Word "PARIS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the capital and largest city of France; and international center of culture and commerce
capital of france, city of light, french capital

Part of Speech:
sometimes placed in subfamily Trilliaceae
genus paris

Part of Speech:
a town in northeastern Texas

Crossword Clues for PARIS

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Clue Source Date
Dad taking a bit of a risk with capital (5)
Capital needed for change of air in afterthought (5)
Where frogs' legs may be eaten in pairs (5)
Where grisettes went around in pairs? (5)
A capital Trojan hero (5)
France's largest city
Capital punishment and rigorous imprisonment, say for all leaders (5)
A standard spare part is simply capital
City with catacombs
*On the Seine
2024 Olympics city Newsday 31 Mar 2024
Trojan capital
2024 Olympics hosts (5)
Son of Priam who eloped with Helen of Troy, causing the Trojan War (5)
Where apaches supposedly dance in pairs? (5)
City for cavorting pairs Mirror Cryptic 23 Mar 2024
European capital Mirror Quick 23 Mar 2024
1984 road film directed by Wim Wenders, _, Texas (5)
An American in ___, Gene Kelly musical (5)
Tour de France's terminus Universal 09 Mar 2024
City for cavorting pairs Mirror Cryptic 08 Mar 2024
European capital Mirror Quick 08 Mar 2024
Trojan prince who abducted Helen Mirror Tea Time 04 Mar 2024
Capital, the way he judged in favour of Aphrodite (5)
City in Victor Hugo novels LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2024
Trojan War figure LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2024
Capital answer to "What's a clue for 'average'?" (5)
Where a capital standard exists (5)
2024 Olympics site New York Times 22 Feb 2024
Eiffel Tower site
Seine spot
Eiffel Tower's city Newsday 19 Feb 2024
"Ratatouille" city LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2024
France's biggest city (5)
The capital is below par (5)
European capital Mirror Quick 09 Feb 2024
City for cavorting pairs Mirror Cryptic 09 Feb 2024
England won 2001 World Champs at this capital French venue (5)
Mean the i, small, should be a capital
Did Helen of Troy find him capital?
Where the Arc de Triomphe is Universal 31 Jan 2024
Louvre location Thomas Joseph 29 Jan 2024
Pairs wandering round city (5)
Capital of France Mirror Quiz 16 Jan 2024
Prince of Troy who abducted Helen and caused the Trojan War (5)
Mean one's in a foreign city (5)
Jackson or Hilton Commuter 04 Jan 2024
Socialite who is mum to two children by surrogate (5,6)
Lover of Helen of Troy
City for cavorting pairs Mirror Cryptic 24 Dec 2023
European capital Mirror Quick 24 Dec 2023
American media personality and businesswoman, Hilton
Socialite ___ Hilton wrote a new memoir (5)
French city hosting next year's Olympics (5)
Hilton heiress Eugene Sheffer 22 Dec 2023
City Hemingway called "a moveable feast" LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2023
French capital is after equality (5)
City on the Seine Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2023
City for cavorting pairs Mirror Cryptic 11 Dec 2023
European capital Mirror Quick 11 Dec 2023
Hilton heiress LA Times Daily 07 Dec 2023
Capital city situated on the river Seine (5)
City that "is burning," in the title of a classic documentary
Green : an insecticide (5)
Hilton who welcomed her and Carter Reum's second child on Thursday
-- green :an insecticide (5)
Equality is found in France (5)
Seine city The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2023
Pairs to split in French capital The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2023
Europe's "City of Light" Premier Sunday 19 Nov 2023
2024 Olympics host city USA Today 13 Nov 2023
Seine city Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2023
Home to the Louvre New York Times Mini 10 Nov 2023
"From hell to breakfast in ___," idiom with the French capital that means "go through a wide range of experiences"
European capital – Trojan prince The Guardian Quick 01 Nov 2023
___ Hilton, socialite whose song "Stars Are Blind" topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart
Capital of France The Telegraph Quick 23 Oct 2023
Eiffel Tower's city Universal 13 Oct 2023
France's capital Thomas Joseph 18 Sep 2023
Capital doubles when interest rate drops The Guardian Cryptic 29 Aug 2023
Is under average for capital The Times Cryptic 28 Aug 2023
2024 Olympics site Universal 20 Aug 2023
Seine city Eugene Sheffer 16 Aug 2023
Home to The Louvre
