Word "PASS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
move past
go by, go past, pass by, surpass, travel by
A black limousine passed by when she looked out the window
He passed his professor in the hall
One line of soldiers surpassed the other

Part of Speech:
eliminate from the body
egest, eliminate, excrete

Part of Speech:
grant authorization or clearance for
authorise, authorize, clear

Crossword Clues for PASS

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Clue Source Date
Go by Eugene Sheffer 20 Mar 2023
Go by Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2023
Hail Mary, e.g Wall Street Journal 25 Feb 2023
Fail to fail Thomas Joseph 18 Feb 2023
Go by Eugene Sheffer 09 Feb 2023
Permit (to overtake?) The Guardian Quick 14 Dec 2022
Go by The Times Concise 14 Dec 2022
'I don't know the answer, next question' USA Today 06 Dec 2022
Mountain route New York Times 29 Nov 2022
“I’m not interested” Wall Street Journal 15 Nov 2022
"No bid," in bridge Universal 15 Nov 2022
Aftermath of faking the handoff Family Time 14 Nov 2022
'Not my thing, sorry' USA Today 19 Oct 2022
Football toss Family Time 17 Oct 2022
'Skip me for now' USA Today 13 Oct 2022
Kick to teammate The Telegraph Quick 02 Oct 2022
'Nah, none for me' New York Times 14 Sep 2022
Hail Mary, for one New York Times 03 Sep 2022
Go beyond Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2022
Will this make us up? I don't know The Telegraph Toughie 26 Aug 2022
Gorge? Ravine? Defile? I don’t know the answer The Times Cryptic 18 Aug 2022
'Not for me' New York Times 06 Aug 2022
Lateral, e.g Thomas Joseph 05 Aug 2022
"Not interested" LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2022
Elapse; exceed The Times Concise 01 Aug 2022
Overtake The Telegraph Quick 27 Jul 2022
Go by Thomas Joseph 18 Jul 2022
Go by Eugene Sheffer 14 Jul 2022
Go by, as time Universal 29 Jun 2022
White ____, British Columbia Canadiana 27 Jun 2022
Don't fail Universal 22 Jun 2022
Throw to a teammate USA Today 17 Jun 2022
'No, thanks' USA Today 12 Jun 2022
'No thanks' The Washington Post 12 Jun 2022
"No thanks" LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2022
Happen in mountain route The Times Cryptic 08 Jun 2022
Go by Eugene Sheffer 20 May 2022
Mountain route The Times Concise 12 May 2022
Free ticket Newsday 11 May 2022
"I'd rather not" LA Times Daily 08 May 2022
'I'd rather not' The Washington Post 08 May 2022
Get through? I don't know The Times Cryptic 03 May 2022
Overtake in a race Universal 02 May 2022
Skip a turn Universal 01 May 2022
"I'm not interested" Universal 23 Apr 2022
Quarterback's throw Newsday 22 Mar 2022
'Skip me' USA Today 19 Mar 2022
Go by Eugene Sheffer 17 Mar 2022
Go by Eugene Sheffer 09 Mar 2022
Mountain __ LA Times Daily 10 Feb 2022
Mountain __ The Washington Post 10 Feb 2022
Go beyond on the road Newsday 09 Feb 2022
Component of an assist, in basketball The Washington Post Sunday 06 Feb 2022
"I'm good, thanks" Universal 05 Feb 2022
'I'm good' USA Today 01 Feb 2022
Throw to a teammate USA Today 07 Jan 2022
'I'd rather not' USA Today 05 Jan 2022
Go from third place to second, in a race Family Time 02 Jan 2022
Boarding requirement Wall Street Journal 13 Dec 2021
Play with a receiver LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2021
Sexual advances defile graduate
Yet fail with quiz question? The Times Cryptic 10 Dec 2021
"Hard ___!" ("That's a big no!") Universal 01 Dec 2021
Those raised in Baltinglass appreciated one of those in the mountains Irish Times Crosaire 17 Nov 2021
Hail Mary, e.g Universal 14 Nov 2021
Mahomes-to-Kelce connection Family Time 08 Nov 2021
