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Word "PARTNER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person's partner in marriage
better half, married person, mate, spouse

Part of Speech:
an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest
collaborator, cooperator, pardner
sexual partners

Part of Speech:
act as a partner
Astaire partnered Rogers

Crossword Clues for PARTNER

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Clue Source Date
Lover's note penned by one seeking divorce? The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2021
Business associate The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2021
Associate LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2020
In the end, Roman emperor almost split up with wife Irish Times Crosaire 12 Dec 2020
Lover reviews monthly bill for music Irish Times Crosaire 10 Oct 2020
Hire charge returned for associate The Sun Two Speed 17 Aug 2020
Significant other New York Times 06 Aug 2020
Companion The Telegraph Quick 23 Feb 2020
Parent strangely right as lover The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2020
Sidekick The Times Concise 19 Jan 2020
Husband or wife The Times Concise 25 Nov 2019
One that separates perhaps acquiring new lover The Telegraph Toughie 22 Aug 2019
Co-owner returned hire charge The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2019
Colleague in mean lease back arrangement The Sun Two Speed 23 Apr 2019
Associate; mate The Times Concise 13 Feb 2019
Something a lawyer might make New York Times 20 Oct 2018
Mate by employing skill with knight The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jun 2018
Spouse The Telegraph Quick 01 Apr 2018
Law firm figure Newsday 08 Feb 2018
Ally The Telegraph Quick 02 Jul 2017
Run and catch returning lover The Telegraph Cryptic 14 May 2017
Comrade The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2017
Square dancer's need Universal 12 Feb 2016
Company colleague Thomas Joseph 29 Jan 2016
Either one of a couple The Times Concise 09 Dec 2015
Spouse right to catch up The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2015
Business colleague The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2015
Law firm VIP Wall Street Journal 24 Jul 2015
Half of a dancing duo
Hall, to Oates
Law-firm bigwig
Caseworker, at times
Team up
Combine's right to catch up (7)
One may be lifelong
Significant other, e.g.
One may be silent
Starsky, to Hutch
Silent one, maybe
Bridge need
Burns, to Allen
Silent one, perhaps
Close associate
Marley, to Scrooge
Penn, to Teller
He's silent at times
Silent one, sometimes
Ray, to Bob
Drexel, to J. P. Morgan
Either of a dancing duo
Member of the firm.
Husband or wife.
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