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Crossword Clues for ONEK

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Clue Source Date
Short race, for short New York Times 06 Dec 2020
Short race The Washington Post 31 Oct 2020
Fun run dist LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2020
Brief race, in brief New York Times 04 May 2020
Short race distance, for short Newsday 03 May 2020
Short race, briefly LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2020
About 3,300 feet, to runners Newsday 20 Oct 2019
Fun run distance, for short Newsday 15 Sep 2019
Fraction of a meg The Washington Post 17 May 2019
Short run Newsday 06 Apr 2019
Youth-run span Newsday 23 Mar 2019
RAM unit The Washington Post 09 Mar 2019
A thou New York Times 13 Nov 2018
Fun run length, for short New York Times 10 Jun 2018
About 3,300 feet Newsday 03 Feb 2018
Short race spec New York Times 01 May 2017
Length of some charity runs, for short The Washington Post 15 Aug 2016
Race distance, for short Newsday 05 Jun 2016
Short race, informally New York Times 08 Jan 2015
Really small file size or race length
Short race distance, briefly
Fun-run distance, for short
Thousandth of a meg
Short run, for short
.62 mi., in a race
Brief race distance, briefly
About .62 mi.
Fun-run span
Fun run distance, briefly
1,024 bytes, briefly
1,024 bytes, for short
Race length, for short
A grand
1024 bytes, in brief
Short footrace, maybe
Length of a kids' fun run, briefly
Short race distance, perhaps
About .62 mi., in a race
1024 bytes of computer memory, in brief
.txt file size, maybe
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.