Aftermath of faking the handoff Family Time 31 Oct 2021
Col.'s father's ship
I don't know what will get me through security The Telegraph Toughie 14 Oct 2021
'Do OK in exam?' 'Dunno'
Move, flow The Telegraph Quick 03 Oct 2021
Get through a difficult course Universal 30 Sep 2021
Word with hall and press LA Times Daily 24 Sep 2021
Word with hall and press The Washington Post 24 Sep 2021
Patriot play Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2021
Try to connect downfield Family Time 20 Sep 2021
Go by The Telegraph Quick 10 Sep 2021
Quarterback choice Thomas Joseph 02 Sep 2021
Go, flow The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2021
'Nah, not my thing' USA Today 27 Aug 2021
Exceed; mountain route The Times Concise 18 Aug 2021
Father and son, second to qualify The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2021
Don't stop at Newsday 11 Aug 2021
Do OK in exam?‘ ‘Dunno‘
It may lead to a great reception Family Time 25 Jul 2021
Rugby throw USA Today 23 Jul 2021
Some of those raised in Baltinglass appreciated by one of those in the mountains Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jul 2021
Don't be a ball hog USA Today 17 Jul 2021
Go by Universal 09 Jul 2021
'No thanks' The Washington Post 05 Jul 2021
"No thanks" LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2021
Go beyond Premier Sunday 20 Jun 2021
Quarterback play Wall Street Journal 14 Jun 2021
Opening between mountains New York Times 31 May 2021
Legislatively approve The Washington Post Sunday 23 May 2021
Not fail USA Today 19 May 2021
'I'm good' USA Today 17 May 2021
Entry ticket to the health resorts making the first son move south
Fail to fail Thomas Joseph 06 May 2021
Get through? I don't know The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2021
"I'll skip it" LA Times Daily 31 Mar 2021
'I'll skip it' The Washington Post 31 Mar 2021
Move beyond Newsday 24 Mar 2021
Word after "boarding" or "touchdown" Universal 24 Mar 2021
"Not for me" LA Times Daily 10 Mar 2021
'Not for me' The Washington Post 10 Mar 2021
Get through difficult state of affairs
'Nah, I'm good' USA Today 28 Feb 2021
'Hard ___' ('Absolutely not') The Washington Post Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Avoid failing The Washington Post 15 Feb 2021
Avoid failing LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2021
Bridge bid Canadiana 15 Feb 2021
Get an A, B, C or D USA Today 13 Feb 2021
Rush alternative Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2021
Hail Mary, for one Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2021
Go by Eugene Sheffer 25 Jan 2021
'No thanks' USA Today 23 Jan 2021
Go by Thomas Joseph 12 Jan 2021
Overtake father and sons
Go by USA Today 01 Jan 2021
Throw to a teammate USA Today 25 Dec 2020
Go by mountain route
Some of those raised in Baltinglass appreciated by one of those in the mountains Irish Times Crosaire 20 Nov 2020
Having taken some hemp as smuggler, search me!
'Hard no' USA Today 17 Oct 2020
Overtake The Telegraph Quick 11 Oct 2020
Authorisation in advance The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Oct 2020
'No thanks' New York Times 05 Oct 2020
Free ticket Newsday 23 Sep 2020
Hail Mary, e.g Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
Make the grade? LA Times Daily 10 Sep 2020
Make the grade? The Washington Post 10 Sep 2020
Ticket for ball The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2020
Mountain route The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2020
Not have to retake, say Universal 09 Aug 2020
Overtake USA Today 20 Jul 2020
Exceed; leave behind The Times Concise 18 Jul 2020
Search me for visa, say?