Lives continuing as normal where cathedral burned The Times Cryptic 02 Aug 2023
The Louvre's locale Newsday 26 Jul 2023
Capital city of France
City fathers touring river island The Times Cryptic 16 Jun 2023
Home of the Louvre Universal 14 Jun 2023
Achilles opponent Newsday 09 Jun 2023
Eiffel Tower's city
Métro area? New York Times 07 May 2023
Capital grandpa risked to some extent The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2023
France's capital and four-time host of the World Table Tennis Championships Finals
Eiffel Tower's city Newsday 10 Apr 2023
Eiffel Tower city Newsday 04 Apr 2023
Capital city home to Institut Curie USA Today 27 Mar 2023
Setting of 'Les Miz' Newsday 02 Mar 2023
Eiffel Tower setting Thomas Joseph 28 Feb 2023
Louvre location Thomas Joseph 13 Feb 2023
Achilles adversary Newsday 10 Feb 2023
Ontario town and French namesake Canadiana 16 Jan 2023
Eiffel Tower's city
Capital of France The Times Concise 09 Dec 2022
"Mrs. 'Arris Goes to ___," 1958 novel by Paul Gallico that was adapted into a 2022 comedy-drama film
The Louvre's city USA Today 23 Sep 2022
Musée d'Orsay city LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2022
Louvre locale Thomas Joseph 31 Aug 2022
Birthplace of Molière and Voltaire Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2022
Average individual's capital The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jul 2022
Father, gentleman going round capital city The Times Cryptic 15 Jul 2022
Capital of France USA Today 08 Jun 2022
European capital with a baguette-baking competition Universal 29 May 2022
European capital where "Amelie" is set Universal 16 Apr 2022
Capital where Emma Watson was born USA Today 06 Apr 2022
French home of Lacoste Universal 04 Apr 2022
"A moveable feast," to Hemingway LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2022
'A moveable feast,' to Hemingway The Washington Post 11 Feb 2022
City on the Seine river which is a popular shopping destination
2024 Summer Games city The Washington Post Sunday 23 Jan 2022
Setting for “La Bohème” New York Times 08 Jan 2022
Romantic capital where celebs like Sacha Baron Cohen and Salma Hayek got married
2024 Olympics host New York Times 02 Jan 2022
Climate Accords city USA Today 17 Dec 2021
French city nicknamed the "City of Love"
French capital LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2021
Capital city of France where Emma Watson was born
Sorbonne setting Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2021
Eiffel Tower city
Place de la Bastille location Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2021
Who took Helen‘s capital?
Churchgoers not wholly in European city The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2021
''Mona Lisa'' home Newsday 15 Aug 2021
City of Love ... and the Louvre Universal 10 Aug 2021
European capital The Times Concise 19 Jul 2021
The Louvre city USA Today 17 Jul 2021
Church district not completely in capital The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2021
City where lives must go on as normal
Louvre location Thomas Joseph 08 May 2021
The Sorbonne's city Universal 26 Apr 2021
Seine city Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2021
Where ''Les Miz'' premiered Newsday 31 Jan 2021
Arc de Triomphe city Newsday 17 Jan 2021
Monet's birthplace Newsday 03 Jan 2021
"Passport to ___," 1999 direct-to-video movie starring the Olsen twins which is set in France
Capital of France Universal 06 Dec 2020
Centre Pompidou setting Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2020
Pairs to split in French city The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2020
Seine capital The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2020
Champs-Elysees city USA Today 01 Nov 2020
Capital of France The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2020
___ Hilton, "House of Wax" actress and socialite who had a pet kinkajou named Baby Luv
French city where the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was held
Arc de Triomphe locale Universal 17 Sep 2020
Almost all flock to see European city
Is below standard for a European capital The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2020
Eiffel Tower's city
2015 climate-accord city The New Yorker 11 May 2020
Arc de Triomphe city USA Today 09 Apr 2020
Host of the 2024 Olympics USA Today 06 Apr 2020
City on the Seine The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
Endless church district in city The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
