Crossword Clues for OSCARS

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Clue Source Date
Awards for Hunt and Hunter LA Times Daily 12 May 2022
Awards for Hunt and Hunter The Washington Post 12 May 2022
Trio for Bergman and Streep LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2022
Trio for Bergman and Streep The Washington Post 29 Apr 2022
Academy Awards USA Today 19 Mar 2022
Coveted Hollywood trophies USA Today 09 Feb 2022
Trio for Daniel Day-Lewis New York Times 25 Jan 2022
Katharine Hepburn’s four Wall Street Journal 08 Jan 2022
Statues of 'Rocky' The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jan 2022
Best Animated Short Film and others Universal 01 Jan 2022
Motion picture awards The Guardian Quick 21 Dec 2021
"Star Wars" won seven of them Premier Sunday 31 Oct 2021
Varied across goals achieved by top players The Guardian Cryptic 07 Oct 2021
Uncle Walt's 32 Newsday 18 Jul 2021
Academy Awards USA Today 12 Jul 2021
Hollywood statuettes USA Today 20 Jun 2021
Mutual admiration ceremonies? You may see one or two in Hollywood The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2021
11 for “Titanic” Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2021
Academy Awards The Telegraph Quick 05 Mar 2021
Foursome for director John Ford Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2021
#___SoWhite (movement to diversify film awards) USA Today 09 Feb 2021
Academy awards The Times Concise 21 Jan 2021
Hollywood awards USA Today 13 Jan 2021
Film awards Irish Times Simplex 11 Jan 2021
Field pair LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2020
Field pair The Washington Post 26 Dec 2020
Some people get them for scoring Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2020
Film awards Thomas Joseph 02 Sep 2020
Quintet for John Williams Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2020
Most-watched annual awards show, with 'the' New York Times 26 May 2020
Tinseltown trophies Newsday 29 Apr 2020
Film awards USA Today 06 Dec 2019
Coveted statuettes USA Today 27 Oct 2019
Movie awards The Telegraph Quick 15 Oct 2019
Academy bestowals The Washington Post 13 Oct 2019
Academy bestowals LA Times Daily 13 Oct 2019
American film Awards Irish Times Simplex 23 Sep 2019
Tinseltown trophies USA Today 24 Aug 2019
Awards for some scorers Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2019
John Ford's four Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2019
Best Actor awards, e.g Premier Sunday 07 Apr 2019
Hollywood prizes but no marks The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2019
Academy Awards The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2019
Prized statuettes Universal 05 Mar 2019
Prized statuettes
Academy bestowals
John Ford's four
Awards for some scorers
Tinseltown trophies
Coveted statuettes
Quartet for Katharine Hepburn Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2018
Academy Awards Newsday 28 Aug 2018
Filmdom awards LA Times Daily 04 Jun 2018
Filmdom awards The Washington Post 04 Jun 2018
Awards zero marks? The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2018
Sword-holding statuettes Newsday 09 May 2018
Annual winter telecast, with 'The' The Washington Post 15 Apr 2018
Annual winter telecast, with "The" LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2018
March extravaganza, with "the" USA Today 25 Mar 2018
Quartet for Katharine Hepburn
Filmdom awards
Annual winter telecast, with "The"
Hollywood statues Universal 22 Dec 2017
Annual event viewed live by hundreds of millions of people, with 'the' New York Times 26 Nov 2017
''Hollywood's Biggest Night'' bestowals Newsday 12 Nov 2017
John Williams quintet LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2017
John Williams quintet The Washington Post 11 Nov 2017
Movie awards Universal 25 Aug 2017
Best Actor awards Universal 31 Jul 2017
Tinseltown trophies Eugene Sheffer 21 Jun 2017
Very large vehicles getting awards The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2017
John Williams quintet
Movie awards
Hollywood statues
Best Actor awards
Annual event viewed live by hundreds of millions of people, with "the"
Statuettes that were made of painted plaster during WWII LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2016
''Hollywood's Biggest Night'' presentations Newsday 02 Dec 2016
American Academy Awards Irish Times Simplex 02 Nov 2016
Film awards Newsday 24 Oct 2016
Oldest entertainment awards ceremony New York Times 05 Oct 2016
Katharine Hepburn's foursome USA Today 03 Oct 2016
Star-filled night New York Times 22 Sep 2016
Prized statuettes The Washington Post 08 Sep 2016
Prestigious statuettes The Washington Post 02 Aug 2016
Academy Awards The Washington Post 21 Jul 2016
Coveted statuettes LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2016
Academy Awards Universal 14 Jan 2016
Turns up, nun gets to answer statisticians getting awards for playing their part Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jan 2016
Statuettes that were made of painted plaster during WWII
Academy Awards
Star-filled night
Coveted statuettes
Oldest entertainment awards ceremony
Katharine Hepburn's foursome
Circles on traffic awards The Sun Two Speed 26 Dec 2015
Awards for Helen Hunt and Holly Hunter LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2015
'Titanic' haul Premier Sunday 08 Nov 2015
Film trophies Newsday 04 Aug 2015
Wilde's awards The Telegraph Toughie 24 Feb 2015
Awards for Helen Hunt and Holly Hunter
Film trophies
'Titanic' haul
They're clutched during some speeches
See 18-Across or 46-Down
Entertainment awards usually presented in March
Glitzy winter event, with "the"
Statuettes first awarded in 1929
Tinseltown trophies
Elizabeth Taylor's pair
13½-inch-tall honors
"Chicago" sextet
Nicholson's threesome
Annual event since 1929, with "the"
Prizes given to good docs?