Move lightly across ravine The Sun Two Speed 26 Jun 2020
Quarterback's throw Universal 15 Jun 2020
Qualify? I don't know The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2020
Get an A, B, C or D New York Times 15 Jun 2020
Fail to answer question but get through
Father and son, second to qualify
'No thanks, I'm good' USA Today 18 May 2020
Bidder's option The New Yorker 04 May 2020
Pay no attention to separatist with no attire Irish Times Crosaire 22 Apr 2020
"Do not ___ go" Family Time 19 Apr 2020
Quarterback's option LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2020
Quarterback's option The Washington Post 29 Mar 2020
Free ticket to go
Quiet nana's amorous advance
Decline to answer question but get through The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2020
Bridge 'no bid' The Washington Post 11 Feb 2020
Bridge "no bid" LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2020
Comment at a bridge table
Comment at a bridge table New York Times 31 Dec 2019
Screen or bomb The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Dad's meeting son while away
Football-catching play Newsday 25 Dec 2019
Hand over, at dinner Universal 23 Dec 2019
Avoid an F in class Newsday 07 Oct 2019
Decline to bid Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Earn grade points for USA Today 27 Sep 2019
'I'd rather not' USA Today 25 Sep 2019
Say "No thanks" Universal 18 Sep 2019
'Family Feud' option New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Fool's under pressure to overtake
Ticket Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2019
Forgo bidding Thomas Joseph 30 Aug 2019
Manage not to 47-Across USA Today 26 Aug 2019
I don't know what a poor student gets
Gridiron play LA Times Daily 15 Aug 2019
Gridiron play The Washington Post 15 Aug 2019
Meet one's maker when in outskirts of Paris
Quarterback's throw Newsday 02 Jul 2019
Almost dated graduate? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2019
'I have no bid' Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2019
Less-than-broad way Newsday 20 Apr 2019
Route I don't know
Proceed, whilst wearing pyjamas inside out
Court throw Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Get through gap between peaks
Hail Mary, for one New York Times 12 Feb 2019
I don't know what to do with the ball!
Get a C, say Universal 03 Feb 2019
Almost every play, in arena football USA Today 12 Jan 2019
Gridiron play
"I have no bid"
"I'd rather not"
Earn grade points for
Say "No thanks"
"Family Feud" option
Hail Mary, for one
Get a C, say
Manage not to 47-Across
Almost every play, in arena football
Move lightly across high-altitude route The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2018
Elapse The Telegraph Quick 20 Dec 2018
Free ticket LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2018
Free ticket The Washington Post 03 Dec 2018
Forward lateral relative Universal 02 Dec 2018
Try for a receiver USA Today 26 Nov 2018
Football throw Newsday 12 Nov 2018
Soft chump's amorous advance
Advance ticket The Sun Two Speed 16 Oct 2018
Gridiron throw LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2018
Gridiron throw The Washington Post 09 Oct 2018
Bridge call The Washington Post 03 Oct 2018
Bridge call LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2018
Opt out LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2018
Opt out The Washington Post 13 Sep 2018
Gridiron attempt Universal 27 Aug 2018
Quarterback's option Universal 14 Aug 2018
''Do not ___ go'' Family Time 08 Jul 2018
'You can skip me' New York Times 17 Jun 2018
See 45-Down New York Times 23 May 2018
Hit the tight end Universal 15 May 2018
Go by; mountain route The Times Concise 09 May 2018
My father's son? I don't know
Fail to answer question but get through? The Sun Two Speed 07 May 2018
Exceed power on a ship
Get around Wall Street Journal 31 Mar 2018
Not fail Universal 18 Mar 2018
Free ticket for 1 down to give away Irish Times Crosaire 07 Mar 2018
Advance a grade Family Time 12 Feb 2018
QB option Universal 06 Feb 2018
Try to hit the end Universal 10 Jan 2018
Regularly praises move in ball game The Guardian Quiptic 08 Jan 2018
Opt out
Try for a receiver
Hit the tight end
Get around
Regularly praises move in ball game
Gridiron attempt
Forward lateral relative
QB option
See 45-Down
"You can skip me"
Quarterback's option
Try to hit the end
Bridge call
Free ticket
Gridiron throw
Make the grade Family Time 25 Dec 2017
What's needed for exam success? I can't answer that
Come to an end Newsday 02 Dec 2017
Authorise advance The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Nov 2017
With 53-Across, look just like USA Today 28 Nov 2017
Academic qualification in health spa's services Irish Times Crosaire 22 Nov 2017
