Word "ORANGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
of the color between red and yellow; similar to the color of a ripe orange

Part of Speech:
orange color or pigment; any of a range of colors between red and yellow

Part of Speech:
any citrus tree bearing oranges
orange tree

Crossword Clues for ORANGE

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Clue Source Date
Grand Marnier flavor LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2022
Grove fruit Thomas Joseph 23 Aug 2022
Grove fruit Thomas Joseph 12 Aug 2022
Color of a traffic cone Universal 30 Jul 2022
Grove fruit Thomas Joseph 23 Jul 2022
____ Bay Newfoundland Canadiana 20 Jun 2022
Female singer on dope cycling in house The Guardian Cryptic 01 Jun 2022
A common fruit Family Time 22 May 2022
Sherbet flavor Newsday 08 May 2022
Jason --, former member of the pop group Take That The Telegraph General Knowledge 02 May 2022
Colour spectrum beyond ordinary, originally The Times Cryptic 28 Apr 2022
The colour of a strange onager Irish Times Simplex 27 Apr 2022
Halloween hue Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2022
Common cone color The Washington Post 17 Apr 2022
Common cone color LA Times Daily 17 Apr 2022
Colour of rose, garden, shed, reds? Irish Times Crosaire 31 Mar 2022
Fruit and colour Irish Times Simplex 26 Mar 2022
The colour of a strange onager Irish Times Simplex 15 Mar 2022
Like a screwdriver New York Times 11 Mar 2022
Pumpkin's color Premier Sunday 06 Mar 2022
Citrus fruit The Times Concise 02 Mar 2022
Grove fruit Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2022
The 'O' in ROY G BIV USA Today 05 Feb 2022
Fruit and colour Irish Times Simplex 27 Dec 2021
Colour of a strange onager Irish Times Simplex 11 Dec 2021
Marigold color Thomas Joseph 03 Dec 2021
Orchard's initial scope for fruit The Times Cryptic 23 Nov 2021
Basic Crayola color Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2021
Fruit; colour The Times Concise 01 Nov 2021
Second color from the top in a rainbow flag USA Today 27 Oct 2021
Color of carrot ginger soup USA Today 08 Oct 2021
Colour of a strange onager Irish Times Simplex 16 Sep 2021
Juice choice Thomas Joseph 06 Aug 2021
Coloured house The Telegraph Toughie 03 Aug 2021
With 56-Down, type of black tea with another color in its name The Washington Post 21 Jul 2021
With 56-Down, type of black tea with another color in its name LA Times Daily 21 Jul 2021
Colour of a strange onager Irish Times Simplex 20 Jul 2021
Southern California county New York Times 27 Jun 2021
'Very high,' on a fire danger scale New York Times 13 Jun 2021
Halloween hue Newsday 06 Jun 2021
Carrot color Thomas Joseph 27 May 2021
Marigold color Thomas Joseph 08 May 2021
Fruit and colour Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2021
Sherbet choice Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2021
Colour of a strange onager Irish Times Simplex 15 Apr 2021
Like Tennessee Avenue and New York Avenue, on a Monopoly board New York Times 01 Apr 2021
Grove fruit Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2021
Citrus tree fruit The Washington Post Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Fruit found in old stove The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Mar 2021
Color without a common rhyme Universal 01 Mar 2021
______ ville, Ontario Canadiana 01 Feb 2021
Clementine’s cousin Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2021
Like monarch butterflies New York Times 27 Dec 2020
Citrus fruit The Times Concise 21 Dec 2020
Cointreau flavoring Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2020
Anaheim's county Newsday 13 Nov 2020
Fruit from old field The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2020
Grove growth Thomas Joseph 24 Oct 2020
Colour The Times Concise 10 Oct 2020
Between red and yellow Irish Times Simplex 05 Sep 2020
Reddish-yellow colour The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2020
Second hole is for the golfers testing their drivers by lodge Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jul 2020
Kind of juice in a screwdriver Universal 15 Jul 2020
Traffic cone color Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2020
Colour; fruit The Times Concise 27 May 2020
Old order in Dutch royal house The Telegraph Toughie 26 May 2020
Citrus fruit USA Today 20 May 2020
Traffic cone hue USA Today 18 May 2020
Colourful fruit The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2020