Seine straddler Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2020
___, France, home to the UNESCO headquarters that promotes human rights
Climate agreement city
Eiffel Tower setting Thomas Joseph 16 Dec 2019
The Louvre's city Universal 09 Dec 2019
City's endless church district The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2019
Capital on the Seine The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2019
Arch of Triumph locale USA Today 11 Nov 2019
Home to Notre Dame USA Today 08 Nov 2019
City district with no hotel
City that Anne Rice called 'a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history' The Washington Post Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Home of Chanel and Cartier
Home of Chanel and Cartier New York Times 23 Oct 2019
Moulin Rouge city USA Today 19 Oct 2019
Eiffel Tower's city
Voltaire's birthplace Newsday 22 Sep 2019
River dividing Pisa meanders out of European capital Irish Times Crosaire 16 Sep 2019
Moulin Rouge locale Newsday 25 Aug 2019
Husband leaving local church area for capital city
Arc de Triomphe's city Universal 09 Jun 2019
Eiffel Tower city Thomas Joseph 06 May 2019
French capital The Times Concise 25 Apr 2019
Average is capital!
Pompidou Center setting Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2019
Jardin des Tuileries setting Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2019
City's matches: one's been put back
French capital city known as "The City of Light"
Pairs to split in French capital The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2019
'The Phantom of the Opera' setting The Washington Post 11 Jan 2019
"The Phantom of the Opera" setting LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2019
"The Phantom of the Opera" setting
Jardin des Tuileries setting
Arc de Triomphe's city
Pompidou Center setting
Moulin Rouge city
Hilton in European capital? The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2018
French capital The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2018
Setting for 'The Sun Also Rises' The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Nov 2018
Romeo's rival LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2018
"___, Je T'aime" (2006 omnibus film) The New Yorker 29 Oct 2018
Romeo's rival The Washington Post 29 Oct 2018
Legendary prince's abilities, missing the crossbar
Arch of Triumph city USA Today 06 Oct 2018
Sorbonne setting Thomas Joseph 29 Sep 2018
'Les Miserables' city USA Today 13 Sep 2018
Father joins retired teacher in European capital
Capital of France which is famous for the Eiffel Tower
City awarded the 2024 Summer Olympic Games LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2018
City awarded the 2024 Summer Olympic Games The Washington Post 01 Jul 2018
Pompidou Center location Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2018
A Trojan city for Hélène?
Where the Eiffel Tower is
Capital city of Europe Wall Street Journal 10 May 2018
The capital of France
Capital city's endless church district The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2018
"Can-Can" city USA Today 10 Mar 2018
French capital The Telegraph Quick 18 Feb 2018
City on the Seine Thomas Joseph 19 Jan 2018
Capital of France Newsday 16 Jan 2018
Responsibility of minister cut in foreign capital The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jan 2018
Louvre setting Thomas Joseph 09 Jan 2018
Romeo's rival
"Les Miserables" city
Arch of Triumph city
City awarded the 2024 Summer Olympic Games
Capital city of Europe
Pompidou Center location
Setting for "The Sun Also Rises"
Locale for much of 'The Da Vinci Code' New York Times 20 Oct 2017
French capital Newsday 17 Oct 2017
"Les Miserables" city USA Today 02 Oct 2017
'The Phantom of the Opera' city New York Times 26 Sep 2017
Plaster of ___ Universal 09 Sep 2017
&15 Hilton contract? Trump got out of it
Musée d'Orsay city LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2017
Musée d'Orsay city The Washington Post 31 Aug 2017
Capital SW of Brussels The Washington Post 27 Aug 2017
Capital SW of Brussels LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2017
Louvre locale Thomas Joseph 26 Jul 2017
Chanel's home Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2017
Dad taking teacher around European capital
2015 climate accord city New York Times 19 Jun 2017
Old prince‘s moveable feast, so-called
Plaster of ___ The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 May 2017