Go by Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2017
Overtake The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Nov 2017
To succeed in exam, don't answer question
The old man's second to overtake
Go beyond on the road Newsday 09 Oct 2017
Play on the gridiron The Washington Post Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Hand over part for Vespa's service Irish Times Crosaire 30 Sep 2017
Ticket New York Times 10 Sep 2017
Exam success? I don't know
He will avoid infatuations, making romantic approach
Notch between mountains Universal 17 Aug 2017
& 24 Wally and wife spiking father's piss
Entry ticket New York Times 06 Aug 2017
Approve route through mountains
Make the grade New York Times 11 Jul 2017
Way through a predic­ament
Throw, as a football Universal 14 Jun 2017
Hand off LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2017
Hand off The Washington Post 11 Jun 2017
Third-and-long play, usually USA Today 25 May 2017
Part of Trump assumes this is a mark of The Paper Irish Times Crosaire 20 May 2017
Some do this with flying colors USA Today 27 Apr 2017
Option for Tom Brady USA Today 25 Apr 2017
Bid alternative Universal 24 Apr 2017
Approve of casing for pane of glass Irish Times Crosaire 08 Apr 2017
QB's option Family Time 27 Feb 2017
Skip it LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2017
Mountain route Universal 16 Feb 2017
Throw from Tom Brady The Washington Post 04 Feb 2017
Gridiron "Hail Mary" USA Today 24 Jan 2017
What a quarterback might do Family Time 22 Jan 2017
Backstage access Jonesin 03 Jan 2017
Make the grade
With 53-Across, look just like
Third-and-long play, usually
Some do this with flying colors
Option for Tom Brady
Gridiron "Hail Mary"
Hand off
Entry ticket
Throw, as a football
Notch between mountains
Mountain route
Bid alternative
Give the old man two sons The Telegraph Toughie 27 Dec 2016
Dated briefly, making move
To go by hand
Bye, essentially Newsday 26 Nov 2016
Skip a turn LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2016
I haven't a clue to deliver
Bidding option Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2016
Late __ Newsday 24 Sep 2016
Avoid summer school The Washington Post 06 Sep 2016
Authorise The Telegraph Quick 24 Aug 2016
Free ride LA Times Daily 12 Aug 2016
Mountain route New York Times 23 Jun 2016
Way to get through Fathers and Sons
Permit for mountain route The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jun 2016
Lateral, e.g Thomas Joseph 21 May 2016
Skip a turn Universal 19 May 2016
Dad's second way through
Rush alternative The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 May 2016
No honours in such an amorous advance The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Apr 2016
Amorous advance The Telegraph Quick 20 Apr 2016
Emulate a quarterback Universal 17 Mar 2016
Gridiron play USA Today 06 Mar 2016
Interpret for audience quiz answer The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Feb 2016
I don't know a way through The Times Cryptic 22 Jan 2016
Clear flirtatious move The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2016
Rush alternative
Mountain route
Free ride
It's often made in a fresh manner? USA Today 26 Dec 2015
Gridiron option USA Today 22 Dec 2015
Joe Flacco might do it USA Today 08 Dec 2015
Complimentary ticket LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2015
'Family Feud' option Jonesin 03 Nov 2015
Mountain route LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2015
Get by New York Times 11 Oct 2015
QBs do it sometimes Universal 28 Sep 2015
Bridge option Eugene Sheffer 22 Sep 2015
Decide to skip a turn Universal 13 Sep 2015
Clue for four puzzle answers LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2015
Avoid flunking Universal 07 Sep 2015
Permit half of 9 across Irish Times Crosaire 01 Sep 2015
24  Make the grade in football play
Go by The Times Concise 03 Jun 2015
Narrow route Wall Street Journal 29 May 2015
Go through Nathula, for example
I'm not interested in permit! Irish Times Crosaire 05 May 2015
Opposite of fail Family Time 27 Apr 2015
Free ticket's almost out of date
Just say no Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2015
Don't answer a question but have exam success The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Feb 2015
Bomb, e.g Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2015
Meet one's maker, while wearing pyjamas inside out
Happen to approve soccer move
Progress made by the old man's son The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2015
Avoid flunking
Quarterback's throw
Mountain route
Narrow route
Get by
"Do not ___ Go"
Free ticket
Hail Mary, e.g.
Make the grade?
It's often made in a fresh manner?
