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Word "PATE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the top of the head
crown, poll

Part of Speech:
liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned

Crossword Clues for PATE

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Clue Source Date
Toast topping LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2021
Top of the head Newsday 27 Jan 2021
Son leaves spread -- and another? The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jan 2021
Fancy cracker spread Universal 10 Jan 2021
Popular name in Ireland for English spread Irish Times Crosaire 27 Nov 2020
Cracker topper The Washington Post 29 Oct 2020
Liver spread Universal 25 Oct 2020
Ritzy cracker spread Universal 25 Sep 2020
Banh mi spread USA Today 04 Sep 2020
Pureed meat spread The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Crown New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Goose liver spread Newsday 23 Mar 2020
Fancy spread New York Times 28 Dec 2019
Cracker spread Eugene Sheffer 22 Oct 2019
Cocktail hour spread Universal 24 Sep 2019
Head; savoury paste The Times Concise 26 Aug 2019
Cocktail party spread USA Today 04 Aug 2019
Papa got stuck into rich spread of fish, say The Telegraph Toughie 31 Jul 2019
Spread out at a banquet? New York Times 14 Jul 2019
___ de foie gras Family Time 08 Jul 2019
Hors d'oeuvre spread Newsday 07 Jun 2019
Party spread Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2019
Canapé spread The Washington Post 12 Feb 2019
Canape spread Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2019
Toupee site
High-priced cracker spread USA Today 16 Nov 2018
Tonsure site Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2018
Foodstuff possibly named after a Belgian city or region The Times Specialist Sunday 04 Nov 2018
French spread The Washington Post Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Spread most of plaster regularly on end of tile The Telegraph Toughie 04 Sep 2018
Upscale spread Newsday 27 Jul 2018
What's under your hat Newsday 16 Jun 2018
Noggin Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2018
Head, perhaps bald Irish Times Simplex 14 Mar 2018
Fatty liver spread The Washington Post 13 Mar 2018
Noodle Wall Street Journal 22 Nov 2017
Cocktail-party spread The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Nov 2017
It's chopped liver USA Today 12 Oct 2017
Cracker spread at fancy galas Family Time 09 Oct 2017
Poll Canadiana 11 Sep 2017
Hors d'oeuvres spread The Washington Post 25 Apr 2017
Canape topper USA Today 21 Mar 2017
Dad not right in the head The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jan 2017
Spread put on 15 or loaf The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Dec 2016
Savoury spread The Telegraph Quick 04 Dec 2016
Obviously having lost half crown The Telegraph Toughie 14 Sep 2016
Fancy party spread New York Times 08 Aug 2016
Top of the noggin Universal 16 Apr 2016
Crostini topping New York Times 14 Jan 2016
Spread for a nice spread USA Today 31 Dec 2015
Fancy topping for a cracker USA Today 29 Dec 2015
Seasoned-meat product Newsday 12 Dec 2015
Spread of puréed liver Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2015
Savory spread New York Times 16 Sep 2015
Spread out on a table New York Times 08 Aug 2015
High-priced spread Universal 29 Apr 2015
Cocktail party fare LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2015
Spread for a spread Universal 23 Mar 2015
Goose-liver offering
Place for a toupee
Terrine filler
Fancy topping for crackers
Hors d'oeuvre selection
Fancy chopped liver
Chopped liver dish
Chopped hors d'oeuvre
-- de foie gras
Comb-over's locale
Cocktail party topping
__ de foie gras
Hors d'oeuvres liver spread
Baguette spread
Frenchified chopped liver
Uptown cracker topper
Spread with cocktails
Spread on crackers
Soiree spread
Goose liver appetizer
Top of your head
Crown of the head
Meat spread
Spread with drinks
Chichi chopped liver, essentially
Spread in a spread
Goose liver delicacy
Cracker topping, perhaps
It may have a bald spot
Brie alternative
Evening spread?
Chopped spread
Head's crown
Finger-food spread
Cocktail party preparation
Chopped liver spread
Canapé topper
___ feuilletée (puff pastry)
Spread choice
Prominent Yul Brynner feature
Tasty paste
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