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Word "OOMPH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
attractiveness to the opposite sex
desirability, desirableness, sex appeal

Part of Speech:
the activeness of an energetic personality
dynamism, pizzaz, pizzazz, zing

Crossword Clues for OOMPH

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Clue Source Date
Exciting quality Universal 10 Apr 2021
Pizzazz USA Today 26 Mar 2021
Vigor Universal 13 Mar 2021
Vitality Jonesin 09 Mar 2021
Get-up-and-go Newsday 04 Mar 2021
Vigour The Sun Two Speed 28 Dec 2020
Go round twice at speed The Sun Two Speed 28 Dec 2020
Zing New York Times 29 Nov 2020
Extra energy Newsday 27 Nov 2020
Energetic quality USA Today 16 Aug 2020
Energy The Telegraph Quick 24 Dec 2019
Pizazz Newsday 15 Dec 2019
Extra effort, informally Newsday 18 Nov 2019
Extra zip Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2019
Energy member invested in expression of surprise The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2019
Sex appeal, informally USA Today 29 Jun 2019
Enthusiasm from old pub receiving award The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2019
Vigour (informal) The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2019
Zest The Washington Post 11 Dec 2018
Extra effort Newsday 07 Dec 2018
Kick The Washington Post 29 Nov 2018
Energy, informally New York Times 19 Nov 2018
Ginger The Times Concise 16 Sep 2018
Verve Universal 04 Sep 2018
Hates leaving homeopaths with something extra Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jul 2018
Enthusiasm, informally Newsday 20 Feb 2018
Energetic quality, informally USA Today 29 Dec 2017
Expression of surprise about politician's enthusiasm The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2017
Power specs and speed The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Aug 2017
Pep Universal 13 Aug 2017
Energetic extra Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2017
Sex appeal The Telegraph Quick 15 Jul 2017
Robust quality Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2016
Extra somethin'-somethin' Jonesin 06 Sep 2016
Zip New York Times 28 Apr 2016
Personal charm The Washington Post 19 Feb 2016
"The ___ Girl" (Ann Sheridan nickname)
That certain "something"
That certain sexy something
That certain something
Old-time sex appeal
That little extra something
Spirited vigor
Desirability, slangily
Ann Sheridan was called this Girl
Sex appeal: sl.
Ann Sheridan, ____ Girl
Ann Sheridan's asset
"The __ Girl" (Ann Sheridan)
Relative of pizzazz
Pizazz of the 1920's.
Personal magnetism: Colloq.
Plausible middle name for 007?
Glamour: Slang.
Vim and vigor: Slang.
Je ne sais quoi
Extra somethin' somethin'
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