Word "ORMOLU" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
brass that looks like gold; used to decorate furniture

Crossword Clues for ORMOLU

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Clue Source Date
Gold-leaf The Telegraph Quick 26 Sep 2022
Copper, zinc and tin alloy The Times Concise 10 Jul 2022
Walls of unusual room renovated in shiny coat The Times Cryptic 20 Jan 2022
Brass that looks like gold The Guardian Quick 06 Jan 2022
Gold leaf or gilt metallic ware The Telegraph General Knowledge 16 May 2021
Gold-coloured alloy for decoration Irish Times Simplex 20 Jan 2021
Gold-coloured alloy in furniture decoration The Guardian Speedy 27 Dec 2020
Gold-coloured alloy The Telegraph Quick 08 Nov 2020
Gold-leaf The Telegraph Quick 25 May 2020
Ersatz gold leaf The New Yorker 13 Apr 2020
From the French for “powdered gold”, an 18th and 19th-century decorative technique used for clocks and similar articles The Times Specialist Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Gold-coloured alloy The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Mar 2019
Gold-like decoration The Telegraph Quick 20 Mar 2019
Brass resembling gold The Telegraph Quick 21 Dec 2018
Gold-coloured alloy The Guardian Speedy 06 Oct 2018
Rum loo embellished with gilt decoration The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Dec 2017
Gold leaf in unusual room, with centre in blue The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jan 2017
Brass that resembles gold Universal 01 Jul 2016
Faux gold The Washington Post 26 Jun 2016
Brass that looks like gold Irish Times Simplex 11 Apr 2016
Brass that resembles gold
Decorative gold-coloured alloy The Times Concise 15 Oct 2015
Turns up, university circle to address love of ornate gilded decoration Irish Times Crosaire 19 May 2015
Alloy of copper and zinc
Imitation gold decoration
Ersatz gold
Imitation gold decoration
Ornamental gilded bronze
Ornamental gilded bronze
Imitation gold
Faux gold
Imitation gold
Gilded brass
Ersatz gold
Furniture decorating technique
An imitation of gold
Golden bronze, in decor
Ersatz gold leaf
Imitation gold
Imitation gold
Ersatz gold leaf
Imitation gold
Gold-imitating alloy
Imitation gold
Goldlike brass
Imitation gold leaf
Imitation gold decoration
Decorative bronze
Gold-like alloy
Mosaic gold
Gilded metal
Goldlike alloy
Furniture decoration
Decorative brass
Decorative brass.
Imitation gold.
Mosaic gold.
Imitation gold leaf.
Brass made to imitate gold.
Gilded metal.
Bright-colored brass.
Brass that looks like gold.
Gilt metal.
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