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Crossword Clues for OATHS

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Clue Source Date
'Darn!' and 'Dagnabbit!' are mild ones The Washington Post 26 Apr 2021
"Darn!" and "Dagnabbit!" are mild ones LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2021
Trial declarations Newsday 08 Apr 2021
Requirements for witnesses New York Times 21 Mar 2021
Solemn promises Eugene Sheffer 19 Mar 2021
'%$#*' and '@#&!' New York Times 11 Mar 2021
Inaugural recitations The Washington Post Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Vows USA Today 11 Jan 2021
Swear words? New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Courtroom recitals The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Presidents take them LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2020
Declarations at inaugurations New York Times 20 Jul 2020
Solemn vows The Times Concise 05 Mar 2020
Statements in court Newsday 16 Feb 2020
Inauguration rituals USA Today 12 Dec 2019
Curses or solemn promises Irish Times Simplex 19 Nov 2019
Pledges in courts The Washington Post Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Expletives coming from yob, aitches dropped regularly The Telegraph Toughie 27 Aug 2019
Judges may administer them Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2019
Pledges Universal 16 Jul 2019
Serious promises Newsday 02 May 2019
Solemn pledges Newsday 31 Mar 2019
They're taken at trials USA Today 04 Mar 2019
Courtroom pledges Newsday 25 Feb 2019
Witness stand statements USA Today 15 Feb 2019
Four-letter words Universal 14 Jan 2019
Swear words The Washington Post 13 Dec 2018
Formal administrations Newsday 01 Dec 2018
Witnesses' recitations The Washington Post Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Earnest promises Newsday 24 Aug 2018
Formal pledges Newsday 16 May 2018
Office administrations? Universal 20 Apr 2018
Swearing-in rituals The Washington Post 07 Mar 2018
Cusswords USA Today 01 Mar 2018
Court declarations The Washington Post 25 Feb 2018
Things taken by government officials New York Times 04 Feb 2018
Inauguration Day vows New York Times 29 Jan 2018
Office administrations The Washington Post 05 Jan 2018
Has to change promises The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2017
Courtroom promises The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2017
Oaths Universal 21 Sep 2017
Swear words by Boy Scouts? Universal 26 Jun 2017
Mild ones are not obscene Universal 01 May 2017
Some sentences pronounced in court The Chronicle of Higher Education 17 Mar 2017
Has to set out professions of loyalty The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2016
Jurors take them Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2016
They're often taken orally LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2016
Scouts take them Universal 18 Jul 2016
Inauguration recitations Newsday 23 Mar 2016
Pledges to chop up hosta Irish Times Crosaire 17 Mar 2016
They might be minced or solemn The Washington Post 24 Feb 2016
Sworn statements Newsday 26 Nov 2015
Censor's targets LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2015
Courtroom procedures LA Times Daily 19 Sep 2015
"Drat!" and "Shazam!" USA Today 19 Sep 2015
Promises The Telegraph Quick 30 Aug 2015
Inaugural rituals Newsday 26 Jul 2015
Court rituals Newsday 02 Jul 2015
Swearwords Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2015
Salty language Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2015
Recitals showing promise LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2015
Solemn appeals
Solemn words
Promising words
Formal promises
Court statements
Statements of commitment
Courtroom statements
Breakable words
Swearing-in ceremonies
Occasions to raise one's hand
Promises of allegiance
Four-letter words, sometimes
They're taken on the stand
They're taken in courtrooms
Heartfelt pledges
Vows or curses
Presidential affirmations
"Gosh darn!" and worse
Offices may require them
"#@*!" and such
Promises crop around height (5)
Promising words?
Bleeped words
Curse words
Courtroom rituals
Sworn promises
They may be taken with a raised hand
People raise their hands for them
Boy Scouts take them
Unprintable outbursts
Wedding promises
Allegiance affirmations
I do's
"Rats!" et al.
They may be made with Bibles
"Drat!" and "Egad!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.