Word "PAPER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the physical object that is the product of a newspaper publisher
when it began to rain he covered his head with a newspaper

Part of Speech:
an essay (especially one written as an assignment)
composition, report, theme

Part of Speech:
a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements
he read his newspaper at breakfast

Crossword Clues for PAPER

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Clue Source Date
Each year having a written test The Times Cryptic 24 May 2022
Government report The Times Concise 09 May 2022
It's for writing and wrapping Irish Times Simplex 02 May 2022
Grocery bag option USA Today 27 Feb 2022
Academic essay The Guardian Quick 25 Jan 2022
Acronym for the Donald C. Backer radio telescope in South Africa The Guardian Weekend 15 Jan 2022
To the audience, type of TV view material The Guardian Cryptic 13 Jan 2022
Rock beater Thomas Joseph 08 Jan 2022
Game option represented by a flat palm New York Times 02 Jan 2022
Stationery item The Telegraph Quick 13 Dec 2021
Copier under pressure in exam The Times Cryptic 09 Dec 2021
Exercises found in standard composition The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2021
News publication The Telegraph Quick 16 Nov 2021
It beats rock USA Today 29 Oct 2021
Origami sheet Newsday 19 Oct 2021
Stuff to recycle Newsday 05 Sep 2021
Certain recyclable New York Times 01 Sep 2021
Scholarly work New York Times 16 Jul 2021
Staples supply LA Times Daily 23 May 2021
Staples supply The Washington Post 23 May 2021
Old-fashioned screen? Universal 20 May 2021
Item sold in reams LA Times Daily 03 May 2021
Item sold in reams The Washington Post 03 May 2021
With 97 Across, grocery store stock The Washington Post Sunday 02 May 2021
Daily delivery LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2021
Daily delivery The Washington Post 22 Apr 2021
It beats rock, in a game The Washington Post 20 Apr 2021
It beats rock, in a game LA Times Daily 20 Apr 2021
Government report The Times Concise 03 Apr 2021
Origami need Universal 26 Mar 2021
Origami need Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2021
Classroom airplane material Universal 19 Jan 2021
Word before "plane" or "plate" Universal 11 Dec 2020
Copy in case of poor composition The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Nov 2020
Common crafting material The Washington Post Sunday 25 Oct 2020
Origami need Thomas Joseph 15 Oct 2020
Rag The Telegraph Quick 22 Sep 2020
Origamist's medium USA Today 01 Sep 2020
Product made from pulp Newsday 26 Jul 2020
For writing and for wrapping Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2020
Origami need Eugene Sheffer 07 Jul 2020
Origami medium USA Today 26 Jun 2020
Essay; rag The Telegraph Quick 10 Apr 2020
Printer supply Newsday 15 Mar 2020
Copier tray filler Newsday 09 Mar 2020
Document: page one ready to copy The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2019
Academic submission The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2019
News source Canadiana 30 Sep 2019
News medium The Times Concise 12 Aug 2019
60-Across, for one Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2019
The Inquirer or the Herald Universal 20 Jul 2019
Rock beater Thomas Joseph 13 Jul 2019
Mediocre writing before editor initially runs tabloid? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2019
Eg, The Times The Times Concise 23 Apr 2019
Pipe dream without Demi - the star! Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2019
School research assignment LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2019
School research assignment The Washington Post 12 Feb 2019
Mill output The Washington Post 20 Jan 2019
Mill output LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2019
See 19-Across New York Times 03 Jan 2019
See 19-Across
School research assignment
Mill output
60-Across, for one
Part of TP
The Inquirer or the Herald
Origami medium
Stationery buy Thomas Joseph 19 Dec 2018
Pressure in keeping back harvest leads to report Irish Times Crosaire 03 Nov 2018
Daily news provider Universal 09 Oct 2018
Writer's need Universal 02 Oct 2018
Material inserted into a printer Newsday 27 Aug 2018
Origami material Newsday 01 Aug 2018
Times for one set of exam questions? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jun 2018
Copier need Thomas Joseph 09 Jun 2018
One in a newsstand stack LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2018
One in a newsstand stack The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
With 40-Across, bills to pay with LA Times Daily 14 May 2018
With 40-Across, bills to pay with The Washington Post 14 May 2018
Bag type Universal 27 Mar 2018
Daily news source The Washington Post 08 Jan 2018
Daily news source LA Times Daily 08 Jan 2018
Daily news source
Writer's need
Daily news provider
One in a newsstand stack
With 40-Across, bills to pay with
Checkout choice LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2017
Checkout choice The Washington Post 28 Dec 2017
Printer need Universal 06 Oct 2017
Morning read The Washington Post 01 Oct 2017
Morning read LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2017
The Times or the Daily News, e.g New York Times 18 Sep 2017
Staple at Staples USA Today 13 Sep 2017
Writing material The Telegraph Quick 08 Jul 2017
Type of mill Universal 20 Mar 2017
Origami sheet Universal 11 Feb 2017
Journal The Telegraph Quick 06 Feb 2017
Commuter's diversion USA Today 02 Feb 2017
Printing surface Universal 07 Jan 2017
Origami supply The Washington Post 07 Jan 2017
Printing surface
Type of mill
Printer need
Staple at Staples
The Times or the Daily News, e.g.
Morning read
Checkout choice
Commuter's diversion
