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Word "OFFER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
put forward for consideration
He offered his opinion

Part of Speech:
propose a payment
bid, tender
The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting

Part of Speech:
offer verbally
He offered his sympathy

Crossword Clues for OFFER

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Clue Source Date
Bid The Telegraph Quick 16 Apr 2021
Negotiator's proposal Newsday 30 Mar 2021
Present for acceptance or rejection Irish Times Simplex 17 Mar 2021
Ideal outcome of a job interview USA Today 27 Jan 2021
Volunteer The Telegraph Quick 24 Jan 2021
Tender LA Times Daily 16 Jan 2021
Present; bid The Telegraph Quick 15 Jan 2021
Proposal LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2020
Make available The Telegraph Quick 13 Sep 2020
One may be "best and final" Universal 09 Sep 2020
Basis of a negotiation New York Times 12 Aug 2020
Part of OBO USA Today 12 Jun 2020
A seller may counter one Universal 06 May 2020
Present in box unopened The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2020
Proposal for volunteer? Irish Times Crosaire 23 Apr 2020
Tender assassin? The Telegraph Toughie 22 Apr 2020
Proposition in a deal The Washington Post Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Present in unopened box The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2019
Bid or proposal The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2019
Hoped-for job interview result Universal 20 Sep 2019
Hold out Thomas Joseph 06 Sep 2019
Hirer's communication New York Times 27 Aug 2019
Present from official turned up The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jul 2019
Job seeker's success New York Times 11 Jun 2019
Job applicant's hope USA Today 26 May 2019
Bid; proposal The Times Concise 22 Jan 2019
Proposal; reduced price The Times Concise 13 Dec 2018
Propose (to) Newsday 21 Nov 2018
Negotiations figure Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2018
Auction bid Newsday 11 Jul 2018
Volunteer as an assassin? The Telegraph Toughie 18 May 2018
Word that becomes its own synonym if you add 'pr' to the front New York Times 08 Feb 2018
Word that becomes its own synonym if you add "pr" to the front
Prospective buyer's proposal USA Today 29 Dec 2017
Buyer's proposal The Washington Post 04 Dec 2017
Put forward Universal 24 Nov 2017
Propose Thomas Joseph 17 Nov 2017
It may be standing Newsday 11 Nov 2017
Good news for an interviewee USA Today 08 Oct 2017
Rotten pears not oddly tender The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Oct 2017
What a prospective buyer may tender USA Today 05 Sep 2017
Thing made at an auction Universal 27 Aug 2017
Topless chest put forward The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2017
Put up for bidding Family Time 10 Jul 2017
Put forth The Washington Post 03 Jun 2017
Proposed purchase price Newsday 31 May 2017
Interviewee's hope USA Today 20 May 2017
Negotiation starter USA Today 12 May 2017
Job seeker's hope USA Today 07 May 2017
Not at work -- ears oddly tender! The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2016
House bid Universal 06 May 2016
Old iron in fire oddly present The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2016
Pay increase The Times Concise 08 Mar 2016
Secure chest, having no upper limit for bid The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Feb 2016
Present for sale Universal 09 Feb 2016
Volunteer to provide Newsday 19 Jan 2016
"Shark Tank" entrepreneur's goal
Submit The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2015
Bidder's amount Universal 20 Nov 2015
Suggest strongbox should not be opened The Times Cryptic 02 Nov 2015
Put up for sale USA Today 27 Oct 2015
Subject of strike talks Universal 27 Oct 2015
Attempt to remove clubs from chest The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2015
Absent peer regularly making bid The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jul 2015
Suggestion box unopened The Times Cryptic 07 May 2015
Put on the market LA Times Daily 14 Apr 2015
Tender that's comparatively high? The Times Cryptic 09 Feb 2015
Suggest The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2015
Proposed price
Job applicant's goal
Good news at a job fair
Interview follower, hopefully
Proposal to play
Job applicant's quest
Good news for a job applicant
Figure for negotiation
Two-for-one, e.g.
Suggest as a price
"I'm gonna make him an __ he can't refuse"
Put up
"I'll give you $500 for this old car," e.g.
Something to consider
Buyer's bid
Propose, as a price
It's sometimes final
Bidder's proposal
It may be tender
Have for sale
Contract negotiation step
Make a bid
Something tendered
Auction action
Present as an act of worship
Sales pitch
Mafia don's proposal
Job seeker's delight
Bid evoker
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.