Word "NOVEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
original and of a kind not seen before
fresh, new
the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem

Part of Speech:
pleasantly new or different

Part of Speech:
an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story

Crossword Clues for NOVEL

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Clue Source Date
A long story? The Guardian Quick 04 Oct 2022
New and unusual New York Times 27 Sep 2022
Unusual number ready in Bulgaria for revolution The Telegraph Toughie 15 Sep 2022
Writer's work Thomas Joseph 13 Aug 2022
Inventive Premier Sunday 07 Aug 2022
New The Guardian Quick 15 Jul 2022
Unusual formation of geese in winter season The Times Cryptic 13 Jul 2022
Toni Morrison's 'Beloved,' for one New York Times 20 Jun 2022
Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” for one New York Times 20 Jun 2022
'Harlem Shuffle,' for example USA Today 02 May 2022
Kazuo Ishiguro creation USA Today 23 Mar 2022
It is missing from violent piece of fiction Irish Times Crosaire 08 Mar 2022
Candidate for a Booker Prize New York Times 28 Dec 2021
Inventive Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2021
Fresh The Times Concise 03 Oct 2021
"Frankenstein" or "Dracula" Universal 02 Oct 2021
Work of fiction Universal 05 Jun 2021
Work created by Louise Erdrich or Susan Abulhawa, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 23 May 2021
New love going wrong in book The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2021
Fictional work The Sun Two Speed 19 May 2021
Rice product Wall Street Journal 15 May 2021
Dickens work Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2021
Writer's work Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2021
'Dream of the Red Chamber,' e.g USA Today 07 Apr 2021
"Song of Solomon" or "The Color Purple" Universal 29 Mar 2021
New, original The Telegraph Quick 23 Mar 2021
Book of fiction Newsday 01 Mar 2021
Work of fiction Thomas Joseph 02 Dec 2020
“Main Street” or “Tobacco Road” Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2020
'The City We Became,' e.g USA Today 12 Nov 2020
Book of fiction Irish Times Simplex 20 Oct 2020
Knight has strange love for book The Sun Two Speed 23 Sep 2020
Work of fiction The Times Concise 20 Sep 2020
26-Across, for one Universal 31 Jul 2020
'To Kill a Mockingbird' or 'The Maltese Falcon' New York Times 13 Jul 2020
New; book The Telegraph Quick 06 Jul 2020
Original volume Fielding pens? The Sun Two Speed 06 Jul 2020
New; book The Times Concise 15 May 2020
New book The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2020
Many a book club selection USA Today 20 Apr 2020
New The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2020
Never encountered before The Washington Post 07 Mar 2020
Never encountered before LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2020
Many a fiction book Premier Sunday 05 Jan 2020
It is missing from violent piece of fiction Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2019
It's a long story Universal 17 Oct 2019
Original The Washington Post 05 Sep 2019
Original LA Times Daily 05 Sep 2019
Never-before seen New York Times 23 Aug 2019
Fictional work The Telegraph Quick 22 Aug 2019
Highly original Newsday 05 Jun 2019
Any of Grafton's 'alphabet series' USA Today 28 Mar 2019
It's a long story
Never-before seen
Any of Grafton's "alphabet series"
Many a Kindle download USA Today 05 Nov 2018
Work of fiction The Telegraph Quick 30 Sep 2018
'Dracula' or 'Frankenstein,' e.g The Washington Post Sunday 26 Aug 2018
Fresh New York Times 19 Aug 2018
Unfamiliar The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Jul 2018
Book with a plot Family Time 11 Jun 2018
Groundbreaking Wall Street Journal 21 May 2018
Michener's 'Alaska' or 'Hawaii' USA Today 27 Apr 2018
Fresh Thomas Joseph 05 Feb 2018
Michener's "Alaska" or "Hawaii"
Many a Kindle download