Helen of Troy's abductor USA Today 16 Apr 2017
World capital whose motto is 'Fluctuat nec mergitur' (Latin for 'It is tossed but does not sink') New York Times 06 Apr 2017
City of Lights Universal 25 Mar 2017
Quasimodo's home Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2017
River in Pisa travels to European capital Irish Times Crosaire 22 Mar 2017
'Les Misérables' city The Washington Post 21 Mar 2017
"Les Misérables" city LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2017
Capital of France The Times Concise 26 Jan 2017
"Les Miserables" setting USA Today 25 Jan 2017
Capital SW of Brussels
"The Phantom of the Opera" city
2015 climate accord city
Locale for much of "The Da Vinci Code"
World capital whose motto is "Fluctuat nec mergitur" (Latin for "It is tossed but does not sink")
Musée d'Orsay city
Plaster of ___
Arc de Triomphe city
Helen of Troy's abductor
Plaster of ___
The Louvre's locale Newsday 28 Dec 2016
Musee Rodin city USA Today 09 Dec 2016
France's capital Newsday 31 Oct 2016
Hemingway hangout Newsday 30 Oct 2016
"We'll always have __": Rick, to Ilsa, in "Casablanca" LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2016
President Hollande's home Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2016
Eiffel Tower city LA Times Daily 30 Aug 2016
The Phantom of the Opera's home USA Today 15 Aug 2016
Host of the 1900 and 1924 Summer Olympics Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2016
City known for romance Universal 12 Jul 2016
Where Lindbergh landed USA Today 07 Jul 2016
City on the Seine Universal 09 Apr 2016
City couples a bit confused inside
Eiffel Tower locale Newsday 29 Mar 2016
''The Da Vinci Code'' setting Newsday 24 Mar 2016
Brother of Hector The Washington Post 28 Feb 2016
Home to Notre Dame Universal 12 Feb 2016
Locale of the Louvre Newsday 10 Feb 2016
Capital on the Seine LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2016
Eiffel Tower's city Newsday 05 Jan 2016
"We'll always have __": Rick, to Ilsa, in "Casablanca"
Capital on the Seine
Where Lindbergh landed
Home to Notre Dame
City known for romance
The Phantom of the Opera's home
Eiffel Tower city
Place de la Bastille location Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2015
Métro home LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2015
European capital The Guardian Quick 17 Oct 2015
Hector's brother Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2015
'Do not deny to him that you love me' speaker, in literature New York Times 08 Aug 2015
Hilton heiress Eugene Sheffer 11 Jul 2015
Trojan War figure LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2015
Classically swept woman away at start of 36 across Irish Times Crosaire 04 Apr 2015
Romeo's rival USA Today 18 Mar 2015
Aide's around Rhode Island city
Helen of Troy's abductor Newsday 08 Feb 2015
Capital of France USA Today 30 Jan 2015
Orlando Bloom's "Troy" character
Place to get plastered?
"The Da Vinci Code" locale
"Do not deny to him that you love me" speaker, in literature
Trojan War figure
Métro home
Capital of France
Romeo's rival
Trojan War figure
Moulin Rouge locale
Moulin Rouge locale
Helen of Troy's abductor
France's capital
"The Da Vinci Code" setting
Hector's brother
Place de la Bastille location
City of Light
City on the Seine
Setting for much of "Inglourious Basterds"
The City of Light
Capital of France
Left Bank locale
Moulin Rouge site
Juliet's betrothed
Musée d'Orsay locale
"A Tale of Two Cities" city
Helen's captor
"Ninotchka" setting
Where Gustave Eiffel died
On course, what's expected is a romantic location
"Da Vinci Code" setting
"Hustle and strut through ___ at night" Cult
A river runs through it
City of Lights
Where the Seine flows
Place de la Concorde locale
City of Light
Eiffel Tower locale
Helen's abductor
Achilles adversary
Setting for Henry James's "The American"
See 77-Down
Site of the Louvre
"Midnight in ___" (2011 Woody Allen film)
Lutetia, today
City of Light
Trojan War figure
Jam band Dirty ___
Home to Chanel
"We'll always have ___" (line from "Casablanca")
"Gigi" setting
Capital on the Seine
Trojan War figure
Hilton in persistent legal trouble
Montmartre's city
Latin Quarter site
*Treaty of __: 1783 war ender
Latin Quarter site
Louvre location
Where "The Da Vinci Code" finished
Montmartre's city
*Treaty of __: 1783 war ender
Louvre location
Where Notre Dame is
Helen's abductor
"Amélie" setting
Elysée city
Elysée city
Nicky's socialite sister
Helen's captor
Where Jim Morrison is buried
Chunnel vision?
