker’s aid Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2021
Markings that may be made in margins USA Today 21 Jul 2021
Do, re, mi, etc USA Today 19 Jul 2021
Class jottings Newsday 06 Jun 2021
Short communications The Telegraph Quick 03 Jun 2021
Records; musical signs The Times Concise 25 May 2021
Brief memos Newsday 05 May 2021
Jotted-down things USA Today 26 Apr 2021
Brief letters Newsday 31 Mar 2021
Up-scale items? Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2021
F and G, but not H Universal 22 Mar 2021
They’re on staff Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2021
Lecture jottings Premier Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Score in a score LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2021
Score in a score The Washington Post 26 Feb 2021
Staff symbols Thomas Joseph 22 Feb 2021
Short memos Newsday 08 Feb 2021
A's in music class, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 07 Feb 2021
Brief written records Irish Times Simplex 22 Jan 2021
Musical units USA Today 19 Jan 2021
Observes The Washington Post 09 Jan 2021
Observes LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2021
Observes absence of publication for teachers? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2021
Symbols on a musical staff USA Today 06 Nov 2020
Jottings Newsday 04 Oct 2020
Lecturer's aid Thomas Joseph 02 Oct 2020
Sheet music symbols USA Today 06 Aug 2020
Post-it messages Universal 16 Jul 2020
Jots down USA Today 22 May 2020
Students might take them USA Today 10 May 2020
Study aids LA Times Daily 01 May 2020
Study aids The Washington Post 01 May 2020
Quick messages USA Today 03 Mar 2020
Jots down
Jots down New York Times 17 Feb 2020
So and so?
Students take them The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Things students take
Things students take New York Times 15 Dec 2019
Ray and me, perhaps attacked from rear? The Telegraph Toughie 13 Dec 2019
Score units Wall Street Journal 27 Nov 2019
...ker] Grounds for detention Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2019
A, B and C, but not X, Y and Z New York Times 24 Oct 2019
A, B and C, but not X, Y and Z
What students take at lectures LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2019
What students take at lectures The Washington Post 21 Oct 2019
Musical symbols Eugene Sheffer 17 Aug 2019
Folding part of piano tested The Telegraph Toughie 16 Aug 2019
Musical markings The Washington Post 30 Jun 2019
Musical markings LA Times Daily 30 Jun 2019
Sounds from TV playing up The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jun 2019
Takes cognisance of some upsetting character's loose tongue Irish Times Crosaire 21 Jun 2019
Post-it messages USA Today 17 May 2019
Chord components USA Today 14 May 2019
Con opener? New York Times 25 Apr 2019
Do, re, mi, etc New York Times 08 Apr 2019
Mozart wrote a lot of them The Washington Post 04 Apr 2019
Mozart wrote a lot of them LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2019
Studying aid New York Times 13 Mar 2019
Lecture attendee's jottings USA Today 10 Mar 2019
Score symbols USA Today 28 Feb 2019
Scale markings Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2019
Mozart wrote a lot of them
What the mnemonic "Every good boy does fine" represents
Do, re, mi, etc.
Studying aid
Score symbols
...ker] Grounds for detention
Lecture attendee's jottings
Musical markings
Scale markings
What students take at lectures
Post-it messages
Chord components
Attacked over messages The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Nov 2018
Lecture reminders Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2018
Short messages The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2018
Observes stone crumbling The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2018
Re, fa and la Premier Sunday 03 Jun 2018
Pays attention to musical symbols The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2018
Music symbols The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2018
Lecture reminders
Written reminders The Washington Post 05 Dec 2017
Written reminders LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2017
Written reminders Newsday 23 Nov 2017
Memos New York Times 31 Oct 2017
Jottings The Telegraph Quick 29 Oct 2017
Staff markings Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2017
Word on an empty book page Jonesin 01 Aug 2017
Bits of music jumping from las to dohs? The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jul 2017
Short messages The Times Concise 18 Jul 2017
Lecture attendee's jottings Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2017
Observes egg in cuckoo nest The Times Cryptic 23 Jun 2017
As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Fs or Gs? The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jun 2017
Jots down The Telegraph Quick 12 Apr 2017
Students' accumulations Universal 01 Apr 2017
Written messages attack doing volte-face The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Mar 2017
Piano output Universal 14 Mar 2017
Reporter's jottings USA Today 13 Mar 2017
Lecture jottings USA Today 10 Mar 2017
Piano output
Written reminders
Lecture jottings
Students' accumulations
Things taken by those with class Universal 27 Dec 2016
Class jottings Universal 04 Nov 2016
Students may pass them New York Times 21 Sep 2016
Memos; marks The Times Concise 20 Sep 2016
A and E, but not I, O, or U Jonesin 06 Sep 2016
They're on staff Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2016
Staff additions? Universal 31 Jul 2016
F and G, but not H New York Times 30 Jul 2016
Writes no publication for teachers The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jul 2016
Brief letters; money The Times Concise 08 Jun 2016
Reference material Newsday 13 May 2016
Lecture souvenirs USA Today 27 Jan 2016
Memos Thomas Joseph 21 Jan 2016
Student's scribblings USA Today 14 Jan 2016
Jottings Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2016
Do, re and mi, etc USA Today 09 Jan 2016
Students may pass them
Study aids
Student's scribblings
Lecture souvenirs
Do, re and mi, etc.
