Word "PARTRIDGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
heavy-bodied small-winged South American game bird resembling a gallinaceous bird but related to the ratite birds

Part of Speech:
a popular North American game bird; named for its call
bobwhite, bobwhite quail

Part of Speech:
valued as a game bird in eastern United States and Canada
bonasa umbellus, ruffed grouse

Crossword Clues for PARTRIDGE

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Clue Source Date
The native grey and the naturalised red-legged are Britain’s only types of this bird The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Oct 2022
Flipping snare by bridle path trapping tail of passing bird The Times Cryptic 27 Sep 2022
With the contents of this grid's circles, part of the refrain in 3-/6-/9-Down LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2021
Flyer parking free in great convertible The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Dec 2021
Bird’s role on raised strip of land The Times Cryptic 12 Oct 2021
Game bird The Times Concise 07 Jun 2021
Resident of 1 22? The Times Concise 27 Dec 2020
Bobwhite's cousin Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2020
Coogan character Alan is game The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2020
Bird of pheasant family The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2020
Leave high ground for game bird The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jul 2020
Bird a bit on edge The Telegraph Toughie 11 Jun 2019
Coogan character is game sort The Sun Two Speed 08 Jun 2019
25/12's first offering interest on top The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jul 2018
Game bird Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2017
40 Down ''tree'' bird in a Christmas carol Newsday 02 Oct 2017
Game bird of the pheasant family The Telegraph General Knowledge 04 Jun 2017
Flier's role -- crossing where British will have flown The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Mar 2017
Leave band a unique Christmas present The Telegraph Toughie 23 Dec 2016
Game bird The Telegraph Quick 22 Dec 2016
Animal trader with pig in need of treatment The Times Cryptic 31 Jul 2016
Quail's kin Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2016
Bird emerging from shell, the head looking different The Times Cryptic 02 Feb 2016
Flier received initially at Christmas The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2015
Tiger and pard shot as sort of game The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2015
Flier's surprisingly great pride curtailed The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Feb 2015
Game bird's role, grand being in control The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jan 2015
Quail kin
Gift on the first day
Shirley, Keith, Laurie, or Danny
Quaillike bird
"And a ___ in a pear tree"
{/"The World of Words" author/}
Pear tree denizen, in a song
Xmas present
Pear-tree present.
Game bird.
Fabled pear-tree dweller.
Ruffed grouse.
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" gift
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