Home to Hermès
The City of Light
Hemingway's "Moveable feast"
Romeo's rival
"We'll always have __": Rick, to Ilsa, in "Casablanca"
City with two banks
City in which to get plastered?
Arc de Triomphe site
City of Light
Where "Whistler's Mother" "lives"
Where the Tour de France finishes
Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic destination
"Les Misérables" setting
Son of Priam
Plaster of ___
Latin Quarter site
Setting for "Madeline"
President Sarkozy's capital
City of Light
Helen's lover
Capital on the Seine
Popular place for 18-Down
Slayer of Achilles
One of the Hiltons
Setting for "La Traviata"
Romeo's rival
Gauguin's birthplace
Hilton heiress
Hilton heiress
Helen's captor
Helen of Troy's abductor
Yo-Yo Ma's birthplace
Orient Express terminus
"Day of the Jackal" locale
1763 treaty site
Pompidou Center's city
A river runs through it
Oenone's husband, in myth
Notre Dame's city
Helen's abductor
Cancan city
Genevieve is its patron
Eiffel Tower's city
Gallic capital
Louvre's city
Louvre locale
Setting for an "Eloise" book
1924 Olympics locale
Home of the Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower city
Home to Notre Dame
Hilton heiress
Prince of Troy
Romeo's rival
Son of Priam
Bastille setting
Eiffel Tower city
Hecuba's son
Site of Vietnam War talks
Helen's abductor
European capital
What Rick and Ilsa will always have
Place for plaster?
Women's fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent
Louvre location
Helen of Troy's abductor
"We'll always have __"
Champs Élysées locale
Louvre locale
Plaster of ___
Helen's abductor
Louvre locale
Where some 119-Across go
Rick and Ilsa will always have it
Trojan warrior
Notre Dame's city
Setting for the movie "CQ"
Notre Dame's city
Home of Chanel
Son of Hecuba
1919 peace conference site
1919 peace conference site
"Can-Can" setting
Helen's abductor
Bastille locale
Son of Hecuba
"Is ____ Burning"
City of Light
Achilles' killer
Helen's abductor
Where to hear 24 Down
Arc de Triomphe site
Where Ilsa met Rick
Rue de Rivoli city
Eiffel Tower's home
Home of the Eiffel Tower
City on the Seine
Where Miss Liberty was built
Genevieve is its patron saint
Genevieve is its patron saint
Arc de Triomphe site
France's capital
City on the Seine
Golden Apple giver
City of Light
'La Boheme setting'
Julius Caesar conquered it when it was called Lutetia
Mythic beauty contest judge
Home for Jacques Chirac
Abductor of Helen of Troy
Helen of Troy's abductor
Of old it was Lutetia
Site of the Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe locale
He left Oenone for Helen
Treaty of ___ (Britain's 1783 recognition of American independence)
James Baldwin s second home
Helen's abductor
1763 treaty site
City Porter loved
Manet's birthplace
Seine city
Pont Neuf location
City of Lights
Home to UNESCO
Site of the Sorbonne
Where the Seine flows
Notre Dame's city
Home of L'Express
City of arrondisse-ments
Golden apple giver
Dior's headquarters
Hemingway's "Moveable feast"
Helen was the apple of his eye
Left Bank city
"We'll always have --"
Trojan prince
Plaster of __
Notre Dame's home
1924 Olympics locale
City where "Phantom of the Opera" is set
Home to Cartier
Capital on the Seine
It was liberated in August 1944
Home of Cartier and Chanel
Priam's son
"Is ____ Burning?"
