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Clue Source Date
Garment with snaps for easy diaper access Universal 26 Nov 2022
Gift to new parents LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2022
Tot's bodysuit Premier Sunday 14 Aug 2022
Infant outfit Thomas Joseph 21 Jul 2022
BabyGap buy LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2022
Infant garment Universal 11 Jul 2022
Love is enough to hold back single suit Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2022
Garment that might have a butt flap USA Today 26 Mar 2022
Crib outfit LA Times Daily 28 Nov 2021
Single-piece outfit for a baby LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2021
Garment that might have a hood with animal ears USA Today 29 Aug 2021
Infant's garment Newsday 03 Aug 2021
Garment that typically has snaps New York Times 29 Jul 2021
Infant attire Wall Street Journal 24 Jul 2021
Infant outfit Thomas Joseph 08 May 2021
Jumpsuit The Washington Post 30 Apr 2021
Jumpsuit LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2021
Newborn's garment USA Today 14 Mar 2021
Infant's outfit Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2021
What a baby may wear Universal 03 Feb 2021
Infant's bodysuit Newsday 05 Jan 2021
Baby's outfit LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2021
Baby's outfit The Washington Post 03 Jan 2021
Layette buy The Washington Post 23 Dec 2020
Layette buy LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2020
Baby shower gift New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Baby's bodysuit LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2020
Baby's bodysuit The Washington Post 27 Nov 2020
Snug sleepwear option USA Today 06 Aug 2020
Baby's bodysuit New York Times 16 Jun 2020
Style of loose-fitting casual jumpsuit The Telegraph General Knowledge 30 Dec 2019
Soft loose-fitting single-piece garment The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Nov 2019
Baby Gap buy Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2019
Baby Gap purchase New York Times 08 Sep 2019
Baby shower gift Universal 22 Aug 2019
Toddler's bodysuit Universal 04 Feb 2019
Toddler's bodysuit
Baby shower gift
Baby Gap purchase
Baby Gap buy
Tot's attire New York Times 21 Sep 2018
Threads for when you're hanging out in your crib? Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2018
Tot's wear New York Times 13 May 2018
Genericized totwear trademark Newsday 05 May 2018
Tot's wear
Threads for when you're hanging out in your crib?
Tot's attire
Baby's bodysuit USA Today 30 Dec 2017
Infant's bodysuit USA Today 21 Nov 2017
Baby's first garment The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Baby's first garment LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2017
Toddler's outfit The Washington Post 05 Mar 2017
Toddler's outfit LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2017
Toddler garment New York Times 15 Jan 2017
Easy-on outfit Newsday 14 Jan 2017
Leisurewear article is enough to rise in The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jan 2017
Baby garment with snaps Jonesin 10 Jan 2017
Baby's bodysuit
Infant's bodysuit
Baby's first garment
Toddler garment
Baby bodysuit The Washington Post 29 May 2016
Fancy seeing monstrous creature -- swimmer's heading off in full-body suit The Telegraph Toughie 25 May 2016
Newborn attire New York Times 14 Apr 2016
Toddler's wear New York Times 28 Jan 2016
Toddler's wear
Bodysuit for a baby The Washington Post 12 Dec 2015
Baby shower garment Universal 25 Jul 2015
Layette item New York Times 30 May 2015
Garment easy to get in and out of LA Times Daily 24 May 2015
Baby's bodysuit Newsday 30 Apr 2015
Infant's garment Newsday 09 Apr 2015
Newborn's cover Jonesin 12 Mar 2015
Infant's bodysuit LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2015
Baby shower garment
Layette item
Infant's garment
Baby's bodysuit
Infant's bodysuit
Garment easy to get in and out of
Baby's outfit
Infant's wear
Bodysuit for a baby
Baby's bodysuit
Tot's bodysuit
Infant wear
Baby bodysuit
Baby's bodysuit
Infant wear
Huggies hugger
Common shower garment
Baby shower bodysuit
Easy-entry baby outfit
Baby bodysuit
Part of a layette
Baby attire with crotch snaps
Infant's bodysuit
Layette suit
Bodysuit for a tiny tot
Easy-entry baby outfit
Part of a layette
Suitable apparel for a shower
Baby's bodysuit
Baby's bodysuit
Infant's outfit
Baby outfit with snaps
Layette item
Layette item
Baby shower garment
Infant's bodysuit
Baby bodysuit
Toddler's attire
Infant bodysuit
Infant's bodysuit
Baby shower gift
Infant bodysuit
Infant bodysuit
Newborn's wear
Baby garment
Baby's bodysuit
Layette component
Diaper-covering T-shirt
Baby Gap purchase
Diaper-covering T-shirt
Diaper-covering shirt
Baby Gap purchase
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