Class jottings
F and G, but not H
Things taken by those with class
Staff additions?
Classroom jottings Newsday 23 Nov 2015
Student's scribblings Universal 28 Oct 2015
They're graphically represented three times in this grid ... and the answers to starred clues are the six longest common words than can be spelled using only them LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2015
*IRA investment options The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Sep 2015
Short letters Newsday 04 Aug 2015
Short written messages The Times Concise 15 Jul 2015
Students take them Jonesin 30 Apr 2015
Musical symbols LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Staff members? USA Today 19 Apr 2015
Jottings Thomas Joseph 18 Apr 2015
School jottings Universal 18 Apr 2015
Class reminders Universal 03 Apr 2015
A to G New York Times 26 Mar 2015
Student's scribbling Universal 12 Mar 2015
Memoranda The Telegraph Quick 29 Jan 2015
Musical symbols
Steps on a scale?
Reference material
Short letters
*IRA investment options
Class reminders
School jottings
Student's scribbling
Staff members?
Student's scribblings
A to G
They're graphically represented three times in this grid ... and the answers to starred clues are the six longest common words than can be spelled using only them
Classroom jottings
Messages from Mozart?
Makes mention of
Hemidemisemiquavers, e.g.
Jots down
Staff figures
Takes heed of
Memory joggers
Las, e.g.
Things taken in class
They're on staff
Dos but not don'ts
Post-its, e.g.
Staff members?
Staff additions?
Reviewers jottings
Classroom jottings
Margin jottings
In class, they can be taken or taken away
Brief letters
Student's jottings
Some classwork
Students take them in class
Setlists on stage
B, A, D, G and E, e.g.
Scale components
Observes carefully
Classroom writing
Brief communications
Reviewers' jottings
Staff additions?
Units in scoring
They're on staff
Class jottings
Staff additions?
B, A, D, G and E, e.g.
Some are high, some are low
Word printed on an otherwise blank page
They're on the staff
Classroom jottings
A flat and others
Classroom jottings
Makes mention of
Pad filler
F and G, but not H
Markings in the margin
F and G, but not H
Lecture souvenirs
Classroom jottings
Short messages
Jots down
Takes heed
Do, re, mi, e.g.
Staff members, and what the circled letters in this puzzle represent
Dos, e.g.
What the starts of 17-, 34- and 61-Across are
Word on an otherwise blank page
Arpeggio components
Staff members
Do, re and mi, etc.
Lecture record
Written reminders
Staff members
Explanatory material
Lecture attendee's jottings
Speaker's aids
Semiquavers, e.g.
Members of the bar?
Scoring units
Lecture record
Flagship product from 21-Down
Lecture souvenirs
Memory joggers
They're on the staff
Marginalia, e.g.
They're taken in school
Post-it messages
Arpeggio components
Heading on an otherwise blank page
Marginalia, e.g.
What students pass
Speech outline
Staff members (and a hint to this puzzle's theme)
You shouldn't pass these in school
Takes down
PDA's purpose
Lecture memoranda
A through G
They may be passed in school
Margin markings
Post-it messages
Observer's record
Staff members?
Lotus mainstay
Lecture hall jottings
Journalist's scribblings
Staff members
Memory aid
Musical units
Speaker's aid
Lecturer's aid
Lecture jottings
Marginal scribbles
Classroom reminders
Observer's record
Class reminders
A through G, but not H through Z
A through G, but not H through Z
Student's jottings during a lecture
Short messages
They're found on scales
Musical tones
Staff members?
A, B and C
Saxophone sounds
Parts of musical scores
Takes heed
Paper money
Do and so
Short messages
Speaker's aid
A flat and others
Musical symbols
Written commentary
Student's jottings
Re and sol
Observer's record
Score stuff
They're taken in class
Paper money
Theyre found on scales
Class writing
Post-rehearsal comments
Quavers, e.g.
Students study them
Reporter's record
Scale units
Takes down
Staff symbols
Speaker's 3 x 5 cards, e.g.
They're taken in class
Short messages
They're taken by students
Cliffs ___ (study aids)
Quavers, e.g.
Student's jottings
Speakers' aids
Compare ___ (exchange views)
Staff members
Steno-pad fill
Lecture souvenir
Secretary's memoranda
Alumni ___
They can be passed in class
I.O.U.'s, e.g.
Student's scribbling
Do, re, mi, etc.
In-class work
Essential to a reporter
Dostoyevsky's "_____ From the Underground"
Students' jottings
Staff symbols
Musician's reading matter
Lecture material
Some are in shorthand
Do, re, mi
Material for a lecture
Quarters and quavers
Schoolkid communiques
Measure fillers
Tweet and twee
Commercial papers
What Boswell kept
Prof's props
Musical symbols
I.O.U.'s, etc.
Thank-you and bank
Grace and mash
Whole and half
Short letters
Musical and bank
Bird songs.
Speaker's reference.
High C's.
Piano keys,
Lecture reminders.
Contents of a certain book.
Speaker's need.
High ___.
Reporter's needs.
Short letters.
Bird calls.
Reading for musicians.
Memory aids.
Do, re, mi.
Diplomatic missives.
Commercial papers.
A record of impressions.
Aids to memory.
Steno's job.
Sharps and flats.
Speaker's papers.
Lecture jottings.
10s, £1 and £5.
Paper money.
Classroom scribblings
They may be scribbled down
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