Fruit agent abused in Vietnam? The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2020
Marmalade fruit LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2020
Marmalade fruit The Washington Post 15 Apr 2020
Valencia or mandarin, for example USA Today 14 Apr 2020
Citrus fruit Canadiana 09 Mar 2020
Old series that's somewhat pithy The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Mar 2020
Grove fruit Thomas Joseph 17 Feb 2020
Juice choice Thomas Joseph 08 Feb 2020
Anaheim's county The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Oddly, usual color of an airplane’s black box Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2019
'Blood' food USA Today 04 Dec 2019
Red + yellow Universal 14 Nov 2019
Fruit that has no common rhymes Universal 05 Nov 2019
Halloween hue Thomas Joseph 30 Oct 2019
Colouring agent misused in Vietnam War? The Sun Two Speed 14 Sep 2019
Dutch royal house The Sun Two Speed 14 Sep 2019
Florida fruit LA Times Daily 02 Sep 2019
Florida fruit The Washington Post 02 Sep 2019
Creamsicle flavor LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2019
Creamsicle flavor The Washington Post 22 Aug 2019
Breakfast juice flavor The Washington Post 30 Jul 2019
Breakfast juice flavor LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2019
Hair color of the Muppet Beaker The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jul 2019
Fruit with segments Universal 30 Jun 2019
Marmalade flavor USA Today 31 May 2019
Color with no rhyme Newsday 19 May 2019
See 27-Across Premier Sunday 12 May 2019
Grove fruit Family Time 12 May 2019
Fruit or a colour The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2019
County in Florida and California Newsday 28 Mar 2019
Grand Marnier flavor LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2019
Grand Marnier flavor The Washington Post 27 Mar 2019
Like butterscotch New York Times 21 Mar 2019
Navel base? Wall Street Journal 21 Feb 2019
Some desperado ran German order Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jan 2019
Navel base?
Creamsicle flavor
Fruit with segments
Fruit that has no common rhymes
Florida fruit
Marmalade flavor
Grand Marnier flavor
Like butterscotch
Breakfast juice flavor
Like the middle stripe in traditional tricolor candy corn The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Dec 2018
Color of Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty Jonesin 27 Nov 2018
Common Creamsicle flavor USA Today 24 Nov 2018
Pumpkin color Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2018
Citrus fruit Universal 23 Oct 2018
Fruit; colour The Times Concise 10 Oct 2018
Ring and order fruit The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2018
Oriole color Newsday 27 Sep 2018
Like most of the Home Depot logo New York Times 15 Sep 2018
Creamsicle color Universal 07 Aug 2018
Like many tiger lilies The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Order car out of arrogance Irish Times Crosaire 24 Apr 2018
Common Jell-O flavor USA Today 07 Apr 2018
Duck by stove -- use this to make sauce for it? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2018
Le Grand ____ (Expo's first superstar) Canadiana 19 Mar 2018
Creamsicle's color Universal 07 Feb 2018
Pumpkin color New York Times 05 Feb 2018
Citrus fruit
Like most of the Home Depot logo
Pumpkin color
Common Creamsicle flavor
Like the middle stripe in traditional tricolor candy corn
Creamsicle's color
Creamsicle color
Sunset shade Newsday 28 Dec 2017
Disney World's county The Washington Post 20 Dec 2017
Disney World's county LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2017
Fruity California county Universal 16 Nov 2017
Fruit and duck on kitchen stove The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Nov 2017
Order gas cooker Irish Times Crosaire 20 Oct 2017
Yam color Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2017
Colour indigo's sixth on spectrum The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jul 2017
Word often said to lack a rhyme New York Times 09 Jul 2017
Carrot color Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2017
Color of Cheez Doodles USA Today 23 Apr 2017
Navel _____ roughy Canadiana 13 Mar 2017
Orlando's county Newsday 19 Feb 2017
Pulp source Thomas Joseph 23 Jan 2017
Color whose name has no common rhymes USA Today 22 Jan 2017
Grand Marnier flavor New York Times 10 Jan 2017
Color of Cheez Doodles
Color whose name has no common rhymes
Disney World's county
Fruity California county
Grand Marnier flavor