Fictitious prose work The Telegraph Quick 09 Nov 2017
Unheard-of New York Times 22 Oct 2017
Longish work of fiction Universal 18 Aug 2017
Fictional work Eugene Sheffer 22 Jun 2017
Unusual paperback, maybe The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Apr 2017
James Joyce work LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2017
James Joyce work The Washington Post 27 Mar 2017
Fresh Newsday 23 Feb 2017
Work of fiction The Guardian Quick 11 Feb 2017
Longish work of fiction
Many a book club selection
Original The Telegraph Quick 06 Dec 2016
Freshly interesting Universal 17 Oct 2016
Agatha Christie output The Washington Post 06 Sep 2016
'Emma' or 'Ulysses' Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2016
Untried New York Times 26 May 2016
King creation LA Times Daily 22 May 2016
Cutting-edge New York Times 14 May 2016
"Mila 18" or "QB VII" USA Today 30 Mar 2016
Book; new The Telegraph Quick 05 Mar 2016
Freshly interesting
King creation
Stephen King output USA Today 13 Nov 2015
Fictional work USA Today 23 Mar 2015
Elie Wiesel's 'Dawn,' but not 'Night' The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Mar 2015
Book at the end of October for the Spanish Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jan 2015
"Lord Jim" or "Lucky Jim"
Stephen King output
Never before seen Jonesin 01 Jan 2015
"Mockingjay," e.g.
Elie Wiesel's "Dawn," but not "Night"
Fictional work
Highly original
"Catch-22," e.g.
Best-seller list entry
Stephen King creation
Work of fiction
Breaking new ground
Great American ___
Jeff Farro band ___ American
Like new and unusual music
Book of fiction
Source for a movie, sometimes
It's no short story
It's pure fiction
Source for a movie, often
Not an autobiography
Bestseller list entry
Source for a movie, often
Cooper creation
Fictional work
Best-seller list entry
Orwell's "1984" or Clarke's "2010"
It's a long story
Reason for an advance
Work of fiction
Work of fiction
One of Jane Austen's six
It's no short story
One of Jane Austen's six
Rice product
Steel product?
Ludlum genre
Film source, sometimes
Christie specialty
Dime buy, once
Fictional work
Work of fiction
Potboiler, often
Movie source
Long work of fiction
Movie source
Work of fiction
King creation
Potboiler, often
Romance, e.g.
It could lead to an advance
It's a long story
Steel product?
Not previously seen
Borders buy
"Catch-22" or "Mila 18"
Not previously seen
Borders buy
"Catch-22" or "Mila 18"
King's work
London production
Fictional work
Hitherto unknown
"The Catcher in the Rye," e.g.
Not copied
Not copied
John Grisham work
"Lord Jim" or "Lucky Jim"
"The Secret Life of Bees," e.g.
Reason for an advance
Reason for an advance
P. D. James product
Wouk work
James Michener's "The ___"
"Gone with the Wind" or "Marjorie Morningstar"
Fictional work
Clancy creation
It's a long story
King or Queen book, e.g.
Wouk work
Not old hat
Steinbeck work
Work of Barth
"Bag of Bones," for one
Amazon.com offering
Wouk work
"Emma"is one
P.D. James product
Prose work
Dime ___
Bellow specialty
Hugo contender
Austen work
See 32 Down
Medium for Melville
What 54 Across is
Stone ware
Penny dreadful or shilling shocker
"Portnoy's Complaint," e.g.
New and strange
Updike offering
Iberia or Hawaii
Bellow offering
Thackeray product
Bellow work
Drabble offering
Heller offering
Austen product
Dumas output
"Nana," for one
Literary product
Writing medium
Scott creation
Out of the ordinary
Reader's choice.
Literary form.
Mystery, for one.
"Dombey and Son."
"Exodus," for one.
Gift for a reader.
"The Scapegoat," for example.
Fiction form.
Reading matter.
"Katherine," for example.
"The Stepmother," for instance.
Item of summer entertainment.
Georges Simenon's forte.
"Battle Cry," for instance.
"Don Quixote," for instance.
"S. P. Q. R.," for instance.
"Sironia, Texas," for instance.
Pulitzer Prize item.
eBook category
Many a self-published book
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