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Word "NUB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small lump or protuberance

Part of Speech:
the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
center, centre, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, kernel, marrow, meat, nitty-gritty, pith, substance, sum
the nub of the story

Part of Speech:
a small piece
a nub of coal

Crossword Clues for NUB

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Clue Source Date
Essence Thomas Joseph 13 Apr 2021
Crux LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2021
Central point Eugene Sheffer 01 Apr 2021
Pencil remnant Universal 19 Feb 2021
What something might be worn down to Universal 14 Feb 2021
Gist, central idea Irish Times Simplex 30 Dec 2020
Small chunk of characters aboard main U-boat Irish Times Crosaire 07 Nov 2020
Central point or gist The Telegraph Quick 26 Oct 2020
Pencil, barely The Washington Post 24 Oct 2020
Crux, gist Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2020
Pencil at the end of its life New York Times 19 May 2020
Pencil stump Universal 02 May 2020
Pencil that has seen better days Family Time 13 Apr 2020
Gist The Washington Post 15 Dec 2019
Pencil that's been much used New York Times 05 Dec 2019
Pencil eraser, e.g The Washington Post 02 Dec 2019
Worn-down pencil Universal 01 Jul 2019
Centre; heart The Guardian Speedy 23 Jun 2019
Main point Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2019
Well-worn pencil Newsday 27 Jan 2019
Crux, central point The Times Concise 08 Jan 2019
Pencil after lots of crosswords, maybe? New York Times 26 Dec 2018
Stubby pencil, e.g Universal 02 Dec 2018
Worn-down pencil, e.g New York Times 17 Jul 2018
Small protuberance New York Times 04 Jul 2018
Kernel The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Apr 2018
Salient point
Stubby pencil, e.g.
Worn-down pencil, e.g.
Worn pencil, e.g Universal 24 Jun 2017
Essence of an idea New York Times 18 Jun 2017
Half-inch pencil Newsday 31 Mar 2017
Worn end LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2017
Pencil lump Universal 22 Jan 2017
Worn pencil, e.g.
Itty-bitty pencil Universal 06 Jul 2016
Well-used pencil Universal 29 Feb 2016
Centre, heart The Guardian Speedy 14 Feb 2016
Gist (of a matter) The Times Concise 03 Dec 2015
Very short pencil Newsday 26 Jul 2015
Much-used pencil, maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 Jun 2015
There's loss of mass from frozen core The Times Cryptic 15 May 2015
Core Canadiana 16 Mar 2015
Something whittled down
Short piece of pencil
Pencil stub
Oversharpened pencil?
Run-down pencil
Stubby end
Small lump
Much-used pencil
Short pencil
Pencil, late in life
Pencil on its last legs
Ground-down tip
Core issue
Central part
Pencil end
Essential point
Pencil stump, e.g.
Heart of the matter
Short piece of a pencil
End of a pencil
Gist of the matter
One-inch pencil, say
1" pencil, maybe
The skinny
Worn-down part
Small protrusion
Core; kernel
The real issue
Punch line
Very-much-used pencil
Gist of a story
The heart of the matter
Small piece
Point: Colloq.
Gist: Colloq.
Knob or knot.
Point; gist.
Gist of a story: Colloq.
Heart of the matter.
Gist of anything.
Point of a story: Colloq.
Pencil box bit
Broken crayon, perhaps
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.