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Word "ORGAN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
wind instrument whose sound is produced by means of pipes arranged in sets supplied with air from a bellows and controlled from a large complex musical keyboard
pipe organ

Part of Speech:
(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ
electric organ, electronic organ, hammond organ

Part of Speech:
a free-reeded instrument with a piano keyboard in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows
harmonium, reed organ

Crossword Clues for ORGAN

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Clue Source Date
Instrument heard at a baseball game USA Today 09 Apr 2021
Keyboard instrument The Sun Two Speed 03 Apr 2021
Groan moving church fixture The Sun Two Speed 03 Apr 2021
Liver or kidney Universal 17 Mar 2021
Hammond B-3, notably Jonesin 16 Mar 2021
Musical instrument The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2021
Church instrument The Telegraph Quick 13 Feb 2021
The Phantom's instrument USA Today 01 Feb 2021
Mormon Tabernacle instrument Universal 17 Jan 2021
Church keyboard Eugene Sheffer 05 Jan 2021
Periodical Newsday 26 Dec 2020
A musical instrument The Telegraph Quick 01 Dec 2020
Music producer showing heart? The Sun Two Speed 05 Nov 2020
Eye, for one Universal 18 Oct 2020
Instrument with pedals Universal 30 Sep 2020
Wurlitzer product LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2020
Kidney or liver Canadiana 31 Aug 2020
Electric, pipe or reed are examples The Guardian Speedy 30 Aug 2020
Functional unit in the body Irish Times Simplex 05 Aug 2020
Vital thing, frequently The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jul 2020
The church keys? The Sun Two Speed 01 Jul 2020
Publication The Times Concise 03 May 2020
Stomach perhaps that makes a noise in church? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Apr 2020
Choir accompaniment Universal 08 Apr 2020
___ donor USA Today 30 Mar 2020
Church keys groan when turned The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
Mouthpiece heading off on horse Irish Times Crosaire 24 Mar 2020
Heart, for one Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2020
Heart, say -- that's stopped? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Mar 2020
Mass medium Newsday 22 Feb 2020
Air-powered instrument Irish Times Simplex 18 Feb 2020
Instrument that may be vital? The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Feb 2020
Silent movie accompaniment USA Today 25 Dec 2019
Heart or liver Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2019
'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' instrument The Washington Post 19 Dec 2019
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" instrument LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2019
Calliope cousin Newsday 21 Nov 2019
Wurlitzer, for example The Telegraph Quick 20 Nov 2019
Large instrument The Times Concise 18 Nov 2019
Instrument with stops Universal 03 Nov 2019
Instrument in an old-timey theater New York Times 29 Oct 2019
Lifesaving donation, perhaps Universal 02 Sep 2019
Phantom's instrument USA Today 18 Aug 2019
Ballpark instrument USA Today 04 Aug 2019
Newspaper, say, that's often found in a loft The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jul 2019
Instrument with pedals and pipes Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2019
Jimmy Smith's instrument Universal 02 Jul 2019
Voluntary player Wall Street Journal 23 May 2019
Instrument played with hands and feet Universal 29 Apr 2019
Large intestine, e.g Universal 29 Mar 2019
Liver, for instance (with 85 Across) Newsday 17 Mar 2019
Newspaper with heart? The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2019
113 Down's instrument Newsday 03 Mar 2019
Choir accompanier Thomas Joseph 30 Jan 2019
Tabernacle instrument USA Today 25 Jan 2019
Instrument prominent in Deep Purple's music USA Today 24 Jan 2019
Radio City Music Hall has a famous one New York Times 06 Jan 2019
Large intestine, e.g.
Heart, e.g Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2018
Newspaper somewhat disorganised The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2018
What courage aunt shows with regular donation The Telegraph Toughie 23 Nov 2018
Up in London, a growing newspaper, for example The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Nov 2018
Heart that's stopped in church? The Sun Two Speed 29 Oct 2018
It may be played in a stadium Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2018
Hymn accompaniment Universal 24 Sep 2018
A church musician may have such an ear? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2018
Eye or ear USA Today 19 Aug 2018
Maybe heart that's stopped in church? The Sun Two Speed 14 Aug 2018
Groan when turning church keys? The Sun Two Speed 21 Jun 2018
Lung or liver Wall Street Journal 04 Jun 2018
Hammond or Lowrey offering USA Today 20 May 2018
Ballpark musical instrument Newsday 09 May 2018
Ballpark player? Wall Street Journal 02 May 2018
Ballpark music maker Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2018
Instrument for the Masses Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2018
Old worked keeping in good heart, say The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2018
Nonmonetary donation New York Times 22 Feb 2018
Groan about liver, perhaps The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2018
Harmonium The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2018
Player in a baseball stadium New York Times 10 Feb 2018
Brain or liver Universal 07 Feb 2018
Instrument to hymn to? Universal 21 Jan 2018
Heart, e.g.
Gold to be worth more after one's ignored media outlet The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2017
Phantom of the Opera's instrument Newsday 05 Oct 2017
Spleen or pancreas USA Today 18 Sep 2017
Body part The Washington Post 02 Sep 2017
Opera phantom's instrument USA Today 30 Aug 2017
The spleen, for one Universal 26 Aug 2017
Mouthpiece with horse needing no introduction Irish Times Crosaire 21 Aug 2017
Lung, for one Premier Sunday 07 May 2017
The eye is one Universal 06 May 2017
Pipe instrument The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2017
Heart or spleen Thomas Joseph 17 Apr 2017
Choir's accompaniment Newsday 12 Mar 2017
Skin, but not bones LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2017
Cathedral fixture Newsday 19 Feb 2017
Instrument for Broadway's Phantom USA Today 10 Feb 2017
Instrument with keyboard and mouthpiece The Times Cryptic 06 Jan 2017
Human skin, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Dec 2016
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