Crossword Clues for ONAROLL

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Clue Source Date
Where Frankfurter might be found doing well? The Guardian Cryptic 11 Aug 2022
Having sustained success, Ronaldo left for Germany, surprisingly The Guardian Cryptic 26 Jul 2022
Enjoying continued success with the vote? The Telegraph Toughie 22 Apr 2022
Continually winning USA Today 02 Apr 2022
Doing great Newsday 24 Feb 2022
Winning nonstop USA Today 20 Jan 2022
Hot New York Times 30 Oct 2021
Hot, in Vegas Universal 20 Aug 2021
Hot at the moment Newsday 26 Mar 2021
Hot LA Times Daily 29 Nov 2020
Hot The Washington Post 29 Nov 2020
Winning steadily The Washington Post 07 Nov 2020
Winning steadily LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2020
Where to find butter, sausages, rashers and brown sauce? Luckily, it's hot Irish Times Crosaire 08 Aug 2020
Having prolonged success The Washington Post 08 Jul 2020
Having prolonged success LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2020
Succeeding Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2020
Winning time after time ... or where you might find 17-, 23-, 51- or 62-Across New York Times 30 Dec 2019
Winning time after time ... or where you might find 17-, 23-, 51- or 62-Across
Hot, hot, hot! New York Times 28 Nov 2019
Hot, hot, hot!
Where 7 might be spread in a time of good fortune? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Oct 2019
Winning again and again Universal 29 Sep 2019
Having great luck Universal 04 Sep 2019
Doing well Thomas Joseph 14 Aug 2019
Good luck in finding location for Irish breakfast takeaway Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jun 2019
Crushing it Newsday 30 Mar 2019
Doing great New York Times 23 Mar 2019
Winning again and again
Doing great
Having great luck
Really cookin' New York Times 24 Dec 2018
Blessed with continued luck, winner's name is put here The Telegraph Toughie 20 Sep 2018
Continually doing well Premier Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Enjoying a run of success playing a wheel? The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Apr 2018
Where to find Irish breakfast to takeaway that's hot Irish Times Crosaire 21 Apr 2018
Doing well in Vegas to get the full Irish for breakfast takeaway Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jan 2018
Really cookin'
Winning at craps, say The Washington Post 09 Oct 2017
Winning at craps, say LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2017
Being extremely jammy, maybe, spread may be smeared thus The Times Cryptic 16 May 2017
Cricket side topping a list having continued success The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Apr 2017
Where to record members in good form? The Times Cryptic 07 Apr 2017
Where honoured names are doing well The Telegraph Toughie 14 Feb 2017
Winning at craps, say
Killing it Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2016
Really cooking Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2016
Hot in Vegas Premier Sunday 05 Jun 2016
Winning streak in craps may rest this The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jun 2016
Performing advanced part for the audience, showing continuing success The Telegraph Toughie 19 Jan 2016
Hot New York Times 22 Nov 2015
Where film may be enjoying repeated success The Times Cryptic 09 Sep 2015
Experiencing much good fortune, spread here perhaps? The Telegraph Toughie 27 Aug 2015
Having a winning streak The Times Concise 26 Aug 2015
Experiencing success after success — like butter, perhaps? The Times Cryptic 27 May 2015
Having a successful run, as film is less often nowadays? The Times Cryptic 19 May 2015
Hot at the craps table
Hot, in Vegas
Doing great
Seemingly unstoppable
In the zone
Enjoying sustained success
Enjoying successive successes
Hot at the moment
Putting up big numbers
Winning like crazy
Hot, in Vegas
Doing really well
Hot, scoring-wise
Enjoying continuing success
Doing really well
Enjoying a hot streak
Going great guns
Going great guns
In the groove
In the groove
Smoking, so to speak
Hot, in Vegas
Winning big
Having good luck
Enjoying continuing success
Gathering momentum
Being watched over by Lady Luck
Doing well in Vegas
Doing very well
Smoking, so to speak
Repeatedly winning
Hot, in Vegas
Like a sesame seed?
In the groove
Winning steadily
Hot at the casino
Winning steadily, as in gambling
Enjoying continuing success
Doing very well
Having momentum
Kissed by Lady Luck
Like a lucky dice player?
Doing well at the casino
Batting a thousand
Doing well
Winning nonstop
Lucky, like sesame seeds?
Enjoying a winning streak
Cooking with gas
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.