Word "PARISH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a local church community

Part of Speech:
the local subdivision of a diocese committed to one pastor

Crossword Clues for PARISH

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Clue Source Date
A fairly normal district
Ecclesiastical administrative division (6)
Church or local government area
(and 5 Across) Group of local dignitaries ruin slip coach somehow (6,7)
More than a capital district (6)
Pastoral setting? New York Times 10 Mar 2024
District where you'll find the hospital near foreign capital (6)
Diane _, portrays EastEnders' Denise Fox (6)
Louisiana county Newsday 28 Jan 2024
Holy district; capital H? (6)
Capital H for holy district The Sun Two Speed 10 Jan 2024
Ecclesiastical area The Sun Two Speed 10 Jan 2024
Church district Newsday 07 Jan 2024
Diane _, veteran EastEnders actress who plays Pearl Fox's auntie Denise (6)
Capital city above hard district (6) Puzzler Cryptic 27 Dec 2023
An administrative district of a diocese (6)
Diocese part Eugene Sheffer 22 Sep 2023
Diocese part Eugene Sheffer 24 May 2023
Parson's domain Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2023
Pastor's domain USA Today 14 Mar 2023
Diocese part Eugene Sheffer 12 Dec 2022
District in capital, with hospital The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2022
Church district The Times Concise 23 Sep 2022
Pastor's domain Newsday 21 Aug 2022
Diocese part Eugene Sheffer 19 Aug 2022
Fairly standard community? The Guardian Cryptic 29 Jun 2022
Local church community Irish Times Simplex 29 Mar 2022
Area with a council transformed this part's interior
& 9 Across Centre of mass that's important to see The Telegraph Toughie 27 Aug 2021
Church district The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2021
Subdivision of a diocese Irish Times Simplex 12 May 2021
Diocese part Eugene Sheffer 04 May 2021
Is hotel below average for district? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2021
Peculiar city hall -- everybody's gone The Telegraph Toughie 30 Mar 2021
Louisiana's county counterpart LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2021
Louisiana's county counterpart The Washington Post 31 Jan 2021
Sums set aside, say New York Times 31 Dec 2020
Robert ___, former Boston Celtics player who played in 21 seasons in the NBA
District gets hard capital upfront
Priest’s place Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2020
___ priest Wall Street Journal 21 Jul 2020
Place for a priest USA Today 22 Jun 2020
Harp is drunk in father's district Irish Times Crosaire 11 May 2020
Church community The Telegraph Quick 04 Dec 2019
District of 14 across from the start Irish Times Crosaire 03 Dec 2019
Domain led by a 36-Across New York Times 16 Nov 2019
Domain led by a 36-Across
Local community The Telegraph Quick 14 Sep 2019
County, in Louisiana USA Today 26 May 2019
Local church community Irish Times Simplex 11 May 2019
Reverend's district Newsday 01 Apr 2019
County, in Louisiana
Church district The Times Concise 31 Aug 2018
Part of Louisiana, equivalent to a county in most US states The Times Specialist Sunday 01 Jul 2018
Curate's charge Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2018
Curate's charge
Capital H for church district
Opens 22 across in father's place Irish Times Crosaire 13 Nov 2017
District's hot south of foreign capital The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Oct 2017
Capital gains hard for ecclesiastical district The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2017
Pastor's domain USA Today 25 Aug 2017
Louisiana county Newsday 09 Jul 2017
District for half of 14 across Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jun 2017
District capital's hospital
. . . . as churchgoers in another start hostilities
City Hall's first administrative district
Pastor's domain
Louisiana subdivision Universal 11 Dec 2016
Louisiana county The Washington Post 26 Nov 2016
Parson's domain Thomas Joseph 16 Sep 2016
Fairly average kind of district
County, in Louisiana Universal 27 Aug 2016
District hospital to the east of capital The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2016
Administrative area identified by capital H?
Administrative area identified by capital H? The Times Cryptic 12 Aug 2016
County counterpart LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2016
Church area making capital hot
District of capital, heart of Baghdad The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Apr 2016
City hard to find in subdivision of diocese
District within county The Telegraph Quick 15 Jan 2016
County counterpart
District with church that's roughly normal? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Dec 2015
City hospital in district with church The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Oct 2015
Louisiana subdivision Jonesin 24 Sep 2015
Diocese part Newsday 16 Jul 2015
Ray leaves Hairspray for church community Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jan 2015
Louisiana's equivalent to a county
Diocese part
A local group in French capital for those into drinking
County counterpart in Louisiana
Parson's bailiwick
Priest's domain
County, to Louisianans
Rector's dominion
French city hotel in area known to clergyman
Louisiana subdivision
Teammate of Bird
County, in Louisiana
Pastor's place
Rector's dominion
Diocese division
One of 64, in Louisiana
Louisiana region
Religious community
Louisiana county
Louisiana county
Louisiana county
County, in Louisiana
Local church
Priest's concern
Louisiana subdivision
Diocese division
Religious community
Priest's concern
East Baton Rouge, e.g.
Local church community
Diocese part
Kind of priest
Parson's bailiwick
Vicar's charge
County, in Louisiana
Reverend's responsibility
La. county
Beadle's bailiwick
Boston Celtics star
Church district
Diocese part
Celtics' center
Any Pelican State county
Celtics' all-star center
Any La. county
Part of a see
Pastor's people
Louisiana county
Louisiana county.
County, in Louisiana.
Church district.
Portion of a diocese.
Part of a diocese.
A county in Louisiana.
A church and its field of activity.
Term for a county, in Louisiana.
"County" in Louisiana.
Any county in Louisiana.
Flock's region
Church yard?
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