One prints articles perhaps enraging readers initially The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Dec 2016
"___ or plastic?" USA Today 01 Dec 2016
USA Today, e.g USA Today 15 Aug 2016
Printer's purchase Universal 04 Aug 2016
It might be ruled by a professor Newsday 02 Jul 2016
Origami medium LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2016
Dissertation The Telegraph Quick 02 Jun 2016
Wall covering USA Today 05 May 2016
Post or Daily News New York Times 06 Apr 2016
Grocery bag option Universal 21 Mar 2016
Writing assignment New York Times 21 Feb 2016
Commuter's reading LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Scissors beats it Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2016
Origami medium
Wall covering
USA Today, e.g.
Printer's purchase
Commuter's reading
Plastic alternative LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2015
Writing sheet The Sun Two Speed 02 Nov 2015
Assistant for each daily The Sun Two Speed 02 Nov 2015
It beats rock, but is beaten by scissors Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2015
First anniversary gift Thomas Joseph 09 Oct 2015
Origami sheet Newsday 15 Sep 2015
Journal or Post New York Times 06 Jul 2015
Supermarket option LA Times Daily 25 Jun 2015
Origami need Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2015
Alternative to rock and scissors New York Times 18 May 2015
Scholarly piece LA Times Daily 10 May 2015
Origami need
Pulp product - and word that can precede either part of 17-, 30-, 45-, and 62-Across
Plastic alternative
Alternative to rock and scissors
Journal or Post
It beats rock, but is beaten by scissors
Scholarly piece
Origami sheet
Supermarket option
Word with "tiger" or "trail"
Origami material
Origami need
Photocopier supply
It loses to scissors
Stationery buy
Loose-leaf filler
Rock beater
Kind of chase or trail
On ___ (in theory)
Post or Times
Rock cover?
Grocery bag option
Notebook filler
Origami supply
Inexpensive reprint, maybe
"February made me shiver, with every ___ I'd deliver"
Checkout option
Word with boy or tiger
Rock beater
Grocery bag option
Writing surface, and what may follow the last names of 18-, 40-, and 64-Across
Kind of chase or trail
Butcher's supply
Disposable c material
Flat hand, in a game
Word with "doll," "clip" or "bag"
Washington Post, e.g.
Rock beater, sometimes
Flat hand, in a game
*Rock conqueror?
First-anniversary tradition
Computer screen background
*Rock conqueror?
Traditional first anniversary gift
Rock beater, in a game
The pulp in pulp fiction
Checkout choice
Plastic alternative
Notebook filler
College assignment
Notebook filler
The New York Times, e.g.
Wood pulp product
Alternative to plastic
Commuter's reading, or word that can precede the first word of 16- and 52-Across and 10- and 30-Down
Grocery-bag option
Origami need
Morning purchase, for some
Alternative to plastic
Word with "doll," "clip" or "bag"
Commuter's reading, or word that can precede the first word of 16- and 52-Across and 10- and 30-Down
Plastic alternative
Post or Trib
"___ or plastic?"
Moneymaking need
It loses to scissors
Traditional first-anniversary gift
Word with "doll" or "bag"
Where you may find the ends of 17-, 23-, 52- and 63-Across
First anniversary gift
Writing material
Research project
Daily delivery
See 5-Across
Cover (over)
It beats rock
USA Today, for one
Word with Manila or India
With 37 Down, empty threat
Dog-training site, perhaps
Origami need
Commuter's read
A section may be classified
Commuter's read
Copier insert
Origami need
Communication medium
News source
News follower
Kind of trail or tiger
Alternative to plastic
Tribune or Post, e.g.
Word with boy or tiger
Plate material
College assignment
Staples staple
Word with clip and money
Piece of stationery
College assignment
Printer filler
News source
Written composition
Tabloid material
Word with tiger or trail
Type of tiger or towel
Word with doll, clip or bag
First anniversary gift
Canon fodder
Type of tiger or towel
Bag choice
Kind of trail or route
Word with news or tissue
Its sections start each theme answer
Office supply
Morning buy
Origami supply
___ nautilus
Recycling category
Office supply
Morning buy
Kite material
Supermarket bag option
Tabloid, for example
Morning coffee go-with
Origami need
Research assignment
Rock beater
Rock beater, in a game
Checkout choice
Tiger not to fear
Research assignment
Word before clip or cutter
Observation, part 3
Wrapping material
Checkout choice
Negotiable notes
Towel material
Treatise or essay
Wall covering
Stationery buy
Scissors and rock partner
Wall covering
First anniversary gift
Grocery store offering?
Kind of chase or trail
Paint alternative
Morning purchase
Plastic alternative
Morning reading for many
Tribune or Post
It's often found on a doorstep
Tabloid, e.g.
Sun or Post
Post in Washington, for example
Mill output
Origami need
Printer's purchase
Alternative to plastic at a supermarket
Plastic alternative
Origami supply
Writing medium
Weyerhaeuser output
____ Moon : 40's song
Times or Post
First-anniversary gift
Wove or laid e.g.
On _____ (theoretically)
Doll material
It hangs around the house
Doll type
Kind of tiger
Origami material
The Globe, e.g.
Daily, e.g.
Kind of tiger or wasp
"___ Moon"
Free tickets
Kind of tiger or moon
Successor to 59 Across
Kind of weight
Pulp product
Certain tiger
Recycling material
Charcoal artist's gear
Doll or tiger
Origami need
Wood product
Kind of tiger.
Theoretical, as some profits.
Bond or Manila.
Official document.
Symbol of first wedding anniversary.
"A scrap of ___."
Kind of money.
Kind of weight.
School assignment.
Product of Canada.
Article on a particular topic.
Product of Maine.
Gift for first anniversary.
Wood product.
First anniversary symbol.
Rolling ___
Writing material
Post, e.g.
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