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Crossword Clues for OOHLALA

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Clue Source Date
'De-e-eluxe!' New York Times 22 Jan 2021
Exultation exclamation Newsday 19 Dec 2020
'Wow, that's beautiful!' New York Times 22 Nov 2020
"Fancy!" Universal 18 Jul 2020
'C'est magnifique!' The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Nice way of expressing approval? The Washington Post Sunday 14 Apr 2019
"C'est magnifique!"
'How marvelous!' New York Times 11 May 2018
'Magnifique!' Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2018
"How marvelous!"
'Très chic!' The Washington Post 17 Nov 2017
"Très chic!" LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2017
French "Wowza!" LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2017
'Fa-a-ancy!' The Washington Post 18 May 2016
'Très sexy!' The Washington Post 29 Jan 2016
'Me likey!' New York Times 19 Dec 2015
'Lux-x-xurious!' New York Times 09 Oct 2015
'Hubba hubba!' Thomas Joseph 05 Jun 2015
"Me likey!"
"C'est si bon!"
Reaction to a pretty mademoiselle
Exclamation of approval
"How sexy!"
'Trés chic!'
"Very fancy!"
"Hubba hubba!"
Arles exclamation
Fifi's "Wow!"
"So beauuutiful!"
"Tres chic!"
Fashion world exclamation
"How fancy!"
Gallic exclamation
Fashion-show exclamation
It may be said after kissing the tips of one's fingers
"So-o-o sexy!”
"Eet ees so nice!"
Exclamation heard at the Moulin Rouge
"Looking good!"
Relative of "Va-va-voom!"
1990 hit from Perfect Gentlemen
"That's gorgeous!"
Wolf's sounds
"I like that!"
"Hubba-hubba!" to Henri
Chevalier expression.
"Damn, girl!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.