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Word "PASTEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of various pale or light colors

Part of Speech:
delicate and pale in color
pastel pink

Part of Speech:
lacking in body or vigor
faded pastel charms of the naive music

Crossword Clues for PASTEL

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Clue Source Date
Many a Degas LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2021
Soft colour The Times Concise 24 Jan 2021
Chalk crayon The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2020
A concern for historians taking the Spanish shade Irish Times Crosaire 22 Oct 2020
Artist's soft-colored crayon Newsday 12 Oct 2020
Subdued color shade Family Time 17 Aug 2020
Pale delicate colour Irish Times Simplex 14 Jul 2020
Delicate hue Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2019
Baby blue, e.g New York Times 19 Dec 2019
Baby blue, e.g.
Soft shade The Times Concise 21 Oct 2019
Many a Cassatt work The New Yorker 09 Sep 2019
Soft hue Eugene Sheffer 04 Sep 2019
Drawing up as telephone rings The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2019
Powdery crayon USA Today 08 Jun 2018
Drawing done, else half finished The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Apr 2018
Degas's 'La Toilette,' for one Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2017
Summery shade Eugene Sheffer 24 Jun 2017
Soft shade; crayon The Times Concise 23 May 2017
Degas medium USA Today 23 May 2016
Delicate color Wall Street Journal 29 Feb 2016
Subdued color The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 Feb 2016
Delicate and pale in colour The Guardian Speedy 03 Jan 2016
Degas medium, often
Chalk-like crayon Irish Times Simplex 03 Oct 2015
Pale in colour after meeting the Spanish The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2015
Pale shade Premier Sunday 23 Aug 2015
Lavender or lilac New York Times 22 Mar 2015
An anagram for "staple"
"Paint ___ Princess" Silverchair
Chalklike crayon
Aqua, e.g.
Washed-out shade
Muted color choice
Shade that's not hot
Pale pink, for one
Muted, as colors
Anagram for "staple"
Soft color
Salmon, for one
Many a Matisse
Sidewalk artist's medium
Subdued shade
Medium for Mary Cassatt
Artist's medium
Mary Cassatt medium
Easter tone
Many a Degas portrait
Subdued hue
Crayon kin
Artist's chalklike crayon
Subtle shade
Chalky crayon
Lilac, for example
Matisse medium
Soft, delicate hue
Kind of crayon
Soft tone
Bedroom hue
Light color
Cassatt medium
Light shade
Art medium
Drawing that's easy on the eyes
Short prose sketch
An anagram for staple
Pale pink, e.g.
The woad plant
Short, light prose work
Pale color
A medium used by Degas
Type of drawing
A medium for Degas
Light literary sketch
Delicate; light
Artist's medium.
Type of picture.
Type of art work.
Colored crayon.
Light color.
Pale color.
Baby-blue, perhaps.
Subdued shade.
Aqua or peach.
Light in color.
Art medium.
Artistic shade.
Drawing made with crayons.
A crayon drawing.
Method of painting used by Holbein.
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