Crossword Clues for NOUVEAU

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Clue Source Date
Modern French follower of art in movement (7)
Modern French seen after art? (7) Puzzler Cryptic 12 Mar 2024
The free-flowing style, which enjoyed popularity again in the late 1960s, was described in 1901 as Art ...
Art ---, 1890s design style The Times Concise 12 Feb 2024
Art ___, 1890s design style
New male across the Channel
No rays from the sun on St Tropez water? That's new The Times Quick Cryptic 23 Nov 2023
New word maybe describing an object briefly covering part of the eye The Times Cryptic 02 Oct 2023
Recent month drinking posh water from Evian
In France, contemporary cooking: oven; uvula, evenly sliced
Nice new canopy at the centre providing light and energy for precious type Irish Times Crosaire 20 Mar 2021
  New oven made incorporating uranium and gold
___ riche Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2020
Part of speech briefly describing part of the Observer that's up-to-date?
New type of light seen during Christmas, mostly gold
Art genre
Art ___ (Tiffany's genre) USA Today 18 Oct 2017
Modern upper classes welcomed exhibition opening in the Victoria and Albert after initial rejection
Art ___ (Tiffany's genre)
Nobelium rays bring forth tetanus frequently; recently come into prominence
Word after art or before riche Wall Street Journal 24 May 2016
-- riche, person who has recently acquired wealth The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 May 2016
-- riche Premier Sunday 07 Feb 2016
New Avon university rebuilt with European Union input
-- riche The Telegraph Quick 16 May 2015
Lately developed Universal 15 Jan 2015
Lately developed
New-made oven's suitable to the French
___ riche
__ riche
__ riche
Recently created
__ riche
Art __
Art style
___ riche
Recently created
Beaujolais ___
Word after art or before riche
Lately developed
_____ riche
Recently created
___ riche (upstart)
___ riche.
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