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Word "PACER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a horse used to set the pace in racing
pacemaker, pacesetter

Part of Speech:
a horse trained to a special gait in which both feet on one side leave the ground together

Crossword Clues for PACER

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Clue Source Date
Indiana athlete New York Times 07 Feb 2021
Reggie Miller, for his entire NBA career LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2021
Track horse Thomas Joseph 01 Jan 2021
Hoosier State NBAer LA Times Daily 28 Nov 2020
Harness-race horse Thomas Joseph 17 Oct 2020
Indiana player Thomas Joseph 23 Jul 2020
Runner in front Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Indiana baller USA Today 27 May 2020
Indiana NBAer USA Today 31 Dec 2019
Rug wearer-outer USA Today 14 Oct 2019
Publicity about star horse not very good? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Oct 2019
Person in the lead Newsday 29 Sep 2019
Sulky puller USA Today 17 Aug 2019
Indiana hoopster Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2019
Indiana NBA player The Washington Post 27 Mar 2019
Horse in many a harness race USA Today 20 Jan 2019
Summary of what was said about walker The Telegraph Toughie 15 Jan 2019
Hoosier State hoopster Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2019
Worrywart, at times The Washington Post 26 Aug 2018
Harness race horse The Washington Post 04 Aug 2018
NBA star Victor Oladipo, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 27 May 2018
Reggie Miller, for his entire 18-year career Wall Street Journal 10 May 2018
Hoosier hoopster New York Times 22 Apr 2018
Racing horse Universal 18 Mar 2018
A pro in Indiana Universal 13 Mar 2018
On reflection, go over to find horse The Telegraph Toughie 21 Nov 2017
One setting the speed The Telegraph General Knowledge 12 Nov 2017
Indiana pro Universal 20 Sep 2017
Indiana cager Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2017
Runner in the lead Newsday 05 Mar 2017
Sulky-pulling horse LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2017
Specially trained horse, one in Puerto Rico The Times Cryptic 26 Oct 2016
Horse seen from uppermost part of pear tree The Times Cryptic 30 Aug 2016
Evident worrywart New York Times 14 Aug 2016
Power with which star runs — probably a runner to fade? The Times Cryptic 01 Jul 2016
Horse that sets the speed The Times Concise 17 Jun 2016
Expectant dad, maybe Universal 02 May 2016
Front runner Newsday 10 Apr 2016
1970s compact car dubbed 'The Flying Fishbowl' The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Mar 2016
An Indiana NBA player USA Today 19 Feb 2016
Indiana basketball player Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2016
One in the lead Newsday 29 Jan 2016
Speed-setter to summarise return The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2016
Speed-setter The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2016
1970s compact car dubbed "The Flying Fishbowl"
Horse in a harness New York Times 12 Nov 2015
Hidden among sheep, a certain sort of horse The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2015
Harness horse or 70s AMC Canadiana 28 Sep 2015
An expectant father, perhaps Universal 28 Sep 2015
Bankers Life Fieldhouse player Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2015
Bankers Life Fieldhouse athlete LA Times Daily 22 May 2015
Worried walker Newsday 23 Jan 2015
Sulky leader
Indiana basketballer
Person taking the lead
Bull's opponent, frequently
Basketballer whose home court is at Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Horse in a harness race
Walking worrier
Specialized racehorse
One walking back and forth
Amps '95 album
One in front
'70s AMC compact
Leader of the pack
Horse trained for harness racing
Indiana basketball pro
Restless walker
Reggie Miller, for one
AMC model
Rabbit, to greyhounds
Indiana pro athlete
Nervous person in a hospital waiting room, perhaps
Obviously nervous one
Harness racer
Apparently anxious person
Celtic rival
Conseco Fieldhouse cager
Worrying sort
AMC model of the 1970s
Horse trained to run at a certain gait
Harness horse
Harness-racing horse
Sulky hauler
1970s AMC car
Lead car, sometimes
Edsel model
One who walks back and forth
'70s AMC car
Conseco Fieldhouse player
Indy 500 automobile
Certain track auto
An expectant father, e.g.
Certain racehorse
Piston rival
'70s AMC auto
Expectant dad, perhaps
Leading horse
Track competitor
Racing rabbit
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.