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Crossword Clues for ONTV

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Clue Source Date
Where to watch "Jeopardy!" Universal 15 Apr 2021
Airing, as a sitcom Newsday 06 Apr 2021
Being broadcast, perhaps USA Today 31 Mar 2021
Being broadcast Newsday 04 Mar 2021
Being transmitted via small screen USA Today 17 Dec 2020
Currently airing Universal 21 Nov 2020
Airing via the small screen USA Today 19 Nov 2020
Airing New York Times 12 Oct 2020
Streamable, say Newsday 14 Aug 2020
"As seen —" Premier Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Where 'I'm not a doctor' spokespeople usually 'play one' Jonesin 19 May 2020
Being broadcast, in a way Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2020
Where to catch "Deadliest Catch" Universal 03 Nov 2019
Where to see Samantha Bee Universal 17 Oct 2019
Where 'Star Trek' and 'Mission: Impossible' originated New York Times 17 Oct 2019
Where "Star Trek" and "Mission: Impossible" originated
Streamed, perhaps The Washington Post 04 Aug 2019
Where to get "Lost"? Universal 14 Mar 2019
Like games at a sports bar Universal 21 Feb 2019
Showing, in a way Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2018
Being aired The Washington Post 08 Jan 2018
Where many ads are seen Premier Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Currently playing LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2017
Streaming in the living room Newsday 25 Aug 2016
''As seen __'' Newsday 03 Mar 2016
Being aired, in a way Premier Sunday 17 Jan 2016
Showing via the idiot box Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2015
"... but I play one __" LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2015
Airing, as a miniseries LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2015
"As seen __": ad phrase LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2015
Watchable, in a way LA Times Daily 16 Jan 2015
Where your video gets played
LFO "Girl ___"
A-ha "The Sun Always Shines ___"
Airing, in a way
"As seen ___"
"As seen __"
Airing, as a golf tournament
Airing in prime time, say
Like soaps
Where to see stars?
"But I play one ___"
Where reruns run
Where to find "Criminal Minds"
Via the tube
Like anchors
Where the Nelsons were seen
One place to view the Super Bowl
Appearing in a sitcom
Where to find 21 Across
Where to see 60-Across
Being shown, in a way
Being aired, as a sitcom
Airing, as an ESPN game
Where to see stars
"... but I play one ___"
Being telecast
Alternate title for the puzzle
Where to see "Meerkat Manor"
Starring in a sitcom, say
Acting in a sitcom, e.g.
In prime time, e.g.
Widely seen
Like news anchors, when working
Being seen via the small screen
'As seen --'
Being broadcast via idiot box
How much advertising is done
"As advertised ___!"
Where to find "Hope & Faith"
Where some actors are seen
Aired, in a way
Starring in a sitcom, e.g.
Like an Olympics broadcast, say
How many a product is advertised
"As seen __!"
Running, in a way
Where to see "E.R." or "Ellen"
Suitable for TiVo-ing
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.