Free ticket
QBs do it sometimes
Emulate a quarterback
Decide to skip a turn
Mountain route
Joe Flacco might do it
Football throw
Complimentary ticket
Gridiron option
Clue for four puzzle answers
Get through gap? I don't know
Licence is almost out of date
Approve assistant bodyguard
Mountain route
Skip a turn
'97 Phish live album "Slip Stitch and ___"
Just say no
Make the grade
Complimentary ticket
Tick away
Beatles "Don't ___ Me By"
Rush's song off "Presto" that went long? (with "The")
"I'd rather not"
Bomb, e.g.
"Don't want it"
"You can go to the next person"
Hail Mary, e.g.
Drew Brees option
Go beyond
Football throw
Free ticket
Make the grade?
Manning-to-Welker play
Not flunk
Approve advance
Free ticket
Fail's opposite
Don't bet
"Head 'em off at the ___!"
Quarterback's option
Skip it
Get any grade above an F
Make the grade
Free ticket
Hand at dinner
"Family Feud" option
Access to the school hallways
Get a B, e.g.
Skip it
Skip over
Skip over
Heat transfer?
Decline to bid
Slip by
Go beyond
Not run, maybe
Harrison "All Things Must ___"
Joe Flacco option
Make the grade?
"Do not ___ go"
Football throw
Tebow throw, say
Run alternative
"I forfeit my turn"
Go by
Scrabble option
Don't bid
Go beyond
Aaron Rodgers aerial
Avoid flunking
Go by
Go away
Bomb, e.g.
Take advantage of a broken line
Football throw
Decline to raise
See 50-Across
What a QB must be able to do
Overtake and go beyond
Go by
Avoid flunking
Go by
"I forfeit my turn"
"You can go to the next person"
Free ticket
Go by
Make the grade
Decline to bid
Rush alternative
"All Things Must ___" (George Harrison)
"No bid"
Bridge call
Pigskin throw
Avoid an F
Bridge call
Risk an interception
Court transfer?
QB play
Complimentary ticket
Coquette's wink, say
Coquette's wink, say
Decide to skip a turn
Get course credit
Where to head 'em off
Quarterback's throw
Skip a turn
Quarterback's throw
Go by
Student's permission slip
Avoid an F in class
Not flunk
Hail Mary, e.g.
Get a C, e.g.
Meet with approval
Hail Mary, e.g.
Go by
Turn down, with "on"
Air play?
Where to head off a cowboy
Student's permission slip
Quarterback's throw
Grid play
Way between mountain peaks
Third-and-long option
Amorous overture
With 35-Across, die
Football play
Decline to participate
Admission permit
Emulate Brett Favre
Bridge call
Where to head 'em off
What Brett Favre likes to do
Place to head 'em off
Montana specialty
Head-'em-off spot
Make the grade
Head-'em-off spot
React to a weak hand
Drive by
Donner or Khyber
Don't stop at
Do OK in a class
Decline to bid
Say no
Meet the requirements
Permission slip
Call in a huddle
Don't partake
Get by
Object of a scout's search
Go by, as time
Move on ahead
Use the left lane
Call in a huddle
It may be forward
Bridge option
Base on balls, in baseball lingo
It may be forward
Manning effort
Approve, as a bill
While away
Free ride
Avoid summer school
Get by
Proceed beyond
"No bid"
Bridge declaration
Get through
Proceed beyond
Get by
Avoid summer school
Approve, as a bill
Hail Mary, e.g.
Third-and-long option
It's often made in a fresh manner?
Flirtatious overture
Hail Mary __
Free ticket
Pitch the pigskin
Vince Young aerial
Annie Oakley, for one
Bridge call
Pull ahead of
Hall monitor's request
It's often made in a fresh manner
Mountain shortcut
It should end with a reception
Drive by
Bidder's option
Not fail
Bridge option
Alley-oop, e.g.
Hail Mary, e.g.
Make the grade?
Free ticket
Part of a wagon train's route
Quarterback's call
Route for a wagon train
Skip a turn
Quarterback's throw
Final bid
[No bid]
Screen or Hail Mary
Gridiron bomb
Bridge choice
Don't bid
Decline to bid
Avoid summer school
Where to head 'em off
Word before or after "over"
Skip a turn
Screen or Hail Mary
Skip a turn
Run alternative
Quarterback option
Make the grade
Huddle decision
Huddle choice
Gridiron bomb
Bridge choice
Free ticket
Sentry's acknowledgment
Skip a turn
Bridge option
Frontier scout's discovery
Go by
Leave behind ... or not leave behind
Quarterback's move
Gridiron throw
Poker choice
Annie Oakley
Hail Mary, e.g.