Word often said to lack a rhyme
Stocking-filler fruit The Telegraph Quick 24 Dec 2016
Colour that's nothing new in fashion The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2016
Creamsicle flavoring The Washington Post 03 Dec 2016
Color of the Dodge Charger on 'The Dukes of Hazzard' New York Times 12 Oct 2016
Heads seen on Halloween New York Times 15 Sep 2016
California county Universal 08 Sep 2016
Creamsicle flavor USA Today 30 Jul 2016
Perhaps a navel ring catalogue? The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jun 2016
Tangerine kin LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2016
Popsicle flavor USA Today 14 Jun 2016
Disneyland's county LA Times Daily 29 May 2016
Buddhist monks wear it New York Times 12 May 2016
Fruit, simian ecstasy The Guardian Cryptic 05 May 2016
Oriole color Universal 12 Apr 2016
Santa Ana's county LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2016
Like the 5 ball in pool USA Today 26 Mar 2016
Spectrum color Newsday 25 Feb 2016
Certain citrus fruit Universal 22 Feb 2016
Citrus fruit The Guardian Quick 30 Jan 2016
Secondary color Universal 11 Jan 2016
Fall color LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2016
Vitamin C provider USA Today 03 Jan 2016
Popsicle flavor
Broncos jersey shade
Color of the Dodge Charger on "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Heads seen on Halloween
Tangerine kin
Fall color
Disneyland's county
Creamsicle flavor
Secondary color
Vitamin C provider
Juicer fruit Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2015
Grove-grown globe USA Today 25 Nov 2015
Like road construction signs Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2015
Old cooker in Dutch house The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Oct 2015
Certain citrus fruit Family Time 27 Sep 2015
Citrus fruit Eugene Sheffer 17 Aug 2015
Certain fruit Universal 06 Aug 2015
Fake-tanned Jonesin 16 Jul 2015
Sherbet flavor Newsday 17 May 2015
Wander south of old tree The Telegraph Toughie 14 Apr 2015
Common fruit Family Time 12 Apr 2015
Kind of sauce for duck, poured say, over The Telegraph Toughie 25 Mar 2015
Order old cooker? Irish Times Crosaire 16 Feb 2015
Popular fruit USA Today 15 Feb 2015
Colour of old cooker? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jan 2015
Sherbet flavor
See 45-Across
Certain fruit
Color that, I hear, is the new black
Popular fruit
Grove-grown globe
"__ Is the New Black"
Like road construction signs
Marmalade hue
Southern California county
Carrot color
Citrus fruit
Grand Marnier flavoring
Citrus fruit
Marmalade flavor
Halloween hue
Sherbet choice
Baltimore Orioles uniform color
Syracuse team
Like traffic cones
Goldfish color
Halloween hue
Autumn color
Rainbow color
Its peel attracts slugs
Actual color of an airplane's black box
Like the right third of Ireland's flag
National color of the Netherlands
County name in California, Florida and New York
Color of carrot juice
House of ___
Color on the Irish flag
Vitamin C source
Grand Marnier flavor
Florida export
Florida export
Sherbet selection
One may get reamed
It's green at first
Like carrots
Sunset color
Popsicle choice
Bit of Florida produce
"A Clockwork ___"
Clementine's cousin
Halloween hue
Flavor of 44 Down
Color on the Irish flag
Source of vitamin C
Navel, e.g.
Valencia, for one
Fruit in a knock-knock joke
Color on the Irish flag
Autumn color
Popsicle choice
Anaheim's county
Bit of Florida produce
Popsicle choice
Fruit shunned by poets?
Syracuse's color
Valencia, for one
Fruit in a knock-knock joke
Crayon color
Anaheim's county
California county
Grand Marnier flavor
Popsicle choice
"High," in the Homeland Security Advisory System
U.S. threat level at airports
Skittles flavor
Triple sec flavor
Unrhymable word
Color on Ireland's flag
Like traffic cones
Fall color
Creamsicle color
Creamsicle color
Syracuse University team
California county
Its peel makes a good slug repellent
Sherbet flavor
Self-descriptive food
Syracuse University team
Tropicana fruit
What color is the black box in a commercial jet?
Halloween hue
JELL-O flavor
Roy G. Biv's "o"
Florida county
Curaçao flavoring
Color on the Irish flag
Like goldfish
Grand Marnier flavor
Self-descriptive fruit
Fall color
Juicy fruit
Vitamin C source
Triple-sec flavoring
Word absent from rhyming dictionaries
Vitamin C source
C source
"High" terror alert level
Citrus fruit
Syracuse team
Color in a Kubrick film title
Valencia, e.g.
Halloween hue
Agent of the Vietnam War?