"I Love __"
Where Ilsa met Rick
Seine city
Modern Lutetia
Helen's abductor
Where the Eiffel Tower is
Home to the Lost Generation
City of Maine Texas and France
Golden apple bestower
Brother of Cassandra
City of Light
Abductor of Helen
Lutetia's modern name
Where to get plastered?
Where Stein held forth
Awarder of the Golden Apple
Stein's salon setting
Slayer of Achilles
Gauguin's birthplace
Saint-Saëns's birthplace
"Last Tango in ___," Brando film
Montmartre's locale
April's city in songdom
A son of Priam
Kidnapper of Helen
"City of Light"
Helen's kidnapper
Juliet's betrothed
Hemingway's "movable feast"
A fashion capital
Seven Years' War treaty site
"Is ___ Burning?": Best seller in 1965
Cole Porter's first successful musical
"I Love __"
Abductor of Helen
City on the Seine
Trojan warrior
Site of the Rodin Museum
___ green
Location of 35 Across
Juliet's fiancé
City once called Lutetia
City of Light
Son of Hecuba and Priam
Kidnapper of Menelaus' wife
Nobleman to whom Juliet was betrothed
Helen's love
Trojan figure
City with well-known banks
Helen's captor
"Les Misérables" setting
Famous abductor
Scene of Vietnam peace talks
Son of Priam
Lutetia, today
City in Texas
Troublemaker in Troy
Tuileries' city
Tuileries site
Source of Trojan trouble
Vista from Sacré-Coeur
"An American in ___"
Part of Troy's trouble
Modern Lutetia
Old-World capital
Peace-talks site
Old plaster source
Apple-giver of myth
Modern name for Lutetia
Trojan War figure.
Priam's son.
Shade of blue.
Son of Priam.
Juliet's betrothed.
Rival of Romeo.
Shakespearean character.
Tourist mecca.
Where the Bourse is.
Where to find 51 Across.
River port of France.
Romeo's rival.
Juliet's suitor.
City of Light.
"Is ___ Burning?"
Shakespearean role.
Tourists' mecca.
Character in "Romeo and Juliet."
Son of Hecuba.
Mona Lisa's home.
Fashion center.
City of nasalized speech.
Home of the cordon bleu.
Historic city.
Proverbially, the home of good Americans.
Setting of "Can-Can."
European capital.
Judge in the Apple of Discord affair.
City of the Latin Quarter.
Abductor of Helen of Troy.
Proverbially, heaven for good Americans.
Site of the Left Bank.
Part of the grand tour.
Herter's birthplace.
Trojan prince.
Prince of Greek legend.
Style center.
He eloped with Helen.
Capital city.
Mollet's capital.
Helen's kidnaper.
Where "Trapeze" was filmed.
"City of light."
Mecca in the spring.
Hecuba's son.
Coty's capital.
It is 2002 years old.
M. Mayer's headquarters.
Where NATO problems are paramount.
Laniel's headquarters.
Pinay's capital.
Cotton-shipping city in Texas.
Lord Ismay's new headquarters.
Where "Pig Alley" is.
Where NATO will set up headquarters.
Where the Madeleine is.
Where the Panthéon is.
He loved Juliet.
Where SHAPE has its headquarters.
Where the U. N. Assembly is meeting.
Where the General Assembly is meeting.
Where the Chamber of Deputies sits.
SHAPE headquarters.
Juliet is his betrothed.
It is 2,000 years old.
City celebrating its 2000th anniversary.
A center for fashions.
Where the Big Three conference met.
Lutetia, the city of light.
Where Ben Franklin represented the Colonies.
Meeting place of U. N. Assembly.
Balzac's Cousin Pons' home.
Helen's abductor.
Leon Blum's capital.
Setting of Père Goriot.
Fourth liberated capital.
SHAEF headquarters.
City awaiting deliverance.
Cathedral city on the Seine.
Pride of France.
Occupied capital city.
German-occupied city.
Site of bombed Renault plant.
Scene of Renault bombing.
Once the City of Night.
City bombed by R. A. F.
"Tropic of Cancer" setting
27-Across setting
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