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Word "ORGANS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
edible viscera of a butchered animal
variety meat

Crossword Clues for ORGANS

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Clue Source Date
Body parts and musical instruments Irish Times Simplex 05 Mar 2021
Hearts, e.g Thomas Joseph 03 Mar 2021
Hammond instruments Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Some are vital LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2021
Church features Canadiana 01 Feb 2021
Voluntary players Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Instruments with stops LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2021
Internal medicine concern Newsday 24 Jul 2020
Keyboards with stops The Washington Post 03 May 2020
Things you hear in church produced by the newspapers Irish Times Crosaire 08 Feb 2020
It's nothing to do with writing by Hitch reviewed in a number of newspapers Irish Times Crosaire 29 Nov 2019
Eyes and ears Universal 22 Oct 2019
Church keyboards Eugene Sheffer 11 Sep 2019
Air-powered instruments Irish Times Simplex 07 Jun 2019
Functional units in the body Irish Times Simplex 19 Feb 2019
Keyboard instruments The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2019
Such as liver, heart, etc The Times Concise 17 Sep 2018
They're often heard performing hymns Newsday 02 Aug 2018
Parts of the body The Telegraph Quick 21 Jul 2018
Those in the body of horses missing the first Irish Times Crosaire 22 Jun 2018
Heart and liver, for two Universal 14 Nov 2017
Parts of the body of horses missing the first Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jul 2017
Strange groans heard in churches Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jun 2017
Eye, kidney and heart Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
Hearts, but not minds LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2016
They may have many stops New York Times 11 Feb 2016
Bach is played on them Universal 15 Dec 2015
Church instruments Newsday 15 Sep 2015
Transplanted body parts Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2015
Abnormal groans heard in churches Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jan 2015
Offal stuff
They may be donated
Instruments with pedals
Church hymn accompaniers
They have stops and keys
Hearts, e.g.
Mass merchandise?
Instruments with many pedals
Locations for many pipes
They have many stops
Hymn-playing instruments
Kidneys, e.g.
Hymn accompaniers
Church music-makers
Much-needed donations
Hammond products
Hearts, but not spades
Some donations
Church fixtures
Bach may be played on them
Musical instruments with pipes
Synthesizer ancestors
They may be vital
These can be vital
Appendixes, e.g.
They can get pretty loud in church
Gills and lungs
People parts
Some may be donated
Corporate newsletters
Sites for pipes
Yamaha offerings
Lofty instruments, sometimes
Vital _____
Choir accompaniments
These have stops
Mouth and hand instruments
Reed and pipe
Instruments for Ethel Smith
Eyes and ears, e.g.
Barrel and vital
Cathedral features.
Pipe ___.
Wind instruments.
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