Like pumpkins and traffic cones
New York county
Marigold color
With 41 Across, locale of Santa Ana, California
Like a harvest moon
Rainbow band
Grand Marnier flavoring
Florida fruit
Soda flavor
Like some penguin feet
Disneyland's county
California county
Grove fruit
Grove fruit
Syracuse players
Like many Ping-Pong balls, nowadays
Juice source
Grove fruit
Creamsicle color
New Jersey city
Vitamin C source
Crêpes suzette flavoring
Triple sec flavoring
Vitamin C source
Vitamin C source
Navel or mandarin
Rhymeless fruit
Sherbet flavor
Halloween shade
Halloween color
It's sometimes served in slices
Fall color
Halloween color
Like a harvest moon
Syracuse athletes, for short
Valencia, e.g.
New Jersey city
Color on Ireland's flag
Fruit that doesn't rhyme
Curaçao flavoring
Navel base
Screwdriver hue
Halloween color
Oriole color
William III's House
Fall color
Lunchbox item
Kool-Aid choice
California county
Oriole color
Halloween color
Food that comes in slices
Florida product
Clown-fish color
Like the five ball
Grove globe
County of California
Grove product
County in California
Disneyland county
Fruit native to China
Mandarin or satsuma
Screwdriver fruit
Red-yellow combo
Popsicle flavor
Orlando's county
Bowl name
Agent --
Triple sec flavoring
An original Jell-O flavor
Unrhymable word
Popsicle flavor
Anaheim's county
Halloween hue
House of William III
Squeezed fruit
Ade flavoring
Hot hue
One of the Bowls
Osage or mandarin
Color on the flag of Ireland
Juicy fruit
Halloween color
A color of the full moon
Color on Ireland's flag
Orlando's county
Juice source
Bit of Florida produce
Syracuse jockwise
It comes with sections
Florida fruit
Syracuse, colorwise
Red plus yellow
Like Syracuse men?
Vitamin C provider
Miami bowl
Dutch dynastic name
Grove item
New Jersey city
Grove-grown globe
October 31 color
Color on the Irish flag
Moon shade
Juicy fruit
Syracuse's team color
Native Californian?
Popular fruit
Poet's least favorite fruit
Mandarin, e.g.
Lesotho river
Life Saver flavor
Jellybean flavor
Full moon color
C source
Dutch royal house
Dutch royal name
Marmalade fruit
Temple ___
Los Angeles neighbor
Popsicle color
Like a harvest moon
Miami's _____ Bowl
Florida product
Vitamin C source
Old English royal house
Los Angeles suburb
Food that comes in slices
One of the Bowls
Holland's royal family
Pekoe forerunner
Denver's favorite hue
Color without a rhyme
African river
Mandarin or Temple
Hue at Syracuse U.
Citrus fruit
Seville, e.g.
Miami's ___ Bowl
Bergamot or mandarin
Dec. 24 stocking-stuffer
Syracuse color
A suburb of Newark
"A Clockwork ___," Burgess book
City on the Sabine
Bowl in Miami
Valencia, e.g.
Valencia, e.g.
Mandarin or temple
Kind of spoon or stick
Autumnal color
Reddish-yellow color
Princely European house
"A Clockwork ___," 1971 film
Resort in SE France
Kind of tree
Sunset shade
Osage, for one
Temple or mandarin
Bowl in Miami
William's color
___ blossom (cocktail)
Color for William
Fruit-salad item
William of ___
Miami bowl
William III's principality
Juicy fruit
City in New Jersey
Princeton color
Royal house of Netherlands.
Seville or Valencia.
Product of Spain.
Royal House of the Netherlands.
Treat in a lunch box.
European ruling house.
New Jersey city.
Candy flavor.
Miami's "Bowl."
Bright color.
Reddish yellow.
River of South Africa.
Soft drink flavor.
Reigning Netherlands royal house.
Sunset color.
Dessert flavoring.
Favorite fruit.
Florida bowl.
Evergreen tree.
Product of Florida.
One of the Bowls.
Juliana's House.
Syracuse's color.
Duck garnish.
Syracuse team.
Florida tree.
Bowl at Miami.
Vitamin C source.
Queen Juliana's House.
1,300-mile river in South Africa.
Tangelo's relative.
City in New Jersey.
Relative of the mandarin.
Dutch royal house.
Juliana's royal family.
River in South Africa.
Royal family of Netherlands.
1300-mi. river in South Africa.
___ Free State, South Africa.
Principal river of South Africa.
Queen Wilhelmina's dynasty.
Traditional gift in most Christmas stockings.
Descriptive of glow over Broadway.
Important source of vitamins.
Former Free State in Africa.
House of William III.
Dutch radio station in England.
Vitamin C fruit.
Citrus fruit.
Free Dutch broadcasting service.
Royal House of Netherlands.
Fanta color
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