Football option
Annie Oakley
Quarterback option
Succeed in school
Generic grade?
Route through the Rockies
Flirtatious overture
Succeed in school
Free ticket
Go by
Quarterback's call
Bid alternative
Fake the run
Bridge response
Usual play on third and long
Avoid summer school
Bid alternative
Football call
Quarterback's call
Mountain spot
Quarterback maneuver
Approve by vote, as a Congressional bill
Get by
Quarterback's option
Quarterback's option
Test successfully
Third and long option
QB option
Bridge option
Bridge declaration
Annie Oakley
Tittle toss
Certain school grade
Go by
Place to head 'em off
Gridiron move
Site of a mountain route
Place to head 'em off
Quarterback option
Make the grade?
Get through? I don't know
Push the bill along
High road
Bridge utterance
Quarterback's tactic
Give licence to overtake
React to a weak hand
Use of a pickup line, e.g.
Inviting gesture
"Head 'em off at the ___!"
Quarterback's call
Pull ahead of
Skip a turn
Be approved
Bridge comment
Gridiron option
Mountain path site
Report card grade
Way through a gate
Marino toss
Make the grade
Lateral or aerial
Bridge bid
Steve Young to Jerry Rice
John Elway feat
Wink, maybe
Get by
Quarterback's option
It's often made freshly
Bidder's option
Annie Oakley
Stand the test
Move the puck
Key kind
Get a D
Annie Oakley
Admission permit
Be approved
Lap on the track
Decline to bid, in bridge
Fling the pigskin
Head-'em-off site
Grade school grade
Moon missile
Quarterback play
Play in football
Get a C
Walk diamond-style
Narrow route
Head-'em-off site
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley, e.g.
Donner, e.g.
What Yarborough holders do
Anagram for saps
Khyber ___
By me, in cards
Yarborough holder's bid
Bridge word
Decline to bid
Leave behind
Marino option
Gridiron play
Brenner is one
Card player's decision
Hoopster's action
Marino bomb
Place to head 'em off
Bridge bid
Football tactic
Khyber is one
Marino-to-Duper play
Mountain declivity
Forward or lateral follower
Montana maneuver
Masher's maneuver
Approach at a singles bar
Don't bet
Sentry's verb
Simplon is one
Jaworski "bomb"
Bradshaw "bomb"
Lateral, e.g.
Football play
Donner or Khyber
It's sometimes intercepted
Donner, ___ in Calif.
Heading-off point
Amatory ploy
Base on balls
Khyber or Donner
Mountain gorge
___ the hat
Soldier's want
Use a hat in a way
Namath forte
Khyber, for one
Gridiron yard-gainer
Come to ___
Brenner ___
Anagram of 1 Down
Brenner, for one
No bid
Namath specialty
Place to stop 'em at.
Annie Oakley.
Gridiron thrill.
Football play.
Bridge term.
State of affairs, often pretty.
Sleight of hand.
Hand to another.
Bridge word.
Football term.
Free ticket.
Go beyond.
Term at bridge.
Quarterback's specialty.
Situation, often pretty.
Slip by.
Take place.
Undergo with success.
Narrow defile.
An Annie Oakley.
Make the grade.
Sleight of hand.
Situation, sometimes pretty.
Lunge, in fencing.
No bid.
Come to an end.
Non-payer's ticket.
"Annie Oakley."
A walk in baseball.
Bridge decision.
Football maneuver.
Go by.
Bridge player's decision.
Brenner or Khyber.
Forward or lateral.
Donner ___.
Khyber ___.
A situation, often pretty.
Written leave of absence.
State of affairs, sometimes pretty.
Mitch Price's specialty.
Donner or Khyber.
Base on balls.
Aerial on the gridiron.
Right to go to first base.
Brenner ___.
Be enacted.
Soldier's ticket to fun.
Aerial football maneuver.
Faid ___, in Tunisia.
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