Star-studded show, with "the"
Trio for Jack Nicholson
13½-inch-tall honors
Nominees for them are announced in January
Annual black-tie affair, with "the"
Annual black-tie affair, with "the"
Academy Awards
Walt Disney had 26 of them
Tom Hanks has two
John Williams quintet?
Prized statuettes
Annual Kodak Theatre events, with "the"
Prized statuettes
Academy Awards
John Williams quintet?
Honors for roles
Walt Disney's record collection
Hepburn's four
Walt Disney has more of these than anyone else
Katharine Hepburn's foursome
Hollywood treasures
Field's pair
Annual Hollywood gala, with "the"
"The Sound of Music" quintet
"The Sound of Music" quintet
Field pair
Hollywood awards
Annual Hollywood gala, with "the"
Academy Awards
AMPAS bestowals
Annual event held at the Kodak Theater, with "the"
Spencer Tracy's pair
Annual Sunday event, with "the"
Film awards
8.5-pound awards
Honors for top scorers?
Academy Awards
Annual entertainment ceremony, with "the"
Prestigious statuettes
Coveted statuary
Academy Awards
Great pretenders get them
Nicholson trio
Tom Hanks has two
Back-to-back awards for Hanks
Wilde and Hammerstein
Peterson and Wilde
March, 2006 ceremony, with "the"
8.5-pound trophies
Speech-inspiring figures
March, 2006 ceremony, with "the"
Washington has two
Annual event with 7-Down
Annual Sunday night event, with "the"
Early-spring handouts
Wilde and Levant
Jack Nicholson has three
Prized statuettes
Spring ceremony, with "the"
Occasion for rolling out the red carpet
Capra's threesome
Jane Fonda's pair
Spring ceremony, with "the"
Film awards
Film awards
Awards awarded in the spring
They were on TV last March
Annual glitterati gathering
John Williams has five
Prestigious movie-ad word
Jane Fonda's duo
Hanks' bookends?
Prestigious movie-ad word
Yearly awards
Annual TV event, with "the"
Some statuettes
Back-to-back awards for Tom Hanks
Some film awards
Speech-inspiring figures
Movie awards
Spring awards
Hepburn's quartet
Hanks' two
Hepburn's quartet
Coveted awards
Box office boosters, often
Annual ceremony, with "The"
March ceremony
March extravaganza
Event where stars shine (with "The")
Golden awards
Hollywood statues
Movie awards
Hanks has two
Annual TV event, with "the"
Prized statuettes
Tracy's pair
Anthropologist Lewis and writer Levant
Some March excitement, with "the"
Hollywood handouts
Prestigious statuettes
March event
Katharine Hepburn has four
Golden statuettes of note
Awards handed out since 1927
Spring event
Star's statuettes
AMPAS awards
AMPAS bestowals
Duo for de Havilland
Film awards
Levant and others.
Certain annual awards.
Wilde and others.
Annual awards.
Famous statuettes.
March awards.
Mantel pieces in Hollywood.
Eight for "On the Waterfront."
Statuette awards.
Hollywood prizes.
Treasured statuettes.
Cooper and Booth got them.
Event of March 19.
Coveted acting awards.
Hollywood trophies.
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